Friday, March 28, 2014

V and Co: Other options for Handmade

 So now that Color Me Happy is in stores, so are my newest patterns. :)
If your shop carries Color Me Happy then YAY!
If they don't then you might find yourself thinking...
"I want to make that Handmade pattern...but my shop doesn't have the Ombre stripe from the Color Me Happy line." You might also be thinking "Should I just eat the chocolate chips straight out of the bag?  Hmmm what does the fox really say? What is the true meaning of life?"
And while I can't really help you out with those other thoughts (except for the chocolate chips one: totally eat them out of the bag, you're the adult you can make the rule in the house.) 
I can help you out with what do I do if I can't get a hold of the Ombre Stripe from Color Me Happy.

 Option 1:

3 1/2 yards Simply Style Aquatic Blue Ombre Gradient Fabric

and 1/2 yard of emerald green for the knobs

 Option 2:
bella solids that match the color ways of my ombre stripe.
1 1/4 yard: ruby ice 9900 169
1 1/4 yard: aqua 9900 34
1 1/4 yard: peacock 9900 216
and for the knobs
1/2 yard: emerald 9900 268
and well then theres totally the easiest option:
Option 3:

buy the Fat Quarter Shop's kit for the pattern (includes the pattern) 

:) There. So have fun. And can't wait to see your sewing machines!!! :)
Talk to you soon!
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

V and Co: Color Me Happy is NOW IN STORES

 Color Me Happy is now in stores. I'm Very VERY excited as this is my FAVORITE. No really hands down...fave. :)
I just had to pop in here to say that it's now shipped to stores and to please start using it for projects and upload it to my V and Co. flicker group or #colormehappyfabric it on instagram because I want to see what you are doing with it! :)
I promise to pop back in here to do that tutorial I've been promising...but we're on spring break and time. :)
When I get back I swear I'll blog. :)

but for now:
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Friday, March 14, 2014

V and Co: honorable Jake

Hello! And welcome to my Blog! If you are new here visiting for the first time from the Jolly Jabber allow me to introduce myself. Hi, I'm Vanessa of V and Co. I'm a Fabric and Pattern designer For Moda Fabrics and I get to be part of the Designer Mystery block of the month that that Fat Quarter Shop is hosting this year.
I was pretty excited that it was centered around I have a thing for them...they are my favorite quilt blocks.
Along with designing a block I got to name it and the stipulations given to us was to name it after a star we look up to in our lives.
Immediately, my husband came to mind.

My husband is a good man. Actually, he's more than that. He's my rock, he's my vote of confidence, he's my love, and he makes me want to be a better person.
 Together we've had 4 amazing kids.

We are partners in everything. We parent as partners, we do our finances as partners, we set family goals as partners, we struggle for each other, we feel happiness for each other, we meet each other half way most of the times. But there are times when he meets me more than half way...

He's the kind of man, that works so hard for our family, not just financially, but emotionally, and spiritually. I see him on his knees in prayer every night, I see him so tired, but getting up before the sun is up to do his jobs, I see him giving our sons and daughter a wonderful example of what a man should be to his wife and to his children. He loves me unconditionally, even with my faults, he supports me, even when I am doubting myself, he motivates me to try harder and to reach for new heights, he inspires me to be better. 

He's the best thing that has happened to me. He's an honorable man, and that's why I named my star after him.

Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for letting me be part of this! If you head back to the Jolly Jabber and comment on their post you will be entered to win a $75 certificate, just mention my star's name and who you find to be a star in your life for that chance!
Also head over to Kate Spain's and Minick and Simpson's blogs to find out who's a star in their lives.

We'll talk soon! Have a great weekend!
On monday I have a fun pre cut how to! See you then

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

V and Co: What chocolate, a diet soda, and a good friend will get you

 Well first off isn't Liz awesome? She's even funnier in person. My "shipping department" is pretty cool, and she's also a great friend. She saw how stressed out I was and even may have seen some tears when I listed off all the things I had agreed to do. This month is pretty much insane, (for me at least) between flying home for a family wedding, and teaching, and speaking at quilt guilds (hi ladies! can't wait to talk!), and deadlines for undisclosed places, and then add other deadlines that just pop up because when you first said "yeah, I can do that." you had no idea how insane your month was going to be. Add all other life things...and well Liz took one look at me and said "I have chocolate and diet drink. And do you want me to blog something for you?" I stared at her and said "What would you write about?"
She said "Well, we'll see what I can come up with. And we'll give it a shot and then go from there?"
So, she wrote a fun little blog post. And she's a great voice for my blog. Perhaps we'll have her come back for another blog post! :)

 While she was blogging for me, I was able to piece, quilt,  and
 bind my large one block version of my...
 kaleidoscope quilt. Which btw I'm also teaching this class at my local quilt store  today and tomorrow!

