Thursday, February 19, 2015


kind of like it's Hammer Time only better

If we don't connect in one of my classes make sure you come and see me in:
 Booth 306 on Thursday the 19th at 5pm, I'll be signing my first book with Martingale "Make It Sew Modern: Gather, Twist, Pleat, Texture

Booth 516 on Friday at 5 pm and get a signed copy of my newest book with Lucky Spool Simply Color: Red: A Crayon Box for Quilters , and get a glimpse of Simply Color: Orange: A Crayon Box for Quilters . :) See you there or be square.

Take 5 Fat Quarters

Little Miss Kathy Brown and I go way back. Well not really we only go about a year back because that's when we met, but we HIT IT OFF like we had known each other for decades. We belly laughed and laughed and laughed in a little town in Indiana when we did the Shipshewana Quilt Festival. So yes I feel that Kathy and I go way back because of who she is a person. I'm pretty darn lucky to know her in real life, but enough kissy-kissy brown nosing Miss Brown(ha did you see what I did there?) …Lets talk about this new book of hers. 
In this book you will take 5 fat quarters and add background fabric to create some fun quilts. Kathy is the author of many other books as well. She's kind of good at it! And she's the master at showing you how to do it fast and fun and with some great tips along the way.
These two are a couple of my favorite quilts in her book! 
look at these lovely flying geese! :) I want to make this one as soon as I get a moment to breathe (so in like a bazillion years…but maybe this summer) Please go check out Kathy's blog, give her a sweet note of which one of her quilts is your favorite. It'll make her day. Make sure you tell her I sent you. ;)

PS: thank you so much for the lovely response on the new fabric line! :) and the books! :)!! mwua!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Introducing RED, ORANGE, and YELLOW Simply Colorful fabric By V and Co with Moda

Hello! FINALLY I get to show you!!! Introducing Simply Colorful I RED, ORANGE, YELLOW. (Simply Colorful II will be green, blue and purple and debuting at spring Quilt Market ) 
Yes, I've been teasing you with pictures of Simply colorful on Instagram, and on Facebook and even here but now you know that the fabric I keep slipping in pictures are really a new fabric line that will coincide with my Simply Color books. (and go well with my past aurfil thread collections as well!!)

Most of you should've already received your RED book. I've already gotten lovely comments, emails and tags gushing over the book! I'm so happy you're happy with it! I LOVE THEM! :)

When we designed this fabric line we kept the books in mind so that they could go well with the books, but could also be used all on its own as well. 

 Here you see RED(shipped end of January), and the ORANGE book (shipping in march) and the yellow book will be shipping in May. (not shown because I don't have the advance copy yet!) I know what you are thinking: but Vanessa Red has never been in any of your other fabric lines. Yeah, I know but we most definitely slipped some pink in with the Red. (also in the book!) I just can't shake off pink I'm pretty sure its a favorite color of mine. :)
 What I also love so much about this fabric line is that they are individually packaged in color. Have a project that needs orange? BOOM! We have a mini fat quarter bundle or jelly roll you can quickly pick up.
Need more yellow in your fabric stash? BAM! there you go, you are welcome. (shh I won't tell your husband)
and you betcha we have a couple of patterns that will go just with this fabric line to give you even more things to do with this line: (both available in March)
Sunrise, named because these colors just screams "I AM THE COLORS OF THE SUNRISE/SUNSET!!!" Sunrise uses the whole fabric line together by itself and is fat quarter friendly. 

Our second pattern that will be available is Endless Summer. It includes Simply Colorful RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, and bella solids. 

we included these beautiful bella solids of green, blues, purple and gray.
I'll do more pictures of the actual quilts after they are all quilted! So come back in the next few weeks, and I'll give you a heads up on when the patterns will be available. :) 

So there you have it! 

And these guys will be shipping in the middle of summer! PERFECT TIMING on the colors!! :) 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fat Quarter Shop Block of the Month

 I am so excited to be part of the Moda designers who designed a house block for this year's designer mystery block of the month for the Fat Quarter Shop. The Fat Quarter Shop has made a fun quiz to see what quilt block you are...I also took the quilt block quiz and I got the "Quilt Shop" quilt block because "I can't get enough of all things sewing and quilting and immerse myself in my passion." Well that's spot on isn't it?
As you can see there are a lot of my favorite people on this list with me who have made this years block of the month so fun!  Make sure you go and check out their blogs to see what quilt block they are!
1. Bonnie & Camille
10. Sweetwater 

Also if you come back on saturday I have some fun news about my new fabric line. :) here's a hint…if you have been reading my blog or looking at my instagram acct you've already seen some of the new fabric line. :)

Come back so I can let you see the whole collection and talk how they will coincide with my simply color books. :) so EXCITED!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Keep on Sewing...

Quilt Con triangle class sampler

MAN! I have been super busy.
So busy I feel like I need to schedule bathroom breaks just to make sure I know it'll be taken care of. Nope, not even kidding, I lose what day we are on on a regular basis. I went to feed the cat and instead put instant…EDITED!!! seriously? The kids came home and I hit "publish" haha…just to show I wasn't kidding about being crazy busy…OKAY
I went to feed the cat this morning and instead put instant oatmeal in her bowl she looked at me and was like "what the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks lady?!" I was like "dude, I'm kind of tired and frazzled, quit judging me!" That was at 5:30 am mind you. I don't drink coffee, but I should really look into natural invigorating/stimulating? type things cause yep…I'm losing my mind. Perhaps it's already been lost? Shhh, I don't know if it is... so just let me be if it is.
my view from under a tree on a snow day while the kiddos had fun sledding down our friend's hill. 
 I'm grateful that it's the snowy and freezing season because I've been huddled in the house working and working and working. Between Quilt Con prep of my classes...
Judgey cat on my ombre bloom quilt and my quilt blocks for Quilt Con ombre class. 
and almost done with my book series!!! YAY!!! Check out GREEN  
BLUE , and PURPLE , are already on Amazon too!!! Whooooot!
 Here's a sneak peek of Orange which will ship starting in March 2015. I can't express how much I am in love with how this series of color books have turned out! And I've gotten so many nice compliments of the Red book that just started shipping to those that have already ordered the series! THANK YOU!!!! There will be a blog hop later on as more of the books start shipping and we can show them off, but for now I'll just tease you with beautiful pictures here and there!
Extra fabric bundles for my Quilt Con triangle class

And well, now I must go back to finishing up my presentations for Quilt Con and then we have to go to orchestra and piano lessons…perhaps I should try to take a shower first though… :)

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