Monday, February 25, 2013

V and Co.: snow day

we had a snow day.
i used that time to organize most of my simply style fabric.
i also sewed a little here and here. but i had a few hiccups so my posts for today didn't get done.
it's coming though.
we have a birthday tomorrow and i have a few planning things for that.
so even though we had a snow day... i feel it.
i feel the spring coming.
or at least the spring cleaning part of it.
do you??
we'll talk soon


trish said...

I love spring cleaning! Am I weird?! ;0)

Dedra C said...

I love spring cleaning. This weekend I took 4 bags of crap tote local DI. (Thrift store). My laundry will be washed in a few less loads this week.

Next I will tackle closets. It's great!

Rebecca Grace said...

I still haven't sorted through all of the stuff I dragged out of my sewing room because it didn't have a home. Cleaning is overrated -- just move the mess to another room! ;-) I learned that from my kids, BTW. We live in a LEGO landfill.

Whim and Pearl said...

Yep...just today over lunch I thought...spring is almost here!! eeeks!!

V and Co. said...

no not weird at all. i am finally feeling like this is our home so i am more and more able to find better places for things, and we have added shelves in all the closets so i am feeling a little better and excited about organizing! it took all of a year and half but i am very excited to get back to how things used to be with organizing as part of the weekly routine! :)

Jacqueline said...

I love that feeling that Spring is coming. Though I am in the southern hemisphere (Australia) and autumn is on it's way.

Barbara said...

I'm not a fan of spring cleaning, though I'm trying to be more thorough with it this year! Love your fabric!!

Sherri said...

I love spring cleaning too! And I love your new line! Hope I can get some at market!!!

Anna Hall said...

This fabric takes my breath away. I love it!!! I am jealous that you feel spring approaching - I can't wait!

Mary Jane Link said...

I love the "confetti" pattern (may I have the baby modeling the pattern? How adorable! As for my favorite shape, I am so into stars now, I cannot seem to get enough of them.
Thanks for your inspirations!

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