I used my Ombre stripe fabric (coming to a quilt store near you soon! seriously like in a day or so)
so far I've made this large block in lime and the pink... and I can't wait to make it in the other color ways as well. I'm super SUPER excited about this fabric coming out!
Baby quilt size 40"x40" instructions coming to a magazine near you soon.
The pink version is completely done...and well lets just say I love it.
This newborn quilt pattern will be in a magazine soon with instructions included. I'll most definitely keep you posted...and I'll ALSO keep you posted on when you can watch me on a quilt show website with a really great and awesome lady. See, I may be stressed but it's all wonderful stress. And wonderful opportunities. I love what I'm doing. I promise to come by and pop in and just do an update of sorts, make sure to write about my funny crazy when I'm not sewing stories as that way I can look back and smile at my timeline of events and well, maybe use this spot as a "journal" of sorts...kind of like I used to.
Everything will be alright. Sometimes we just need a little bit of chocolate, a diet drink, and a great friend to tell you "It's okay." :)
Thanks for reading.
We'll talk soon. Promise. (okay, but I didn't pinky swear so it might be Liz or me, depending on how well the chocolate works with getting me through all the other promises I've made!)

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

V and Co: Thoughts from the Shipping Department

This is Vanessa...

This is Vanessa total buried in work…

Yeah right!  Like she'd let me show you how messy her work space is right now!  Her projects are totally top secret anyway, so even if I could get a picture, it would have to be redacted!

She checked her calendar and thought to herself, “Hey, I think I really need to have a billion projects, deadlines to meet, a wedding, recitals, and at some point try to eat, sleep, and be a mom.”  For some reason she felt overwhelmed with all she had to get done (I can’t image why) and realized that as much as she wanted to blog, she didn’t have the time.  So here I am!

Wait… don’t leave… don’t give up on me now… you haven’t even gotten to know me yet!!!!  Hi, I’m Liz, I’m technically the shipping department here at V and Co.  Which basically means my closet is engulfed of boxes of amazing patterns that I mail to all of you guys!  You may NOT recognize me as the friend who helped make the Minion and turtle cakes for her noisemakers birthdays.  You may, however, recognize my daughter though, she’s the cutie seen with the Confetti Quilt and those are her rolls featured on the Bubbles Quilt!

Nice to meet you! 

Of all the people to write a post for Vanessa, you’re probably wondering what amazing skills does Liz have that she’d be worthy of the V and Co. blog?!?  Well actually as far as sewing is concerned I have ZERO skills.

No, wait, don’t leave the blog yet!!!!!

I would have to say when it comes to my sewing projects; probably about 60%-70% should be featured as a Pinterest Fails.

I, sadly, do not excel in the art of sewing, or pretty much anything requiring artistic talent!  I tried knitting once.  At one point, in a knitting rage, I exclaimed, “Knitting makes me angry.”  I then turned into the Hulk and threw my yarn, needles, and lumpy scarf across the room and I NEVER knitted again.  True story.

However, I have had some sewing successes and not surprisingly most of them have been Vanessa’s patterns and tutorials!  I’ve busted out some pretty cute appliqué canvas bags, attempted dying fabric to obtain an ombre effect, and remember the adorable ruffle skirt and ruffle tote??? Not only did I make those, I even was inspired to make ruffle pillows and a spectacular ruffle scarf.  It was a ruffle-tastic Christmas.

I eventually got brave and stepped up my game and attempted some more intense sewing.  I decided to tackle the Bloom Quilt.  Ok, so maybe I was semi-brave and made a baby blanket sized version of the Bloom Quilt.  I was blown away with how easy it was to make and how beautiful it turned out.  I made it for the previous pictured cutie pie.  I think she’ll really appreciate it when I finally give it to her when she’s like 30… Seriously people, that thing is white and as precious as that little girl is I’m not chancing any snot, drool, or any other bodily grossness that comes out of her getting on there!!!

So, to all you talented people out there who make gorgeous quilts like Vanessa, you guys are pretty much amazing!  I am in utter awe of your skill! Oh and all you novices like me out there… Be BRAVE!!!  Try making something new!  It won’t always be a Pinterest Fail, I promise.  It may even be easier than you think.

I promise Vanessa will be back as soon as I can pry her away from her sewing machine.  You can always get little glimpses of what she’s up to by check her out on Instagram and Facebook.

Happy sewing!

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