Tuesday, August 21, 2012

denyse schmidt for holy crap that's good percent off, photo bomb turkey, and a winner

 apparently i'm lacking of a good title.

first off, thanks for the love on the dress and the love of the cute dog. he's a keeper, and we did have a wonderfully productive monday, okay well, i had a good productive day, the dog is still bumming around.  he is kind of starting to follow me and tries to hang out with me so he is getting out of her room more. i guess baby steps!
second, look what i found!!!!!
YES! that would be denyse schmidt fabric. which is nice and all buuuuuuutttt....
when i went to my joanns store. which btw i kind of cried when i saw it for the first time when i moved here because it's sad looking compared to the ones i was used to going to in utah and apparently a lot of other people in the area thought it was kind of a sad place too, because the store is moving to a much larger location and becoming more like my utah joanns. which is exciting news all by itself but that's not what's giving me all the exclamation point writing! it's that i got all that lovely fabric (what was left on the bolt) for 75% off baby!!!!! yeah! (first off dont hate me because people around here dont buy up all the DS fabric the minute it gets here, and second off dont hate me because i got it for 75% off, oh okay go ahead and hate, if i was reading this and it didn't happen to me i'd be a little bugged too.)  they are so so pretty. and they make me happy.
what am i going to make with it? who cares! love it! going to cuddle it when i need a pick me up!

on top of the fabric and the linen, i also got a bunch of notions i needed. very exciting indeed. :)  better get over there before the big store opens up and everything goes back to full price. :)
i started to go through some of our vacation pictures. we went on vacation right before school started. i hope to post them tomorrow.
while going through all of them i noticed one of my turkey's had figured out photo bombing. half of them with my good camera have either a nostril a mouth, top of a head, and so forth from this one child.

thankfully he didn't realize i was also taking tons of pictures from my phone. so i got some good ones with that.

our kids keep getting older and with that they keep getting funner. and kind of funny. i really like that they have a sense of humor. maddening as it may be at times, they do keep us laughing. apparently our dysfunctions have some purpose. and thankfully for my good phone pictures this little monster kept me laughing and will live to see another family vacation...

okay now for a winner of the stop.go.sew.quilt. book.

Blogger Lisa Marie said...

The entrance to my sewing room needs a sign that says "Enter at your own risk". It's chaos in there but I don't want anyone to mess with it!
nice! yeah, i know the feeling! 
okay the winner's info has been sent to angela thank you all for playing! :)
ps i'm working on a new quilt. :D i'm super excited about it! cant wait to show you.


trish said...

That is awesome. Have fun playing with your new fabric. :0) You are a lucky girl.
My heart sunk when I saw little Katies dog laying on the floor. Poor guy. Looks like you may have a new shadow! :0) Either you or the cat. :0)
Your dress and sweater are too cute!!
Have a great week. Trish xo

Unknown said...

Living in Australia, I have never heard of Joanns Store....but I am very happy that you got such a great bargain! Haha! :)The fabric is gorgeous.



Unknown said...

Oh dear....I have just checked out the link to Joanns.....I am in love...thank you!



Kristy said...

I know how you feel. A Jo-Ann's near me was closing about the time DS 1st line with them came out. I picked up 3 bolts of fabric for a ridiculous cheap price and still have most of it in my stash.

Angela Yosten said...

Ah... I have one of those little photo bombers too and he is only 5 years old! Oh well. :) Good thing for DSLR cameras where I can take lots of pics at a time in hopes of getting at least one good one. :)

Garnet said...

What the what!!?? How was I NOT made aware of these close out prices? I suppose it's because that store has scared me for so long that I avoid it like nothing else. But 75% off? I think I need to go there. Today. Don't make me fight you for the rest of the good stuff :) ha ha. And then I will shout hooray and do a happy dance for what looks like a huge well lit non-stinky JoAnn's store in our future!!

Debbie said...

I really love the the one with the green and blue flowers...would make a cute purse...or some pillows!! Congrats on finding it so cheap =)

Kate Brown said...

There is nothing like a good sale at Joanns except when you also have a 50% off coupon that includes sale items ;) Good buy!

Darlington Delights said...

Lisa Marie...you are such a lucky duck!

Four dogs and one quilter said...

The Joann's near me is also moving into a bigger and better location. Will have to watch for a moving sale.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Yay you!!! Great fabric. What will that new quilt look like?

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