Wednesday, July 9, 2014

V and Co: lets celebrate summer sale

Color Block Zipper Pouch
Summer has been going by so fast over here, that I fear that the end is almost around the corner…as it actually is starting to look like for us over here with school starting in about a month or so! YIKES! Lets hold on to it a little longer and celebrate summer shall we? I've been meaning to do this for a while so lets just celebrate summer with a store wide sale of 25% off all PDF patterns.  enter CODE: SUMMER at checkout

As I'm getting ready to head out to speak to the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild and as I am planning my talk and class to teach there I am reminded how much I love the sewing community. A couple of weeks ago I got to teach and speak in the Shipshewana, Indiana quilt festival there. And with 30+ buses of quilters coming and going from all over the united states, I was in AWE of this wonderful art we call quilting and sewing. 
confetti quilt pdf pattern
What a wonderful community to be a part of and to get to learn from and teach in.
lucky star quilt pattern

lucky star block
I really love to do what I do, and I would be doing it even if I didn't do it as a job.

kaleidoscope quilt pattern

string block zipper pouch
 This has been a wonderful ride. Of self teaching, then learning from experienced quilters, and going to seminars, and guilds and uniting and rejoicing in this beautiful art of cutting up fabric, just to sew it back up again.
to the point quilt and texture pillow (faux pleat) pattern

baby barn dance quilt

Chelsea Bag pattern
So I hope you are having a wonderful summer with some sewing involved. And if you haven't sewn, I hope its because you have been too busy with family and friends outside enjoying the summer life.
All pdf's are 25% off  Code: SUMMER 
sale ends July 19, 2014 midnight 
Thanks and keep on keeping on. :) 


Laura said...

I'm looking forward to your triangles class at QuiltCon!

jeifner said...

Happy Summer to you! I did get to do some sewing and hope to sew up a little mini tonight, there's too much rain outside for outdoor activities :)

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