Tuesday, November 26, 2013

around here

So it totally snowed and snowed yesterday. Made me a little grumpy. So to kind of cheer me up I started working on teacher Christmas gifts.
Sort of worked.
 Oh I have learned over the years to tolerate winter. Trust me. But with snow comes days filled of shoveling. And while I no longer am JUST shoveling like years past it's still a hard on you chore. And yes, because I'm totally lazy and keep the makeup on that I wore the night before I do in fact look like a cross between these two:
Mind you the hair is spot on. Well, a little shorter and larger...but you get the gist. 
Last year we bought a snowblower. We're true Iowans now. (Perhaps a few steps closer?) 
But lets be honest...that snowblower thing? Its more of a pain in my rear to maneuver than me just shoveling. Yet the husband insists its a faster solution especially since he's not here all day long to take care of the issue. 

But really that's not a bad thing. Seriously who really wants to see me in that state anyways? No one is home but the cat and the dog and while the cat mocks me with looks of "Are you going to stay looking that? You know you look like Alice Cooper right?" I normally just look at her and say "Shut up, don't judge me." But clearly she's judging. It's all good, I got back at her by putting a flowery looking collar on her. 
She hates it. And actually it's made her more judgy. now that I think about it.
And I tell her so.
And then I realize I'm talking to the cat. 
And then I tell myself "It's better than talking to yourself."
"Wait does that count as talking to myself?"
"Shoot! there I go again."
And then I look at the cat and tell her "QUIT JUDGING ME."
She just comes back with "You gonna put a pair of normal pants on or are you going to call those sweatpants you wore to bed your outfit today?"

on going cycle of crazy.
And a cat that's going to make me go to therapy with her abuse.
 Tomorrow will be spent yelling kindly but forcefully telling the kids to clean up their rooms while mom makes her pies, mashed potatoes and whatever else I can get done the day before Thanksgiving.
And yes, thank you for remembering our fiasco last year with the dog and the apple pie. In fact every time we mention thanksgiving, apple pie, or even apples...its like clockwork, someone in the family starts with adding salt to the wound by bringing it up with "Hey remember that one time when Buck totally DESTROYED mom?! I mean destroyed the PIE mom made?"
Good times.
Now I feel like going and double fisting chocolate.

 Thanksgiving is in fact been my favorite holiday of the year.
All that gratitude and stuff...but really...
I really love pumpkin pie.
I think that's the only reason I love thanksgiving so much.
And that gratitude stuff and family togetherness as well.
But mainly its about the pumpkin pie.

 This is also the holiday season that these lovelies show up. I'm not the only one that looooooooves these clementines either.
My kids go into "Hunger Game" mode when these show up and I can't seem to keep them around for more than a nano second. Only reason why theres an actual picture of these here, is because I just bought them and the kids aren't home yet.
I've already had like 5 of them.
I guess it's better than us all fighting over and going through that many Big Macs this season. (see gratitude stuff)
fabric by Robert Kaufman pattern Lucky Stars
Also with Thanksgiving being so late this year...it's kind of thrown me in for a loop. It's cool though,
cause I may not have hardly any of my shopping done...but I've got the start of my lucky stars christmas pillows already done.

You ready? 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

V and Co's fall market recap

skirt made by one of my besties Amy Webb
 I'm sure by now you've already had your fair share of Quilt Market recaps from people that have their acts together and don't wait a full month before they post about it...
Well better late than never.
First off I can not believe we are this close to Thanksgiving, I missed talking about turning 29 again a couple of weeks ago. I'll have to correct that and do a fun something or other for that. Stay tuned, BUT please don't hold your breath because I'll be afraid you'll pass out and blame me. And who wants that on their hands?
Okay, what am I doing here...THAT'S RIGHT I'm blogging.
I know! Right?
CALM DOWN no need to panic I know it's been a while but I promise its no emergency just me finally writing about 2013 fall market.

