Monday, November 19, 2012

V and Co: 2 new patterns

 well, i finally get to introduce to you my newest pattern: Barn Dance Quilt.
there's a story behind this quilt and the inspiration that went to create it.
now that we live in iowa, i get to see a lot of barns on our trips to places. and on our trips i get to see a lot of barns that have quilt blocks on the side of them. the story behind the quilt block on barns usually represent something about the family or what they do.
i kind of love the whole idea of having a quilt block on the side of my house to represent our crazy...but i don't have a barn of my own nor do i really think i'll get one soon, so i guess maybe i'll just keep looking at all the pretty blocks on other peoples barns.
i started thinking of barns and then that led to barn dances...yeah i know leaping all over the place.

 and i thought of how in dances usually everyone is a wall flower or kind of shy to start dancing till the first few couples get out on the dance floor. as the first blocks fall into place then the rest of the people or blocks come and fall into place on the dance floor.
if you look at the quilt you can see where the "dance" has been happening for a while, and where the "dance" has just started to get on its way.

this quilt was created and pieced by me.
quilted by angela walters.
and the fabric line used was simply color by V and Co.
finished quilt shown measures:
69" x 75"
this pattern also includes the baby version:
and the baby barn dance size is 42" by 42"

this quilt was created and pieced by me
quilted by Felicia Graves.
and the fabric line used was Simply Color by V and Co.

you can purchase this barn dance throw and baby quilt PDF pattern here.

second pattern i have new now is the go anywhere bag.

this bag is a great hands free bag and a great size. finished this bag measures: 11 1/2" x 13" and has a liner with pockets. the pattern includes the petal template and has diagramed and written instructions
the fabric for the liner and flowers is Simply Color by V and Co.
you can buy the PDF pattern here
and ahem i should mention that these projects were made on the 780 series sewing machine for bernina. cause you know bernina's rock. :)

okay so that's it for me now. i have to get my pie making going on over here before i put my hands in the turkey's butt to stuff it for thanksgiving!
we'll talk soon!!! 


::little projects in style:: said...

oooo i love the design of the quilt! the quilt block on barns is such an interesting concept! maybe i should make a little quilt to hang from the apartment window to represent the family! :)

*katie said...

The barn dance quilt is so fun! I love it!!

♥Duff said...

BArn Dance is a seriously sweet pattern! The back story makes it even better--quilts as metaphors are always more enticing!

Esch House Quilts said...

Love that Barn Dance quilt - and the story behind it makes it even better!

Cindy said...

Love the quilt!! And being a life long Iowan, I appreciate it even more! The bag is adorable! Thanks for being such a great addition to Iowa! :)

Miwako said...

Cool patterns!

Have a happy Thanksgiving Day.

The Cozy Pumpkin said...

Gorgeous!!! Especially that barn dance quilt! Can I ask how you attached your quilt to the barn? I need to do something similar but am afraid of putting holes in my quilt with a hammer. Did you make a sleeve in the back?


Cheryl Shipp said...

Yay! So excited about the Barn Dance quilt, ever since I got to see it "live" in Austin! I love it when there is an interesting story behind a pattern. My Simply Color fabric came in the mail today--I can't wait to dig in--it's so nice that I have a 5-day holiday coming up so I can get started!

bdaiss said...

I miss barn quilts. And I LOVE your story. I seriously think you should just paint one on the side of your house. That's absolutely you.

Karen said...

I am totally loving the quilt! I also adore barn blocks, and get to see them in my state of Wisconsin. They are so cool

Jenn said...

Great quilt! Absolutely ingenious!

Summer said...

That is such a fun quilt pattern! =D Beautiful job :)


VickiT said...

What a great quilt Vanessa. I love your explanation of how you came up with the pattern.

Carla said...

Barn dance is beautiful! Love the baby version too ; )
I am just cutting into a layer cake of simply colour !

cherishables said...

That quilt is so incredibly beautiful, I now want to take a quilting class just so I can learn enough to make it. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Absolutely stunning! Love the new pattern!

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