Friday, January 24, 2014

Becoming a Midwesterner

 Well, I don't know about you, but I'm a little over winter. This winter has been the coldest I've ever experienced no
I've experienced negative degrees before...but this winter we've  experienced negative degrees that made my past experiences childs play. We've been been in the negatives with -45 windchills. It's insane. You would think that at a certain point it's just cold and you don't feel the difference but yeah...there's a difference when you try to breathe in when it's that cold.  Especially if you think you're not going to be out there for too long and you don't have anything covering your face when you try to breathe in. One time I walked outside when a friend texted that she was waiting in her car in my driveway.(cause duh it's freezing why would she get out of the car?!) I walked out to get whatever it was that we felt so important that needed to be swapped during this polar vortex ordeal and I swear to you my whole body sphinctered up inside and out. It was like I walked out and every part of my body wanted to be inside of some other part of my body...including my lungs. I lost my breath when the wind hit my face and when I did finally take a breath I started to cough. Man, LUNGS BURN WHEN THEY'RE COLD!! I quickly learned my lesson that day.
I am never leaving my house every again in the winter months. period. End of story.  Okay so that's not  totally true. I have gone out since that one day.
As a matter of fact a few days was 0 degrees with windchill of -8 and I litterally walked to my mailbox in a long sleeve shirt and jeans, and actually looked up to the sky and thought to myself "Wow, it's really kind of nice today."
Did you see what happned there? Yeah, I think that's what's called "Becoming a midwesterner."
I did get some virtual high fives "you've become one of us finally!" on Facebook...but somehow I am not as excited about it as they were. I'll be excited to thaw out in June.
The good thing about it being this cold, is that A) we all have enough quilts to be under and we are truly feeling blessed for all the basics of shelter, heat, and blankets and B) I don't want to go anywhere so when we don't have snow days I'm spending a lot of time sewing and working on all the various projects I have going on all at once (and trust me it seems like theres like a bazillion at the moment)
One of the things I got to cross off my list of need to do's was making my mom an extra large Hampton weekend Bag with a zipper instead of a snap closure. She wanted in my Simply Color eggplant fabric, and she specifically asked for a zippered top. I got that sent out to her and she happily says it's perfect. PHEW!
Next on the chopping block is another how to for the Bernina Blog We All Sew. Its almost done and heading over that way soon. :)
And well because a few of you requested I show off some of the decorating I've been doing in my home, here's a picture of our living room. This house hasn't really gotten completely decorated because I feel like we've been in limbo trying to save money from when the husband's company he worked for closed it's doors, and we were without a job for 6 months and had to use every single penny we had saved for instances like that...And now we have a new predicament...our house in middle of nowhere is back on the market. (paying two mortgages is not something we were foreseeing last year...but things happen, and well...yeah things happen.)

I still feel like we were sort of prepared for this financial issue...we have been trying really hard to save up again...just like we did the last time...and even though we're not where we were a few years ago with our emergency funds...we have been able to get the ball rolling in the right direction. So, yes, we feel a little prepared...We at least have some funds saved that we are able to have the house be put on the market for a little bit without renters. That house was a great house...if I could transport it here I would in a heart beat. But unfortunately, I couldn't bring the house or the people from there here. (Even though we have met so many new wonderful people here in the last 2 1/2 years and this new house is pretty sweet too) 
We feel very blessed to have been able to be in that house for the small amount of time we were in it...and we are very grateful for the home we are in now...but seriously...I kind of only want to have one mortgage and only one house to worry about. 
SO. With that word vomit out in the open...that's all I've got for the day. I have to start baking like a madwoman...because we have a birthday this weekend. :) 
We'll talk soon.


Vickie said...

Oh, all that storage space is heavenly! Great job decorating. So bright, cheery, and clean looking. By the way, I love your fabrics, especially the fun colors.

Brian said...
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Leah said...

That room looks super cozy. I love it!!! I understand the adjustment. I have lived in the midwest my whole life until recently when I moved to Hawaii. It gets cold here now that I have adjusted and am not sweating anymore ;)

RaspberrySunshine said...

Our family has moved around quite a bit due to hubby's job. (17yrs and in 7th house) Our last house was in Florida where I was born and raised and I was SOOO hoping that we'd settle there and get the boys through school. Nope. Over Thanksgiving break we moved to Syracuse. Hubby got a promotion which meant we'd finally get to stay put, but I was not expecting the temperatures we're seeing now. You are SO right about breathing in these negative temps. I had a coughing fit like that earlier in the week. Ouchie! So I feel your pain…literally, this cold is insane. Cindy

Melissa Miller said...

I've lived in Missouri my entire life and this has been one of the coldest and snowiest winters I remember. Today the temperature got out of single digits and all the way up to the low 30s but the wind has been so strong. With the windchill it's still super cold.

jeifner said...

I'm over winter as well. Except we haven't had nearly enough snow. No snow=no water rest of the year. At least you are enjoying your home and making and are sort of prepared for two houses. Luck!

Quilt Fabric Pizazz said...

Good story! HA HA you will toughen up over time. I am Canadian from the central prairies and it is like that all winter. You do get TONS of quilting and decorating done! That is the upside. Your livingroom is coming along very nicely, but the white furniture is definitly a west coast or southern decorating style. For us northern folk, we choose warm cozy colors to help combat the long snowy white cold winters.

Love your blog! I am now living on the west coast for the winters, but do enjoy reading how folks are getting along back east.


DianeY said...

I could never become a Midwesterner, of that I am sure. Actually, I'd have a hard time almost anywhere! I was so cold this morning and I live in Hawaii.
I was once in Toronto in January and I'm surprised I lived to mention it, because of the breathing! I had never seen snow fall and it wasn't apparently cold enough, so I still didn't see it!Been there, done that!!!!

Unknown said...

Been there on the two mortgages deal. So not fun! Hang in there. Oh, and, really, you won't be a "true" Midwesterner until you wear shorts and flip flops when it's 45 degrees in March. Then we give you your I.D. badge. ;)

Elsa said...

Not nearly as cold here (Portland) as there ~ can't imagine breathing being that painful ~ but still it's been colder than I remember. I am grateful every day that I live in a cozy home with hot water and enough of everything.
Love reading your blog ~
Oh! I bought the 'i heart you' pattern and pressing all those little squares to trim ~ whew ~ glad I decided on the little one!

Audrie said...

I hope the house sells quickly! We had our new house and old house too, and we were very thankful the old house sold in two weeks.

And I'm so over winter too. It was in the 30s today and I thought it was so nice and warm. That's sick, is what it is.

janequiltsslowly said...

Love the picture of your house. We are planning a major remodeling (stairs & walls moving, kitchen redone) and I am starting to look at decorating ideas. I love your cubbies for books, etc.

Yeah. Weather. Unlike the rest of the nation, we have had a "mild" winter in the West, but we have got 2 inches of precip when we are supposed to have 7 by this time of year, so our summer will probably be hot, dry, dry, dry and lots of forest fires.

Where did they put the "adjust weather" switch for this globe?

Kelly O. said...

we just sold our house 6 months ago after over a year on the market and empty... it is a challenge to have to think about 2 houses and 2 sets of bills! We did it for so long that when it finally did sell, it took us a while to get over the fact that we just owned 1 house again! I'll pray that you sell it quickly.

Emily said...

I've never been so cold as when I lived in Wisconsin! Or as hot either. Crazy non temperate climates. :) hope your other home has sold!

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