A few firsts happened this time around. It was my first time debuting at Fall market, it was my first market with my very own booth (all the other times have been designer booths which is awesome but I needed a ton of room this time) which leads me to my last first: it was my first time showcasing 6 new patterns (never have I debuted that many before)
ps the color me happy thread is currently sold out (thank you!) but I will restock soon. 

I didn't get out much during the course of the show, so it was great to see familiar faces and not so familiar faces but familiar names that passed by to say hello and catch up. It was a great market. And from what I saw of it there was some amazing things showcased.

 when I looked out at direct line of vision was my Lucky Star quilt. this is a favorite quilt of mine and i can't wait to have fun making it in other fabric lines and color schemes.
 And then to the other side was Zen Chic. (she's totally going to kill me for putting up this picture) I told her to do a cat rawr and she totally did it and I totally snapped the picture. I feel a close connection to her as we started out with our first collections for Moda at the same market.
 the Designers booth carried such awesome designers this time around Kate, Bunny Hill, Me and My sister, Sweet Water, Fig Tree, Cotton Way, Gina Martin, American Jane,
Thimble blossoms, French General, Basic Gray, Deb Strain, Minick and Simpson, Janell and her cute british accent who kept getting asked if she'd seen the baby yet, cute gal from san luis obispo where my husband grew up and where I went to school and well..found my husband got married and had a baby... and Pat Sloan.

me and my sister has pictures of every designer in the designer booth and of the other designers like myself that had full booths.

 Occasionally while I passed to my corner in the Moda section I would have on hand my camera and I made it a point to take pictures this time (not like last time when I failed to take ONE single picture)
 Art Gallery always has such creative displays like they were all anthropology window decorators in their past lives creative. They always wow with the details.
 I guess the pretty big news was of the new addition for RJR fabrics. If you've not heard of Cotton and Steel then you will hear of it soon. Packed with a powerhouse of designers it will surely be amazing.
 one thing is sure that bright colors are still making their way into the fabric world. If this generation of quilters is known for something it will def be not being afraid of bright color. here we see Tula Pink's gorgeous color palate.
 And the lovely Heather Bailey won first place again for her dynamic booth. See that butterfly? its all paper pieced. and it was freaking awesome.
 One absolute favorite is Caroline Freidlander. She just has a great look.
 Roomed with ever adorable Jeni Baker as well as Leah Duncan and Megan Bohr. Leah and I bonded over curly hair awesomeness. Except her curly hair really is cute, mine...well...not so much.

And  now for a fun little story.
So this picture above is of from left to right: Becca , Tammy, Julie, Brooke, Me, Joanna and Sally.

I got to say hello to a lot of people during my time at market. But this group was a little more memorable. It started that I "knew" a few of them from instagram and such places...so we said Hi. then a few others came to introduce themselves to me, while a couple of friends hung out on the side line. Quickly someone else came in and I had to divert my attention to them answer a few questions, say thank you for liking my stuff and so forth. It got a little busy for a bit and then there was a lag and i looked back to opposite corner and realized a large group of women having a grand ol time laughing like old friends. I can't remember who said what other than something along the lines of "We have just met but it's like we've been long time friends."
And well that made me happy which led to me to think of "color me happy" which led to me to think "precuts of color me happy." which led me to remember I had cute little mini charm packs to hand out. So I handed them each a little mini charm pack...and then they decided to do a little gift exchange using my little charm pack that i gave each of them.

So. With that said...I had a great market. And I can't wait to see and post in February what these ladies becoming great friends make with my little mini charm packs of color me happy.

pps: if you want to see some more pics of market and more of the everyday crap I have going on go follow me on instagram. Cause that's like the "light" version of blogging these days anyways right??

Oh yeah.. ahem...and also I've been busy. watch for a free downloadable pdf for these stockings and soon.
I promise to be back soon. Just don't hold your breath. :)

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