Friday, September 26, 2014

Color Theory By V and Co for Moda Fabrics

Okay. So I swear I have been meaning to post pictures of this collection for like weeks now. It's been a little nuts over here, but I took today off of sewing to post pictures and blog about this new line of mine! I really like it a lot. It's got your basic V and Co. feel of a lot of blenders to be used across the board in all of your quilting and sewing projects!

 The polka dots and triangles are my favorite…no wait I absolutely adore the cross hatch...
okay, but I also love these prints as well. This collection has a super fun sunny bright feel to it. And it's been really fun to work with.
Another fun thing we have going on is the matching Aurifil thread to the line. The thread box comes with 7 colors matching my collection, and it also comes with a precut of the fabric collection. 
 But not only that…it also comes with a free pattern to go with the fabric and thread. You can only exclusively get this through Moda Fabrics, so ask your rep to see what it's all about!
And of course what V and Co fabric line wouldn't be complete without the Gradient Ombre Fabric
 This time around I had a little extra fun with my Ombre fabric. We created two patterns just with ombre. OH and remember those junior jelly rolls we had the first time around??
 YEP! They are back! We switched out the aqua from before to a teal/peacock combo and it looks fantastic with the other colors.
I'm kind of in love with them. So many possibilities…What do you think you would make with the Gradient Ombre fabric? 

Okay, that's it for right this second…but next week I promise to show off the patterns that go with this fantastic line. I'M SO EXCITED TO SHOW YOU!!!!! :) Next week my friends!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

V and Co: Just a few things

Summer has come and gone, and as much as I'd like to say it was a relaxing summer, I can honestly say that this summer has been a blur and I can't even believe that we are already in the 3rd week of school. I've been busy with the books (which we will talk more about as fall market comes around.) And I've been sewing and creating patterns for this next fabric line Color Theory. Later on I'll show off the fabric a little more and talk more extensively about the patterns associated with this line. But just as a small show and tell here's one of the patterns called "Honeycomb Zipper pouches" I love this pouch and can't wait for all of you to get a chance to make it! By far my favorite zipper pouch I've made thus far.
 Color theory will include the junior jelly rolls of ombre gradient fabric (we heard you!!!!) And I'm super excited to show you what patterns I've made with this line and to show off the gradient fabrics as well. I really am so excited to show you! We're just waiting on quilts getting back from quilters so we will be able to show off the quilts and release patterns. :) Soon!!

And also watch for a cute little package of Color Theory Aurifil Threads and Moda candy (40-2 1/2"x 2 1/2" squares) and a free pattern to go with it. :)
All soon. :) And if you are going to Fall Market, by all means come on by and check it out in person, cause me and all of Color Theory will be there. Talk to you soon. :) 
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