Thursday, August 2, 2012

V and Co: making cute shrinky dinks

didn't mean to let so much time go by
well the last couple of weeks have gone in a flash. and honestly, if i can be so bold...i've enjoyed being lazy laid back this summer.  gosh i'm going to miss it. but the kids are anticipating school and...okay only 50% of my kids are super excited to go to school, and the other 50% wish that school was optional.
but whatever we're enjoying the last little bit of summer and when we get to first day of school there will be tears and they will be by me and that is enough to make all the kids want to get on that bus. :)
last week we had a couple of times that we couldn't go to the pool. i know shocking, but by the end of the summer they do get a little tired of going to the pool every single day and we also had a sick kid. we stayed at home, so to keep myself sane, and the kids entertained we bought some shrinky dink making material.
and can i just say that shrinky dinks are just as fun if not funner as an adult than they were as kids? they really are.
so much fun.
i think it ended up being more about me having fun than them. even when the kids were all done, and i was like "lets make this!" and "wouldn't this be cute!!!!" and "lets make it smaller and see how little it turns out!!!"

my kids were like "okay mom. put down the pencil and walk away from the shrinky dink."
we started off first by making our own drawings and the boys walked away with some really fun storm trooper helmets the oldest one drew for them...and then katie brought out a book and asked "can we do hello kitty?!" 

so we started to flip through the pages...

edited: for all of you asking:
i found my shrinky dink paper at Michael's (of course)
but here's the amazon link to the exact stuff i used:
Shrinky Dinks Shrinkable Plastic 

and of course there's a whole selection of pre drawn shrinky dinks as well.
so katie picked out some that she wanted to make herself and then i picked out some i wanted to make for myself for her. and then we went to town.
i thought this little croc was such a cutie.
on the package it says you can use color pencils, markers, and crayons, or pens. i tried markers...they kind of smear after they cook, so maybe if you use markers make sure you let them air dry for a little bit.
same thing with the crayons. they seem to stay a little melted for a while.
so i would say the colored pencils are you best bet.
but hey if you like smeary need to wait shrinky dinks...who am i to tell you what's best. :P

see how cute my croc is? i know right?! anyways katie did pretty sweet on her cake as well. 
she had me trace the cake and then she colored in the cake.

then i cut them all out. 
we made corn and hello kitties and grasshoppers, and puppies, and penguins, and stormtroopers, and we made a lot of stuff.
any ways it was fun.

and now i have a ton of little shrinky dinks all strewn about my house.
but the memories are there. and i think we may have started something fun...only this time i'm the mom. :)
shrinky dinks rule.


trish said...

Oh how cute! I love shrinky dinks. :0) I bought hello kitty bandaids (for me) the other day. :0)
I posted a picture of some fabric because I dont have a clue what it is and hoping someone will. I believe I may have purchased it from you a long time ago. If you get a free minute will you pop over for a quick peek?
Love ya. Trish
Ps. I found a great website that has been answering all my questions plus some. :0)

Theresa said...

I miss shrinky dinks and have found myself trying to explain what they are to my 7 and 8 year old.

Where did you find the kit to make these?

Ellyn said...

ok I hate to feed your little shrinky dink obsession, but check out the pins I make whenever I give away a pincushion... I'm a shrinky dink freak as well. Maybe we should start a club?

Mary said...

I love Shrinky kids did them and I'm planning for my school students to do some too...we put pertinent facts on a sheet, decorate and it may help them remember...that's the idea.

Unknown said...

We love shrinky dinks here too! My two younger kids played with them for hours, then stored them in an old daily pill container. :)

bdaiss said...

I am also a shrinky dink addict. Unfortunately my kids are still a bit too young (5 & 2) to use them for an excuse to just play. Have you seen the shrinky dink rings though? Those are SO at the top of my pinterest to-do list!
(I think you could totally adapt that crocodile into a ring!)

Kristin said...

Also a fan of shrinky dinks! My favorite way to shrink them is to use an embossing heat tool. (Haven't used it for its intended purpose for years.) It is oh so fast so you can make more in a short time! Just hold gently between some tweezers while blasting with the heat gun about 6 inches away, and voila. Instant gratification :)

Unknown said...

Wow! Too cute! I had never heard of shrinky dinks! They look like soooo much fun. Choosing which ones and colouring in and cutting out...ALL FUN! I may have to get my hands on some....

Little Purple Forest

Melanie said...

I love Shrinky DInks! I use them with my art students (3-5th graders) at school. If you use a hole punch and make a hole 2x bigger than the punch, after cooking them you can use them for keychains, earrings, necklaces, etc. The Art Club also made them into buttons and handed them out to teachers for Youth Art Month! Great gift ideas there, for cheap! Also, you can buy white, clear, and black (milky pens!) shrink paper at in packs of 50!

Mama Gone Green said...

we have been doing shrinky dinks this summer as well. Like a blast from the past! Love it!

Cherie said...

Is that by any chance the shrink plastic stuff you colour and oven bake? I think we may have it in the UK, but not entirely sure =D

Marci said...

well, now, i think i could do those.;D my girls would love that...and yours are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Shrinky Dinks are a favorite. When I was younger we used the lids from liver containers from the meat counter to make circular items.

Unknown said...

Love Shrinky Dinks! They are perfect as earrings, keychains and charms. I like the idea of adding a pin back to them too. You could pin them everywhere!!

I'm a big, big fan of cuteness. and Little is cute!


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