Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Moda Basics V and Co. Ombre

I am SOOO excited to FINALLY get to show you what I've been busy working on and what I've been dying to share. 
Introducing V and Co. Ombre Moda Basics. TWENTY colors of ombre.
Starting from the top left:
Honey, Magenta, Aqua, Avocado, Graphite Grey
Hot Pink, Taupe, Indigo Coral, Plum
Turquoise, Aubergine, Lime Green, Lagoon, Mustard
Onyx, Mint, Persimmon, Sand, and Popsicle Pink

They will come for a limited time of pre-cuts of Jelly Rolls, Fat Quarter Bundles, and Half Yard Bundles.

Yardage is of course also available...And well, because they are BASICS, that means if you are a Quilt Shop, and you run out of a color…it'll be there for you to re-order when you need to. 
These Ombre Fabrics are so versatile
Cut and piece them randomly 
to create beautiful blocks in different shades

make projects using all the fabrics together, or individually. Whatever is your fancy.
And yes…our past Patterns?
Ombre Lonestar pattern
Well, what can we say? Now you have lots of different options in colors!!
What color would you make this Ombre Lonestar??
How about our Fadeaway pattern? 
Fadeaway Quilt pattern
What new colors would you pick for this one??
How about Bloom??
Bloom Quilt pattern

Texture pillows pattern
Or how about our Texture pillows pattern to make this rosette pillow using the ombre…um yes please!

And how about trying out our Secret Garden Quilt from our Simply Color Book: GREEN
The possibilities are endless. 


So yeah, already you have some options…but...

Check it. We've been super busy making MORE patterns just for these beautiful fabrics. 
Here's a sneak peek of a few patterns to debut in the next coming weeks:
the Geometric tote...

Rush Hour...
Criss Cross Applesauce…just to name a few of the first of our new to release Ombre patterns…
close up of Criss Cross Applesauce
we will continue to release more patterns in the coming months as well. So please keep coming back to see more and more patterns and projects made up in these gorgeous ombre gradient colors. 

So are you as excited as I am? I don't think it's possible…but seriously, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it. 

And well, I'm feeling extra happy and want to share. So Leave me a comment, saying anything you want really, for a chance to win a box full of these 20 colors of Ombre scraps. I'll pick a winner sometime this next week. When we debut our new patterns. 
So go to it. Comment away (1 comment per individual please, and make sure theres some way for me to contact you) 
Have a wonderful day!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer lovin'

Summer is quickly approaching it's end. I feel like it went in a flash. We traveled and spent much needed time as a family.
It was also spent working a little here and there. (Okay more like a lot in the late hours after everyone was in bed till the early morning hours.) I can't wait to show you what we have been working on over here in V and Co. Land…but on August 25th (ahem monday) I'll let you in on some exciting news. Until then…enjoy the last few days of summer. We are! See you Tuesday.
Ps: If you want behind the scenes and regular updates check us out on Instagram 
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