Tuesday, July 17, 2012

V and Co: how to: appliqué christmas apron

 it's sweltering hot out so lets talk about what else: christmas.
i'm sure you've heard of christmas in july. that's when most of the christmas fabric ships to stores, so of course that means it's time to get a cracking on christmas gifts! well that's if you are on top of it and are already planning your christmas for the year.

this apron is a super easy apron that would be a great teacher's, or neighbor's, or friends gift. whoever you decide is going to get the gift, will be loving the cuteness of this christmassy apron.

lets get started:

what you'll need for the apron and dots:
-one square of muslin fabric (or solid fabric) cut to 21" by 21"
-three different fabrics cut to 1/8 yard 
- a bell canning jar or anything will create a circle. (a cup would be a good idea as well)
-pellon 804 fusible light weight interfacing (it's dryer sheet weight) i found mine at hancocks, and i bought the bolt for this project you will only need like a yard of it. (if that)

for the tie:
-3/4 yard of fabric cut to three strips of 8" by WOF (width of fabric) 

first what you will do is trace your circle on the back side of each of the 1/8 yard of fabric, i made 6 of each fabric.
then you will place the interfacing on the right side of the fabric.
-sew on your drawn line.
-cut out leaving 1/8" around each of the circles you have sewn.

-pull out the interfacing so it's away from the fabric and make a small cut in the interfacing, so that you are able to pull the fabric inside out.
-push out gently all the edges.
-this is what your "dot" should look like.
-do this to all your dots.

-get your muslin fabric and fold down on three sides 1/4" and iron down. then fold over again, and iron down.
-top stitch around the three sides of your muslin.
-grab all the dots and place them on the apron, you can use my picture as a guide or you can do your own design for the dot placement.
-pin them in place.
-iron them down.
-once all the dots are ironed on, we are going to do a blind stitch around each of the dots. (this way it can be washed and the dots will stay on.
-to blind stitch come up from the wrong side of the apron and catch the edge of the dot, and then go back down into the apron fabric right next to where the needle and thread came out from when it caught the edge of the circle.
-move over about 1/4 -1/2" and repeat until you go around the full dot.
-repeat around each of the dots.

the tie:
-grab your three cut strips.
-sew them end to end to end so that you have a MEGA long strip of fabric.
remember we want it to go around our waists twice and have the bow end up in the front so we need it long!
-fold in half and make a crease with the iron.
-open it up and fold in one side towards the middle and iron down just like the picture above.
-do it again this time on the other side.

-okay now get the two short edges and fold a 1/4" edge, iron down.
-repeat, and iron.

-fold in half your tie and top stitch each of the two short ends. (don't top stitch the rest of it yet.)
-now we need to find the middle of the tie so grab the ends and fold in half length wise and where the middle lies place a pin.
-next i folded the apron in half and made a crease in the apron and placed my pin to line up with it.
-placing the raw edge of the apron inside the strip (that is folded in half) pin in place so it doesn't move.
-top stitch from one edge of the tie to the other side.
and you are done.
you have a very christmassy apron.

i want to thank fabric designer: kelle boyd of annkelle for letting me use her cute adorable christmas remix fabric. you can find these fabrics available now in quilt stores everywhere.
have a great day.
i think we're going to the pool.


Cherie said...

That is such a great looking apron. What a neat way to make the circles. =D

Kristy said...

Very fun! :)

Denise in PA said...

Adorable! And, your last post - hysterical (sorry, my kids are grown now, but I sure remember those days!)

mascanlon said...

So cute, and I can actually see myself making a few for my friends! If I use a decorative stitch around the dots I might be able to do them all in an afternoon! Thanks Vanessa.

elizabeth said...

This is adorable! i can't wait to attempt this! I am definitely not as on the ball as you though, and xmas stuff will probably begin in sept.

Thimbleanna said...

That apron is adorable, however, I must inform you, you're officially on probation. The C-word. I think we should have some rule. Daytime highs have to drop below 70 or something before you can say the C-word. Naughty, Naughty!!! ;-D

Crista said...

I love it! I think it would be cute to arrange the dots in the shape of a Christmas tree. Can't wait to make mine!
p.s. Is that your Target tape in the first picture? ;)

Curious Country Cook said...

I recently found your blog and I love DIY's so i've been going through your posts.
I nominated you on my blog for the Versatile Blogger award :) You can read about it on my blog if you so choose. http://curiouscountrycook.blogspot.com/2012/07/versatile-blog-award-cheesy-zucchini.html

Staci said...

I just found out that my SIL (Val Hasara) is in your ward! Small world. She was shocked that I knew about your blog! Love you both.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Now I just need some super cool fabric!

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