Friday, December 6, 2013

V and Co: lucky stars christmas pillow

Christmas is like right around the corner.
I'm not ready.
But the good news is we have our christmas tree up.
No, unfortunately (and yes quite sad actually) these last two years we've not had any funny stories to tell about picking out a tree and letting the kids decorate it while I learn to "let go and embrace the fugly" tree and it's decor. And sadly we don't have any stories of me thinking a MAMOTH of a tree is what our little home is needing.
This year we have our boring Target fake tree.
And I've changed the smelly wax warmer to "spruce" so we get the fake smells of a real tree.
But don't worry, I still have some stories to tell.
Have you noticed I've been blogging again? *tap tap* Anyone still out there?
Yes, it's been a while, but I feel like I'm slowly emerging and figuring out how to do the whole work AND blogging thing. It's taken me a little bit of time, but thanks for hanging in there.
Anywho...I've been meaning to talk about my Zumba accident.
yes, I had one.
But thats for another day.

Okay, moving on to the matter at hand:

 lucky stars is really becoming one of my all time favorite pattern I've made.
And while I was staring at it I decided i wanted a christmas lucky stars pillow.
 So I made a block from the pattern...and then I made it into a slip cover.
And well, I freaking love it. 

 But honestly, I think i need to make a couple more, because as cute as it looks in my arm chair in my living room...the rest of the couches kind of need a few of these throw pillows as well.

So maybe I'll have a little bit of time before Christmas actually gets here to make a couple more...or maybe I should like focus on doing some of my Christmas shopping.
What's more important here? Thats right decorating.
We'll talk soon.


Laura said...

Gorgeous pillow. You must tell about the Zumba accident! I went to Zumba once ... despite being in reasonably good shape, I felt so awkward doing those moves that I never went back.

Melissa said...

Beautiful pillow! Glad you are back!

Sarah said...

It's a beautiful pattern for a quilt, but the pillow is AWESOME!

Nicole said...

Wish I had time to make the pillow but blown up in quilt size with one huge star!

MsMidge said...

Love! I've always wondered why people would want Christmas quilts etc, but now I want them! lol. And just so you know - I'm hosting a Cushion for Christmas Blog Hop at the moment! Would love you to join in if you wish! (great prizes up for grabs!) xx

Bronwen M said...

That's freaking gorgeous. I want one! said...

I love that pattern and the Christmas pillow is a great idea. I love the quilt - the colors are fantastic all together like that. I love your new line!!

Lisa Merkley said...

What a lovely pillow! I think you should make me one for Christmas this year! We're moving just a week and a half before Christmas so I won't be able to do ANY decorating this year. Not even sure if we'll get a tree or not!'s a lovely pillow!

liz said...

Smart to make it a slip cover! Less to store in your basement. :)

Lauren Hawley said...


Phyllis said...

Wonderful! Love both the quilt and the pillow!

Paula said...

Love both the quilt and the pillow. Severl of those pillows scattered around woud look really stunning.

Vickie said...

Love the quilt and the pillow!

Unknown said...

omg this pillowcase is.. AWESOMEEEEEE!!!

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