Thursday, October 25, 2012

V and Co: how to: no raw edge appliqued fall wreath pillow

hey guys, so funny how i said i would be back on wednesday with a fall how to ...and here it is thursday. well we had some technical difficulties over here yesterday called "life" and i spent most of my day shuffling children from dentist and doctor appointments that by the time i finally sat down to work on things. kids were walking through the door. so here we are a day late and a dollar short, but it's all good cause we're still in the middle of fall and this how to is a super fast project you can get done while in between things, because as you will see in my video crafting life is about doing things in between everything else.

so in this project i will be using methods i've talked about in the past. where ever you see a link, it will open a new window with the "how to" that i am referring to and that will help you finish this project :)

okay so lets first talk about the materials needed:
you will need:
*leaf template found here.
*jelly roll strips 2 1/2" x 42" (roughly 3 strips should get you 21 to 24 leaves) of simply color ombre orange (buy your jelly roll here)
*1 jelly roll strip of simply color ombre green (just to add some different color!)
*a medium sized bowl mine is a martha stewart bowl with the mouth width of 7 1/2"
*erasable pen i used the pilot FriXion ball pen
*no more than 1/2 yard of linen fabric (*depending on the size of your circle cut your linen to fit your wreath, mine measured 15" x 13")
*pellon wonder-web 807
*poly fill

*i folded my fabric in half to show you me where the middle of the fabric was. i placed my bowl onto the fabric with the line down the middle. (if you are a perfectionist and want to fold and make a crease from side to side so you can place the bowl even more perfectly, go right ahead. but as you know me when crafting some of these things i just eyeball and half A my way through and call it good...)

*now you are going to draw the circle onto your linen. i used a martha stewart bowl with the mouth width of  7 1/2" and
*next you will need to get your fusible webbing and your fabric strips.
*cut the webbing to be the same size as the strip of fabric.
*next use the same template we used here for the leaves on this project.

here is a web video that my daughter took while i show you how to make these leaves. 
it's not professional and it's not awesome but as you know my life is not all that professional and def not that awesome.
warning: this video is shot by a 6 year old with attitude, and it's not considered at all professional, just normal life over at our house and how i create. but that's how i roll.
also i should warn you, she doesn't have a steady hand, so if you get motion sickness easily, steer clear of the video.
you've been warned.

something i need to mention:
in the video i say draw your shape on the wrong side of the fabric, that's fine, but in my pictures i draw it on the right side. i do both obviously, personally i like drawing it on the right side because then i put the pellon on top and just sew on the line through the pellon. meanwhile, if you do draw the line on the wrong side, make sure you place the pellon under your fabric facing the right side while you sew on the drawn line. this will ensure that when you turn it inside out it will have the right side out!

if you don't want to watch the video or if it makes you sea sick and have to stop in the middle because of how much movement we have going please refer to the same steps found in my hexy tetris bag

also i don't have on like any makeup and didn't think that part through. oh well next time.

*after you have turned over all your petals and you have gently pulled out the tips of your leaves with your pin, place your leaves onto your drawn circle.
*play around with the placement, use my picture as your guide.
i placed them in threes and overlapped them a little.

*when you like your placement, with your iron set to high, adhere your leaves onto the linen. but please be careful to pay attention to place your iron onto the NO STEAM mode because steam will melt the surrounding leave's webbing before you adhere it to the linen. (just speaking for experience people)

to finish as a pillow:
*cut either linen or muslin the same size as your finished front.
*for step by step pictures on how to finish a pillow follow this link
*stuff with polyfill

okay so there you have it our second web video, as bad as the first one. and again vowing to probably never do it again...
talk to you soon. 


chris said...

I really like to use this technique...because I seriously dislike raw edges. Using it for leaves was clever. Thanks for the inspiration!

Scrapbean said...

Brilliant! I have a project I have been putting off and now this will make it doable!


mascanlon said...

Great idea Vanessa and the video is charming! Thanks for making time to share.

Anonymous said...

I loved the video - especially your interaction with Katie!

Is there a reason why you don't push the tips out from the inside?

Kristy said...

Loved the video! Your daughter was great! She has a career as a commentator as well as camera girl. :-) Great tutorial. Really! It was fun to watch and very cute leaf project. Keep up the good work. K-

Dana Craft said...

your daughter is adorable and doing a great job ☺ not sea-sick at all ☺
thanx for sharing, vanessa, that really opened my eyes (i hate the fringes after applications being washed a few times...)
regards, dana

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

This is a beautiful pillow. I love the way you turned the leaves into a wreath - very pretty.

Purple Quilter Queen said...

OMG - I cracked up the whole time! Great tutorial V. And hats off to Katie too! Looks like she might have a career in the next Blair Witch project with those cinematography skills! Jenn

Elsa said...

Love the wreath pillow and Katie did a great job filming it ~ the narrative was so cute ~ smiled through the whole thing!

MamaLiza said...

"No, you are going to make people sick." Loved it! I don't know why webbing intimidates me....but you made seem easy and the pillow.

Anna said...

This would have made my last applique project so much easier... next time. Thanks!

Nana said...

Love the pillow! I think I will make one for myself.
I'm still laughing at the video. Katie is typical and reminded me of some of my daughters at that age! I'm only laughing because I know how you felt while you were trying to be helpful and playing referee.
Continue to do the videos. And continue to keep smiling!
I really admire you. You are doing so much better than I did when my children were young! You are including them in the process and building memories that they will never forget. My girls are now grown with families of their own. You'll appreciate having a video like this when they are moms and dads.

trish said...

Love your pillow!! :o) Perfect for fall!

Anna said...

pretty! you're not at market this weekend? anyway, hope you have a good weekend either way!

V and Co. said...

thanks anna, no not at market. going to spring next year. :) have to go to austin next weekend instead to teach a class. :)

Cucicucicoo said...

Gorgeous wreath! I just love simple autumn colored leaves. And the video is just adorable! It reminds me of when I'm working, too! :) Lisa

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