Friday, September 28, 2012

V and Co: hello kitty cupcakes

my daughter's birthday is this sunday.
when i asked her what she wanted her cupcakes for school to look like she gave me a blank stare.
"i don't know."
come on kid, give me something to work with here.
so i started naming things off and hello kitty got an excited look and "YEAH! YEAH! HELLO KITTY!" ok.
we can make that happen.
one thing is for sure. cooking and baking isn't my forte. i mean i cook, obviously my family is still alive and breathing even after nearly 15 years of my cooking...and baking...well i can do a few things pretty well like my apple pie, but everything's a gamble really on how it's going to look. mainly i can make okay stuff, but the
so i have a cake making friend/neighbor and i asked her to help me with the cupcakes and cake, and either i am very pushy and overbearing, or she's very nice because she instantly said "sure!"

 the top was made out of fondant. you can make your own using marshmallow. or you can buy it.

my neighbor made her's and it actually tastes quite yummy (i know store bought fondant doesn't always taste awesome)
she had a hello kitty cookie cutter that we used for the base of the head, there was some food color involved for the bow and the nose (she has the  fancy stuff that cake decorators use)
and then last but not least we used edible ink
it started off with the shape of the hello kitty head, then i made noses and bows...
and then we drew the face with the edible ink.
super easy if you have the right tools!
then i made something i felt confident in making: little flags using tooth picks and the washi tape that i got at target :) yay for using it for cute things!
a little friend from her class saw them yesterday and it got the seal of approval from the fellow 5 year old.
and lets just say trying to keep the boys away from the cupcakes for over 12 hours was a feat all in itself.
this morning we still have 24 cupcakes hello kitty cupcakes unscathed. and today i take them to her class for all of her classmates to celebrate katie on her special day of the year.
then i will come home and put up banners and start wrapping presents.
what a happy weekend we're going to have. :)
hope you have a good one too.
we'll talk soon.


tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Felicidades e muita saúde para sua filha,aniversários são sempre bem vindos,acho.

mascanlon said...

Adorable, she will certainly be the hit of the class today. Great job Mom, have a fun weekend and big hug for the birthday Girl!

bethanndodd said...

How cute! They bring memories of when I was little, I was also a fan of Hello Kitty ;)

Lizzy said...

Darling! You're lucky the school still lets you bring homemade treats. That isn't possible where I live in Utah.

Krista Hansen said...

Those are so cute! I hope you have a great Birthday weekend. I am looking forward to my weekend too. We're blessing our baby. Our last baby. Such a happy day and slightly sad that we'll never have another. But you have to stop sometime :)

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to the littlest Christenson noisemaker, Katie!

Laurence said...

Lovely ! You've done a great job!
Bon anniversaire to the little girl!

Kate Brown said...

awww they are adorable! Great job :) Happy Birthday to Katie!

Susan Joy said...

Too cute! I look forward to doing these kinds of things for my little one! Thanks for sharing!

Chevron & Lace

Unknown said...

Absolutely adorable!!

Unknown said...

Great entry,so cute, I'm obsessed with hello kitty! I look forward to following and reading your posts :)

Sarah said...

so cute. what talent!

Anita said...

You guys did a great job with those cupcakes they're adorable X).

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