Wednesday, September 26, 2012

V and Co: visits home ec in iowa city

 the other week i was invited to hang out with a few wonderful people. we went to a great shop down in iowa city, iowa. it was a pretty crazy weekend as there was a hawkeye game (and not just any game THE game against the cyclones. heaven help me i don't even follow football and know all the details) anyways that wasn't the only thing going on that weekend, there was also the president coming into town, and some festival...which i can't remember right now but i have a feeling it had to do with corn? don't quote me on that.

 anyways, as part of our get together we got to come in and hang out in codi's shop called home ec. it's really cute and homey and wonderful.

 every corner was filled with thread, yarn, notions, and fabric choices that are jut wonderful.

 she had knits, and echino, melody miller, coated fabrics and japanese fabrics. that's not all she had, she had a lot more...but those are the ones i was drooling over and so i didn't get to take pictures of the other stuff.

 the atmosphere was laid back, and yummy. in the front you had the sewing machines and some fabrics and you moved back...
 you were surrounded by wonderful yarn (wish i knew how to use it!) and a place to sit relax and work on a project while you ate your yummy pastry from the bakery she has in the store.

 she has classes on how to make this beautiful shirt (that most people have either heard of or have made one or want to make one) the tova which is the talented jenny gordy's very popular pattern. she teaches this class at home ec.
i will be teaching a class there soon. i'll let you know when it comes closer to the time. :)
 here is jenny and greta looking all smug and cheeky. kidding they were a hoot and we had a blast. here     greta is showing jenny her new fabric lines with marcus.

 so if you are in the iowa city area make sure you look up home ec and tell codi V and Co sent you.
on our little trip linzee wanted to show me some of the awesome thrifting that goes on in this cute college town.
 i didn't walk away with too much stuff i was trying to be good. :)
 but i did find this lamp that is going in my eldest noisemaker's room. it looks great in his "map" room.
 speaking of the eldest noisemaker...apparently i'm rubbing off onto him because he came home from scout camp with that bowling pin. when the husband saw him with it he said "what in the? where did you get that and what are you going to do with that?"
noisemaker answers "i found it! isn't it cool? i'm going to use it as decoration in my room."
as the husband hangs and shakes his head in disgust, you pan to my face and i'm beaming with pride. :) first off it was free and it serves the purpose of nothing other than a cool fixture for decoration. job well done son. now you and i both can confuse the your father. :)
 i found a vintage quilt that instantly had to make it come home with me. when linzee asked what i was going to do with it i answered "hide it from my husband." seriously. it has no purpose except looking pretty. kidding the husband saw it and again i get the look of "WHERE IS THAT GOING?"
it's made me pick up my double wedding quilt, and i'm excited to keep going on it because i want it to be a vintage quilt someday as well, hopefully one that will stay in the family. 
have a lovely and productive day. :) i'm hoping for one!!!!


Ellyn said...

hahaha I know that husband look so well. Seeing lots of Christmas stockings made out of vintage quilts, just saying. Of course I would only cut it up if it was full of holes...

Emily [On the V Side] said...

That's my college town! So glad you got the chance to enjoy Iowa City - it's such a fun, eclectic atmosphere.
And what a great shop!



Maggie said...

Please do update when you are teaching a class there, would love to attend! I am about an hour away but would love to make the trip.

P.S. - it was the Fry Fest - an homage to legendary Iowa coach Hayden Fry. I'm sure there was corn there too :)

pinksuedeshoe said...

Love that vintage quilt, soo pretty! I want to make a double wedding ring one day too. They have always been one of my favorite patterns. Also, that shop = adorable. I mean, how can you not love something/one/place that puts thread in vintage pink pyrex!

Anna said...

wow wow! how come I didn't know Jenny lived in iowa. what the heck!? And teaching classes, way cool vanessa. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! I live in Iowa City and Home Ec is one of my favorite places - and Codi is one of my favorite people! :)

trish said...

Oh how much fun!! :o) What a fabulous store and there is nothing better than shopping with your friends! :o)
Your son warmed my heart! That is awesome what he found! That that lamp! Too cute! Doesn't it remind you of the pixar movies?? :o) Your quilt is gorgeous!! I have an antique double wedding quilt top that I was asked to quilt. :o)
You inspired me to make my very own zipper bag and I love it!! Thank you for always lighting those creative fires amongst us! :o)
Have a super day. Trish xo

Annalia said...

We almost, almost, almost moved to Iowa City, but got a better offer at the last minute! Too bad. It looks pretty awesome!

Denny1600 said...

I'm so proud of your son. And so jealous of your quilty find.

Fashion Dama said...

such lovely pictures :)

sonia said...

Beautiful pictures and hillarious stories, as always!

the momma said...

That shop looks like a fabulous place to visit! I think I'd be tempted to just park myself on that couch all day long :-)

Your DWR quilt ~ are you cutting all those pieces, or foundation piecing? or are you using some other trick that I don't know about?? Do tell (please?!)

able mabel said...

That quilt is going to look awesome when it's done! I'm loving it already!

Susan said...

Yay...Iowa City! If you're into vintage, you absolutely HAVE to go to Artifacts on Market St. Best store EVER! Oh, and Decorum, which is a store or two down from Artifacts. Also check out RSVP for awesome greeting cards, Raygun for hilarious and intelligent Iowa joke tee shirts and accessories, White Rabbit for quirky handmade goods, and all the antiques stores in town. Givanni's and/or The Brown Bottle have good Italian food, too. (Yep, I'm an I.C. enthusiast! Am from CR but moved and only get to come home once or twice a year.)

Amanda said...

I would love to attend your class, so make sure you let us know! :) I've never been to HomeEc and now I MUST go and soon!

Jennifer said...

love the bowling pin! super great boy decor. Picked by a boy himself.

tjp said...

I live in IC, too, and it's such a great town. Home Ec has so many gorgeous fabrics and Codi & Alisa are kind & extra helpful. It's where I go to de-stress (when I need a little fabric therapy).

bdaiss said...

Look! You found the Pixar lamp. :)
Home Ec looks lovely. Just the type of store I dream of owning.

There's your wedding ring quilt! Mine is still a dream in my head.

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