Friday, October 25, 2013

where to find me at fall market

come and see me in booth # 1956 i'll be the one trying not to look completely tired/overwhelmed. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

V and Co: new patterns fall 2013

okay be forewarned. LOTS AND LOTS OF PICTURES. :)

okay well i finally get to show off the patterns that will go with color me happy.
this time around i had a lot help. between pattern testing, editing, and then having fabric show up only 11 days ago i had many who also helped with the sewing.
lani, erika, megan, amy, and sarah (who does not have a blog but is a wonderful friend and seamstress), were HUGE in helping me get to market with patterns and projects ready this time around. thank you ladies, there is NO way i was going to be able to make it without your help.
but first things first! the winner of the yummy jelly roll before it hits stores!

Blogger Saltwater Quilts said...
I love your style and so I am not surprised the fabrics in your line are gorgeous! I am crazy about the ombre fabrics. This is one line where I will have to purchase some sort of bundle of the whole line. I love all of the fabrics. Congratulations on all of your success and your beautiful fabric line!

whoooooot! you are the winner lady! congrats! and thank you ALL for the lovely comments about the new line.

okay so now are you ready to see what we've done with the fabric?

onto the patterns:
first we have flower box

flower box is beautiful quilt pattern, perfect throw size instructions are included, the pattern uses two quilt blocks alternating for the whole quilt. just add more alternating blocks to make the quilt larger or just make four to create a perfect little baby size quilt.

the quilt featured measures: 52" x 68"
was quilted by felicia graves

buy the pdf pattern here
buy the paper pattern here

the banner featured in the pictures will be a free pattern later on this spring when the fabric comes to stores.
 it features using moda's newest precut that big slice of pizza looking thing that i can not for the life of me remember what it's called. anyways, look for it this spring i'll give step by step pictures and instructions here on the blog for shop owners and individuals for ideas on how use this precut! :) yay!

okay so you know i have a soft spot for pillows. so this time around it was the perfect time to introduce a pattern that includes a few of my favorite pillows:

the textured throw pillow pattern includes: 
instructions for faux pleats, twists and braided pillows

these faux pleated pillows are made using my new ombre block fabric:
this fabric is pretty darn cool each of the stripes are 5 1/2" each. and i have had a lot of fun with the fabric i've been able to work with at this time. i have a lot more up my sleeve when it comes to this fabric so stay tuned. ;) 
faux pleated pillows are 17" square finished.

next is the braided pillow.
this awesome pillow is my ever popular pillow i made a long time ago. it uses a jelly roll and it comes out looking pretty cool. :)
it's an awesome way to use a jelly roll or lots of scraps. :) scrap busting is always a good thing so you can make more room for new stuff.
braided pillow is 17" x 25" finished
last but not least in the textured pillow pattern we have the twisted flowers. this pillow is pretty and would be a gorgeous addition to any couch or little girls room. this one measures 20" x 20" finished and is using my new fabric but this one: 
is using the ombre fabric you can get your hands on now. (it looks extra sweet in my past ombre fabrics if i do say so myself) ;) 
so to recap:
faux pleated pillows 17" x17" finished
braided pillow: 17" x 25"finished
twisted pillow: 20" x 20" finished

up next is a personal favorite lucky stars:

 lucky stars has a pixalated look to it and looks way more complicated than it is
 this pattern uses nine patches upon nine patches. and is pretty great at stash busting. i give you instructions using 2 jelly rolls and white stars but who's to say you can't do the opposite and do a low volume scrappy part and bright looking stars? no one! go for it! or make it as is. it's pretty and its a fast quilt to make.
this quilt measures 54" x 72" 
was quilted by megan bohr. 

perfect to show off or use your favorite fabric line or fabrics together...
the instructions are step by step on how to make a string block zipper pouch...
 but check it out! color me happy has a couple of laminate coated fabrics!
the 2 different sizes included are:
a large zipper pouch measuring 9" x 5"
and a little zipper pouch perfect for your hex's and little scissors or thread measuring 6" x 3"
or use the laminates to create great makeup bags. :)
seriously who doesn't love having zipper pouches? 

next up we have to the point quilt pattern:
another favorite. okay fine, they all are my favorite.

this pattern solely uses one fabric (the ombre color block fabric) but it looks like you are using 4 different shades of the same color.

the ombre comes in 5 different colors with each coming in 4 shades. if i had more time i would have made a quilt using all 5 ombres in one quilt. and i will after market. :)

there are two quilts sizes included in the pattern. the ones shown are the baby size. they measure 40" square.
the throw size measures 64" x 80"
these are seriously yummy if you ask me. :)

next and last on the list is a quilt pattern i've had in my head for a long time. i was just waiting for the right fabric line. 
this line was it.
introducing handmade:
this pattern again showcases the ombre color block fabric as the body of the sewing machine.
and is for the sewing enthusiast. do you love to make handmade things? this quilt is for you. do you know someone who likes to make things this quilt is for them. 
would love to see if you choose the same aqua sewing machine color or if you are a pink, blue, grey or lime sewing machine girl. 

