Monday, March 2, 2015

Happenings of the last couple of weeks

Ombre wall in the ombre class at Quilt Con
 Hello! Well, I've crawled back out of my hole after Quilt Con. WHAT A BLAST THAT WAS! It was entirely too fast and too quick, but man it totally tired me out! I was there a total 4 days, and I felt that I didn't even have a chance to take a breath. Two of the days were spent all day teaching classes, and interviews, and book signings and conversing with friends in the passing by. Occasionally I would be able to meet up for dinner with friends and we would talk about how fun everything was.
Triangle class at Quilt Con
 My Classes were amazing. So kind and fun. Our triangle class was first and we learned wonky, flying geese, HST, hour glass, just to name a few. It was fun if I do say so myself. I loved talking and joking and teaching and learning from my students. Such a fun give and take group of individuals.
my Ombre Flying Geese was used for both classes :)
Me in front of the Wall of Ombre. We didn't even put up all the projects up! They cranked them out like rockstars
ombre class students totally rocking the ombre fabric

The second day was spent teaching the Ombre gradient class. These ladies knocked out learning tons of techniques using my ombre gradient fabric. WE HAD A FUN TIME. we learned how to piece randomly and how to piece purposely with gradients, how to appliqué, how to pleat, and how to make rosettes jut to name a few. Much thanks to both of my classes it was so much fun getting to know you in our time together.

my favorite quilt please don't ask me who made it because it was a walk by taking picture and I didn't get the maker's name, but it was amazing, the different shades in the circles were made by the color of thread
During my classes and interviews and book signings, there was a common comment I got a lot of: "You're a lot shorter in person." and "You are very animated when you talk."
Case in point here's me at the BERNINA booth signing books. WHAT? This was a freak accident picture taken at just the right time…I don 't know what people are talking about…wait…

Okay fine. I blame the hispanic in me. So I flail my arms and make a lot of facial expressions. Sue me. I make life interesting. ;) (just kidding I know I'm animated, just as my sunday school kids in primary…half the time they just sit there staring at me with wide eyes and open mouths as I teach because I make so many faces and try to take flight half the time…)

Once I got home, I took a break of a day or so because my voice was all but gone and I was delirious from hardly any sleep and stress of the weeks prior. So I took to folding all yardage of all my fabric collections with Moda, it was relaxing for a minute. I still have just gray left to go. But i've made lots of room on my shelves so that's fantastic news. :)

This last Sunday after church I brought out my EPP from last year that I started at Camp Stitch A Lot and worked on it for a little. It was a nice little side distraction from all deadlines.
BUT, I did get one step closer to having our two new patterns for Simply Colorful RED, ORANGE, YELLOW ready for release!
My beautiful Endless Summer Quilt (pattern coming later this month) came back from being quilted by Melissa Corry. (who also pieced it for me while I was gone at Quilt Con! Thank you!!!)
Now back to reality of deadlines to be met, children to usher to activities, and dirty dishes. Life is a wonderful thing, I love my "crazy normal" and I love being home for a little bit. (HELLO SPRING MARKET COMING IN A COUPLE OF MONTHS!) One thing at a time.

We'll talk soon. 


Deb Saint said...


It was SO much fun to meet you at Quiltcon. My sister and I were at the Bernina booth to hear you. We wanted to take one of your all day classes but did not get in :-(. Thank you for what you shared at the booth.


cat and vee xoxo said...

Looks like such a fun time! I saw you in the Radisson foyer and thought I'd see you again but didn't! I so loved QuiltCon - it surpassed every expectation I had - it was such an epic trip from Australia, but I'm just so happy I was able to go. The circle quilt you took a pic of is by Leanne of She Can Quilt blog - it won first prize in the Minimalist category. Have a great week! Cat x

Karen said...

Those shelves filled with your fabric--GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS! And those colorful toes of yours are pretty cute, too!

Unknown said...

I am so sorry that I could not go to QuiltCon and do appreciate the pictures. The fabric diet that I am presently on is about to be history. I am loving your new fabrics and can't wait to see the patterns!!!

Susie said...

Adore this quilt. Glad you had fun.

Leanne said...

Wow, you picked my quilt as your favourite, that makes my day. It is called Breathe. I had a blast at QuiltCon too.

charlotte said...

Thanks for the great pictures. I love the flailing arms. I am like that too. :) I bought a couple of yards of your ombre fabric, the pink and the green. I haven't yet decided what to make, but I am ready when I figure it out. I am loving your first book. I bought the series as a little gift for myself. A surprise in the mail every month or two.

Elsa said...

Oh I love the blocks of ombre ~ going to have to go looking for it!
Hope you're going to QuiltCon next year ~ I've already got my room booked!

Kasia said...

So colorful :) I love it

Kristy said...

You make me laugh! I wish I could take a class with you. But I might be like your Sunday School kids and not be able to pay attention! :-) Hilarious pictures. Love, love, love the sneak peak of the new pattern. Beautiful! Your students look like they did a wonderful job with your beautiful fabric and amazing patterns. So glad to see you doing so well. Now have some down time for just a bit...K-

Megan said...

I can relate to taking with your hands! I often hand sew while chatting with friends and I always wind up slowing down because I keep putting the needle down to gesture.

dana said...

Bummer we never ran into each other! time! I always love your flailing arms :)

The Kaonohi's said...

Love it all, but especially the polka dot dress in your booth! Do you have a pattern?

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