Thursday, January 3, 2013

V and Co: first quilt of the year 2013

happy new year! a few days late but whatever right?
okay so here we go my first quilt and pattern of the year. i'm so excited to show you her.

this one has now become my new favorite pattern.
yes. i love it a lot.
it's called "i heart you."
i called it that because well, duh its a heart. and because we give quilts to those we love.

i heart you pattern includes two sizes:
baby 57" x 57" (pictured)
to gift to your own or others
and large throw 108" by 108" (not pictured)
the ombre pillow is made using my faux pleat pillow tutorial but i made the pleats larger this time.

for both the quilt and the pillow pleated pillow shown i used my simply color ombre pink fabric (found at quilt stores and here at the fat quarter shop)
in my pattern i give you directions with illustrations on how exactly i created this look on the heart.

oh and yes, that quilting you see on top of my quilt, done by yours truly. first time ever btw. :) i used a walking foot and the guide that comes with the walking foot to make sure my lines were evenly spaced out. i love how it turned out, and am already quilting my second baby quilt as we speak.

i used my daughter's room that has awesome light as my photography set up, and i didn't get to taking it down before she came home, and now she wont let me take it down from her wall.

which is okay cause it totally matches her room. she told me she now has two hearts in her room that i made for her. 
the gathered heart pillow (which i did make for her room a few years ago) and now this quilt which i guess she can have on loan for now till i need to take it to a quilt shop or something. :) okay maybe i'll just make another one! 

this quilt because it only uses one fabric for the heart can be a super fast,  easy to cut for quilt. if you put your heart into it you could make a few just in time to give out (or keep) for the upcoming valentines day holiday!

so what say you? do you heart it?
i heart it.
i hope you heart it too.
buy PDF pattern here.
paper pattern available soon.
okay off to keep sewing and parenting...the kids went back to school today and i need to see if they have homework to tackle!
we'll talk soon.


  1. GENIUS! As always. I love that it just uses the one fabric. Takes all of the guessing out. ;) Bravo, my friend!

  2. Its gorgeous! Now I really need to order some of your ombre.

  3. This is too adoable.... I love hearts so this is going to sew much funto make! Good Job!

  4. Oohhhh!!!!
    Me gusta todo!!!!

  5. wow - you are a busy bee :-)
    i haven t got a clue about quilting myself, but this is dropdeadgorgeous... beautifully done, vanessa, the best of health and happiness for the new year, regards, dana

  6. This is so great! The ombré fabric is pretty amazing too! Nicely done!

  7. Happy New Year V!! :0)
    Super cute quilt! What a beautiful use
    of your ombre!! Love it. :0)
    I'm on Katie's side! It suits her. :0)
    Have a great weekend.


  9. I'm completely smitten and I just purchased the pattern. What fabric did you use for the background , backing and binding?

  10. So cute! I luv Ombre fabric it's so versatile and truly easy to work with. :)

  11. I think it is beautiful and wonderful job on the quilting! That was my first step with the walking foot too. (PS let your daughter keep the quilt, looks great in her room! :) )

  12. SO beautiful and the fabric looks amazing :)

  13. GORGEOUS! Another excuse to buy that beautiful ombre fabric!

  14. Eeek... I need this for me. Do you think my boys would cuddle with this :)

  15. Oh I love this!!! It's so pretty!!!!
    I asked u a question on the Craftsy platform, just wondering if you have seen it yet?
    Thanks! (I absolutely LOVE your class over there by the way!!!)

  16. Very nice. Is there any chance to get your fabrics here in europe?? I have searched the internet, no way :-(((((

  17. LOVE it so much! I have some ombre yardage and am thinking of trying this. Pinning it to my Pinterest board now!

  18. OMGoodness! This is gorgeous! We just ordered the pattern and the fabric from the FatQuarter Shop. My 12 year old daughter saw this and she can't wait to get started. She has already announced that it will be hanging in her bedroom! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us. We'll send you a picture when she's done with her heart quilt.

  19. beautiful vanessa! you're amazing. :) can't wait to see more of what you're up to in 2013!

  20. Just Beautiful!!!! Love love love!!

  21. Creative as ever. This is getting Pinned!

  22. Gorgeous!! Wishing I had mad skills like this :)

  23. Today, I was looking through all of the craft books at our sewing store and found your book! It was really fun to look through! I work there, so I didn't buy it, but I was like... why don't I follow her blog yet?! Glad to finally find you here! :)

  24. It's gorgeous Vanessa. I love it!

  25. oh wonder oh wonder. Now there is a german shop who offers your line, oh my goodness!! i am happy now.

  26. What a beautiful quilt - love the colours!

  27. nice your site thanks for sharing love you all teme good work keep it up

  28. Completely and totally adorable! I love your ombre fabric!

  29. I do heart it! It's wonderful, but of course, it's your fabric that makes it so! Way to start the new year off right! xo, Nan

  30. what thread color did you use to quilt it? white?


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