quilt measures 64" x 70"
was quilted by angela walters
and is pretty darn awesome.
true story.

buy pdf pattern here
buy paper pattern here.
phew! that was a lot of work and a lot of pictures. but i feel like its worth it to show them off properly.

but i'm not done...

life would not be complete this time around without some matching thread right??

introducing color me happy thread. matching my newest line perfectly.

we are doing something new this time. you can PRE ORDER my thread in my shop. please allow a few weeks and then you will get notice when your thread order is on its way!!! :)

PRE ORDER thread here.

there you have it.
what i've been working on for what seems like forever.

now for a little extra fun and a thank you:

for 35% off all (old and new) PDF patterns tell me which one is your favorite pattern in the comment section then enter 35HAPPY when you check out. sale ended friday october 25.

and really you could just skip telling me here and just get the 35 percent off...but i actually like to hear what you guys think! okay off to pack.
i'm tired. you tired? can'

Thursday, October 17, 2013

V and Co. still sewing

 hi guys! well first off thank you THANK YOU for the love on the new fabric line.
yes, i think most of us are on the same page by far this one is a favorite. i am so super excited that you guys love it as much as i do!
i'm still in the final stages of sewing, putting binding on quilts and taking pictures. with market only being a week away i feel like i wake up running at full speed every morning.
i may have even gone to target with "i've been sewing in my basement haven't really seen the sun for a couple of weeks" look and it wasn't till i saw a neighbor that i realized...i look like crap...and then i hid, quickly got the milk i went in for and ran back home to the safety of my basement.
there is no way i could have done all the sewing all by myself this time around.
i've had a lot of help this time. when i finally have everything back i'll list off all the awesome women that helped with this round of sewing craziness.
i'll be showing off new patterns and picking a winner the beginning of next week of the free (waaaaaay before you can get it) jelly roll of color me happy. and maybe we'll even have a special for a short time only discount on all patterns.

but before the rest of the quilts come back and need finishing touches...i think i'll jump in the shower real quick cause i'm pretty sure i scared a couple of target employees and i might not be as lucky next time in my quick ninja hiding skills from people i know.

we'll talk soon.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

V and Co: properly introducing Color Me Happy for Moda Fabrics

 okay i know that was totally mean of me to do a far away shot of my new line with no explanation other than "i have no time!" but i really am so ridiculously excited about this one that i wanted to make it super special and not just put up like two pictures and say "ta-daaaa" and that's it. i def want a bigger "TA-DAAA" going on with this one well because...
 i'm pretty sure this is my favorite one. i basically put all my favorite in one line.

 first off we have our navy's teals grays and emerald. say what? yeah, i said emerald.
 this time around we introduced emerald into the mix and with the navy it just looks fantabulous. of course it looks pretty sweet with the other colors too, but something about emerald and green just makes me super happy like preppy happy or something like that...maybe like a peacock happy? i don't know i just know i like it.
anyways... we have our pinks, lime greens, teals and grays coming back... and we are all very happy about that.
 this line has some great stash builders. it's basically not hoarding if you are "building" a stash... these cluster dots are one of my fav. well they all are but i especially love these dots.

the idea of creating a line with stash building in mind i had to include of course some pin dots and another of my favorite the V print. :) you know cause i'm V and co... get it V print...V and co... Vanessa...okay then.
in this line i also included some pretty little modern sprouts, bold ikat, and vintage flowers among other things. 

 and well you know it can't be a V and Co line if it didn't have some kind of specialty ombre type thing in it.
this time we included color block ombre. and yes, we have patterns that will go just for these so shops can show off some of the cool stuff you can do with it.

here's one sneak peek of what i've been sewing with the color block ombre. i can NOT wait to see what you guys do with it!!!!
i also cant wait to show you the other patterns i've created for this line. :) soon.

color me happy makes me so darn happy. the color and design are all my fav. so color me happy is a perfect name. 
color me happy will debut at fall market 2013 and will ship to stores in MARCH 2014 

 hey guess what...
 not only do we have these awesome colors in fabric we also have a box of aurfil thread JUST to go with this line! (i'll be selling them in my shop when i get them in stock)

AAAAAAACKKKKK! *pinch* yeah i can pretty much just sit and stare at them both and sigh with happiness. 

 okay but seriously...i can't just sit here for too long, i have SO much more to do till market which is 2 weeks away it's not even funny.

but i want to hear what you think!
so go ahead and tell me what you think and i'll pick one person to get a free jelly roll (ahem that's like kind of scandalous because it hasnt even come out yet)
we'll talk soon. ;)
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