Wednesday, May 23, 2012

V and Co: new patterns spring 2012

 i am sooo excited to FINALLY show you my new patterns for my company and for my new fabric line.
this has been a lot of work (ahem hence the silence on the blog) but it is by all means very exciting and i hope you share the same excitement with me.
first we have:
bloom was created with a junior jelly roll just like the one i showed in this post where the ombre fabrics in my line were packaged all together in their own little entity. expect more ideas to come for these little ombre jelly rolls in the months to come.

the stats on bloom are:
finished 60" x 68"
1 Simply Color Ombre Junior Jelly Roll™
(21-2½" x WOF strips)(10800JRO)
Background & Border: 3½ yards (9900 200 Bella Solid)
Inner Border: 1/3 yard 10800-14)
Binding: 5/8 yard (10806-19)
Backing: 3½ yards
Pellon Wonder Fusible Web #807: 4 yards
comes in pdf, and paper 

next we have:

i absolutely love this pattern. and yes, that cat is our cat, and yes, she totally got in there without me meaning for her to place herself right smack in the middle of the picture. it turned out to be a perfect picture, but what you don't see is that the cat is staring at my daughter and the dog yelling/barking at her to move out of the picture. i was okay with it...but apparently the other two on the sideline didn't like that she got to be in the picture and they didnt. 

the stats on hopscotch are:
finished: 81" x 81"
Stars: 1 one Layer Cake™ (42-10" x 10")(10800LC)
Setting Squares: One Jelly Roll™ (40-2½" x WOF) (10800JR)
Background: 4½ yards (Bella Solid 9900 200)
Binding: ¾ yard (10806-18)
Backing: 4 yards
available in pdf and paper

and then we have my new bag pattern:
 the Chelsea Bag
i didnt' want to not have any new patterns without some kind of texture! soo check out this little lady.

we are venturing into new kinds of texture on this bag, my version of the honey comb placed on the large outside pocket.
it's been killing me to not be able to wear it so that it stayed looking it's best for market, but now that market is over...i'm going to sport her around everywhere, AND look for a linen looking version of her as well. (when i get a few minutes to myself...haha)

the stats on chelsea:
finished dimensions 19½" x 4" x 12½" 
Bag Outside: 5/8 yard (10806-15)
Bag Lining: 5/8 yard (10801-15)
Outside textured pocket: 11/8 yard (10801-25)
Fusible light weight lining 20” x 29”
Pellon 931TD (for Handles)
Pellon TP971F (for Bag inside lining)
2 Snaps
comes in pdf and paper 

i am so tired. :)
but in a good way.
i've been gone for a week.
i need to take care of things around here and enjoy my family and house for a few minutes. but then i will download my market pictures.
for now i'm going to take a breather.

and while i do please take a 40% off of all my patterns. at check out add the code: 40PDF for pdfs and 40PAPER for the paper patterns.
but act quick because it's ends in 24 hours.

 sale over thank you!!!!!!
;) we'll talk soon


bdaiss said...

Alright FINE. You have my intrigue piqued with bloom. I may have to break my applique embargo over that one. My daughter needs something fun for her room and that pattern is fantastic.

That bag? Un.Be.Live.Able. Gorgeous work! Can't wait to see the linen version!

Plus 40% off? Girl, you are spoiling us.

Unknown said...

Holy freakin' cow! That is crazy AMAZING news and gorgeous patterns/fabric. I can't wait to snatch up all of it!

So happy for you, awesome lady.

Tracey said...

Hey, I tried to use the discount code on the bag and it won't recognize the code. Please fix it so I can order the pdf pattern.

Gnomemade said...

Beautiful...both the patterns and the fabric! Thanks for sharing.

Heather D. said...

Beautiful new patterns!

Bronwen M said...

I would also love to order the pdf pattern of the bag but the discount code doesn't work. Please let us know when it does! Must.Have.That.Bag :)

Candice @ Made With Love said...

It was so nice to chat with you at Market. I just wanted to let you know that I'm so excited for you and all of your success! :)

Jessica said...

LOVE that Bloom!!

V and Co. said...

the bag issue has been fixed thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for the patterns but can not wait for your fabric line. I already requested an email notification from fat quarter shop when it becomes available.

Sam said...

Looove the new bag! I probably got stopped 15 times at Market asking what pattern my bag was (I had the mustard-y Abby bag). The new fabric is fab too - if only Moda would sell to manufacturers I would have bought a truckload! :)


Dairygal said...

Discount on patterns! Ahhh.. how is a budget savy gal supposed to resist??? BTW.. I made 3 Abby Bags this week for my 'girls' graduating...AMAZING pattern!! If I had a store I would sell them! LOVE the new patterns...Mary

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Maravilhosos seus trabalhos parabéns.Continuo de olho em seus tecidos.Beijo.

sonia said...

Oh wow! So beautiful new patterns. Love Bloom! Congrats on all your success and now rest and enjoy your family!

Rebecca said...

So about how advanced of a sewer do you have to be to make this darling bag? I have made other bags of yours but this one looks harder...

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Uh...super duper job on those projects. LOVE. LUH-UVE that bloom quilt. IF I did more quilting...okay I have only made one. I would totally get that pattern.

Still tempted.

Good job, friend.

Lisa E said...

Great new patterns. I'm simply drooling over your new fabric line. Can hardly wait to get my hands on it. Thanks for the discount on your patterns!

Marci said... it all talented lady!!

VickiT said...

Welcome back. Have you landed from your cloud yet? Get lots of rest and enjoy your family.

I will be ordering two patterns in the morning when I'm more awake. I LOVE the Bloom quilt and WOW! I had not seen the purse but absolutely LOVE IT!

Leigh Anne said...

Fantastic JOB! LOVE all of them. Those colors are sooo beautiful!

lindag1947 said...

Tried to order but did not take off 40 . Linda gerig

Amanda Jean said...

your patterns are gorgeous. the photos are fab. you have got it going on.

elizabeth said...

LOVE the new items!!! Your cat looks just like our cat--Tubbs :)I can't wait to purchase your fabric!!

elizabeth said...

I just ordered the pattern for the bag!! :) thanks for the discount!!

Mary said...

I love the texture of the bag. so cute to sew up and down..nice.

Kirsty said...


Sasha said...

I saw you gorgeous patterns in everyone's quilt market pictures!!!! I couldn't resist when I found your blog and you were having a sale!!! Happy Day! Thank you!!

Elsa said...

Love stars! Bloom and Hopscotch are great! Guess I've got 2 more quilts for my 'I've got to make this' list!

DarletteCraft said...

Vanessa i love your work you are amazing, I try to buy some patterns but paypal is not working right, i can use the discaunt code but when I pay it says they cant found the page. ? Have a good day

trish said...

Welcome Home! :o)
Your pictures are just gorgeous and the cat is way too cute!! :o) Your patterns are fabulous! :o) So glad you had a great time! :o)
hugs, Trish

Mindy said...

Can you just make all of these adorable things and send them to me so I don't have to sew? ;)

Rebeca said...

Gorgeous new patterns!!!!
Congratulationsss Vanessa.



Nancy said...

I ordered your New Book today, and I am so excited, I just received a confirm that it shipped!!

Huggs, Nancy

Blogless me said...

both quilts have such a clean, crisp quality to them - absolutely love them!

Unknown said...

I am interested in the bloom quilt but for a larger size bed. Does the pattern include scaling instructions?

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