Monday, July 1, 2013

V and Co.: summer happenings

 we are in full swing summer mode over here.
our strawberries are growing and are super sweet, there's something incredibly cool about eating from your own yard. i miss our days in the middle of nowhere when we had an acre and had our raised beds of veggie's but strawberries make up for it as we could never really get strawberries in the middle of nowhere because they don't grow all that well up at 7000+ sea level. but we did try anyways.
so ofcourse seeing our plants do so well is pretty wonderful.

another fun surprise was seeing all my new patterns and my new fabric collection on the back cover of stitch mag super super happy to be on there.
 summer at our house means lots of activities one of them being scout camps of all sorts for the each of the three boys. so far two have gone on their week long adventures, one is left to do his two day hike later on this month.
i got to volunteer at the youngest boy's camp, and learn quite a bit about nature and archery. and other stuff. but i really liked those two. so all i heard of the other ones were "blah de be blah, animal care..blah de be blah blah cooking over a fire :)
 aurifil was in the house at Pineneedles Iowa this last week as well. i was asked to talk about how i use my aurifil thread collection in my projects and of course other aurifil thread as well. cause well, it's the only thread for me :) and i am kind of a snob when it comes to thread now.

i've mentioned my sewing machine has felt a little bit lonely this summer as i knew it would. i did get to sew on it a little bit this last week.
as i am getting a lot more of my hand sewing done that need some kind of machine work, i'll throw in a little time with the sewing machine when the kids go to bed.

but not too much because that's the only time when i get to see the husband these days.

he's been equally as (oh okay waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more)  busy as the kids and i.
he opened up (on top of working at the local private university) his own private practice. and is working a lot of hours trying to set up everything and making sure all wrinkles are ironed out.  (cause he's that kind of a person)
he's been able to make it home most nights for dinner and family time, but we try to work in a walk at night so we can catch up on the day's happenings and then after that we old farts get tired and get into bed.
he leaves as early as 4:30 in the morning or most mornings around 5:45.

needless to say. he's busy. we're busy.
we like to see each other and talk. so we make the time when we can. :)
pretty proud of him and all he's doing and also keeping his family as one of top priorities.
i'm blessed.
 so during the time in the day when i'm here and there between running around to scout camps, gymnastics, band and orchestra, and of course the pool i've been transporting with me and working on a few projects.

later this week (after the 4th of july fun we'll be having over here) i'll give you a few hints on how to work with tiny little hexagons using the english paper piecing technique.
there are tiny little boogers, but they sure are cute and i'll show you how i used them in a fun little project!

happy fourth of july week. we will continue on our summer mode, of family, pool, and add some grilling to the mix.

have i mentioned i love summers.
because i do.
we'll talk soon.


my Haven said...

Glad to 'hear your voice'! Just want to stop by to tell you you're great inspiration to me, and your fabric will be a natural 'ingredient' in my soon to be quilt shop in Sweden.

Lisa Lisa said...

Can't wait to see your post about hexies! I'm working on my own little hexie project, expecting it to be a very long-term project but that's okay because they're so fun!

lindag1947 said...

Can't wait to see post about hexies. Linda gerig

janequiltsslowly said...

Wow! How tiny are those hexies? A won a pack of 50 little hexie papers that finish at .75 inch across! Too intimidated to try them. Your pinks are beautiful.

Ali said...

Happy summer! I have been making hexies with your simply colour ombre too! (I used the shading to make the hexies look like cubes)

Sarah @ said...

Have you seen the big quilt someone made and posted to using all 1/4" hexs?? It's on the paper pieces home page.

Lysa said...

I look forward to having my kids home for the summer(and not having to make packed lunches, especially)but it amazes me how fast our summers fill up with activities. Which means packing projects up to tote here and there. I adore your hexie project and seeing your little transport case! Oh and congrats on your photos on stitch!

MalinisQuilts said...

Wow! those strawberries are just so beautiful and fresh!

Love those little tiny hexagons, make me want to try some myself.

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