Saturday, April 14, 2012

fat quartershop winner

girl noisemaker at older boy noisemaker's soccer practice
 winner of the fat quarter shop giveaway is:

Rachelle said... I'd love to see more fabrics with teal and charcoal on them.

thank you to all that entered and all your responses. yes, i read them. :)

 my sister in law was here this last week and it was a nice week to cook, talk, decorate, and travel a little with her. it's been years since we've done that. it was nice to catch up, and we sent her on her way today. it was so fun to have her here and we were sad to see her go but now i have to hit reality again...and i have to get my kids back on track and my sew on.
i'm going to market. 
eep. yes. i know i've gone a few times...but this time
 i'm showing "stuff" there. EEP!!
this will be my first time ever doing so and i'm a nervous wreck but it will be great. right?
well at least i can say that i did it. :)

so at this moment it feels nice to be sitting next to my husband, with tomorrow's laid back scheduled agenda of family meals and church, listening to the thunder and rain from inside my house.
i have just one more day till all hellen breaks lose and i have to clean, sew, and run like a mad woman for about a month. but i'm ready. :)
but tomorrow i rest and enjoy my family and nothing but them.
have a great rest of the weekend.
we'll talk soon. ;)


Lee said...

Enjoy your calm before the storm. Family time is always so special.

pinksuedeshoe said...

I can not WAIT to see pics of Market! Good luck with the sew like crazy/madwoman stuff. And enjoy tomorrow :)

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Família é tudo de BÓTIMO (Bom+ótimo).Boa sorte e bom final de semana.

Rachelle said...

Glad you had good family time. Had a good weekend here too (it's school holidays here) and the wee email saying I'd won your giveaway really completed the weekend in a lovely way; thank-you. Best of luck with market.

Cherie said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing time! Well before things get crazy! Good luck with he market! =D

trish said...

You will do a super job Vanessa!! Just have a lot of fun and make memories! :o)
Today was one of the very best Sunday's we have had in a long time. Soo good having Woody home with us. :o)
Congrats to the winner! :o)
Have a wonderful week ahead!!
love, Trish

Julie said...

Oh my goodness Katie looks so much older! Oh I miss that beautiful girl!

Faith Jones said...

Good luck getting your "stuff" ready for market!! I'm busy/stressed getting OTHER people's stuff ready. LOL Probably a bit more fun when it's your own stuff. :)

Sarah said...

I just saw your new line of fabrics over on Canoe ridge creations. Obviously I haven't checked your blog lately. How awesome to get to design your own fabric line. Congratulations! I love the colors. Can't wait to see your ombre projects. Good luck keeping up with your month of craziness.

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