Monday, January 1, 2018

NEW OMBRE FABRIC pattern and bundle!

 We are so excited for this new year and for this beautiful Ombre fabric that is due to ship to stores this coming month in February!
We are also excited to introduce our newest pdf pattern featuring our Confetti Ombre called Home for the Holidays and for a limited amount of time its on sale for $5! (Sale ends January 8th 2018)
 This pattern includes step by step instructions on how to cut and piece with our V and Co Ombre fabric. (the original V and Co fabric works as well!)

 The quilt finishes at 56" x 72" and is perfect to give as a gift or to keep for yourself to help bring cheer to your home! This pattern is traditional piecing. The back ground fabric is Moda black on black Crossweave (just google it for listings!)

We are offering the PRE-ORDER of the OMBRE FABRIC BUNDLE for this quilt.
The bundle includes:
*1/2 yard cuts of the confetti ombre fabric in Taupe, Sand, Avocado, Lime Green, Mint, Lagoon, and Magenta. 
*1 yard of Popsicle Pink for stars and binding. 
And for a short amount of time we are offering the PDF pattern for free with purchase of this bundle and will be emailed at the time of purchase. (Sale ends January 8th or while supplies last)

*Please note that the background fabric and backing fabric is not included in this bundle. 

 As you can see the new orange cat loves the quilt, but don't be fooled by his orange angel wings, he is NO angel! Just ask Judgey cat! She is none too impressed. But that's for another blog post. which by the way, I kind of want to do again. I mean Blog more frequently...I've missed it. Maybe I'll give it a go in 2018. :)
Here's to a wonderful 2018. :)


MyLittleBlueDog said...

Love your new range. Love the original. I'm very keen on the Moroccan Getaway it's so pretty. However I am sad as I have been unable to buy it as no one who ships to Aus seems to stock your fabric. Very sad. I wish you all the best in 2018 and look forward to looking at all the fabulous new things you design.

Cheryl R said...

Gorgeous gorgeous..oh how I love this happy fabric and pattern.
I had 3 kitties exploring our tree and one watching..
New year blessings to you

v and co said...

My little blue dog, I just added shipping to Australia though its pricey!!

betsyinparadise said...

Just love this fabric & I will be pre-ordering today. I will also be googling rhe background fabric to order that as well. What fabric did you use for the backing? Would love to use that as well. Thanks so much Vanessa. Betsy

MyLittleBlueDog said...

Hi Vanessa, thought I'd just check out the pricey shipping to Australia and it says no shipping to Australia. I am resigned to the fact I am doomed to never have this fabric. Oh well...

RenaissanceSandi said...

Love the new pattern! I would really like to make that one!

v and co said...

My little blue dog, the price is $35 for australia! and it should be available now for you!

djspillz said...

hello there, I'm attempting to buy this pattern and your blog states that the cost is $5 until January 8, which is today. The pattern is showing $10. Can you please advise?

Thank you!

v and co said...

Hi Melissa! we fixed it! so sorry about that!

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