Tuesday, March 27, 2012

V and Co: argyle quilt and some friends

hello friends.
how the heck are you?
how am i?
short answer: "GOOD!" thanks for asking.
longer answer: "well, i had to ask someone what day it was the other day. and i've not blogged in...i don't know how many days because remember i just asked someone what day it was. duh. and my laundry has taken on a mind of its own. BUT the kids have had fun climbing "mount clean but wrinkled laundry" just to make it dirty again with their grubby little hands and feet. you know. a life of a mom." :P
i have been working on my next set of written paper patterns. the argyle quilt is one of them. :) yay! just waiting for it to come back from the printers, as well as two more. watch for those later on this week. i'll post them and give a discount code for them! :) happy day.
faith's blocks
 this last weekend we had some visitors over in our neck of the woods.
and in preparation i bought more chocolate and candy in one weekend than i have in like years. see, i don't buy candy just to have candy. (no i buy chocolate chips and pretend they are just for cooking instead) so my children...aka noisemakers 1,2,3, and 4 are not used to having a ton of free range candy and when they saw the candy, i kid you not, (okay maybe i kid a little but it wasn't far from) they became candy crack addicts and were doing as close to candy cocaine lines as they could.
they had chocolate smeared over the faces, and were shaking/ in a sugar coma by the end of it.
we definitely will not have that much candy in our house ever again. they cant handle it.
and no dear healthy family of mine that is reading this, they were not in fact shaking. but they did have glassy eyes and were moving really REALLY fast and talking a mile a minute and were super annoying. personally i would of taken the shaking. yes, im kidding.

so we had:
 megan, jeni (aka bunny jeni) deedee, faith, and anna.
im just grateful i got this picture of all of them as the one i asked someone else to take:
 turned out like this. oh well. sorry ladies, if you squint you can see it really is us. :)
i'm grateful for the fact that i didn't have to plan a thing, and really this little get together just fell into place nonchalantly and kind of really unplanned. i just provided the house...with kids. im sure they went home SUPER rested.
pretty sure the highlight of the time (beside sewing for a minute inbetween salty and sweet snacks) was this yummy rabbit cake deedee made for jeni for her birthday.
we all ate the rabbit and swore never to speak of it to george.
it kind of felt all wrong yet so yummy at the same time...
we'll talk soon.
i'll be over here trying to climb out of this pile i've created. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

V and Co: a few things that make today cool

just popping in to say:
first off my bloggers fat quarter choice is up for sale baby! check it here.
second, you can win one of my fat quarter bundles by guessing a few things about me here.

you guys are awesome and signing up for my class! whoot!!!

want a chance to win my book again? here's one more chance. well not yet. tomorrow (thursday) check out this blog for a chance. :) 

and last but not least:

 14 years ago today I got married to a pretty cute boy. Today I celebrate 14 years of laughs, trials, and happiness with an awesome best friend that I'm feeling super lucky to spend the rest of forever with. what a freaking blessing. :)

dude, two days in a row of blogging. i'm like a blogging of information fool! there's a project coming your way too, and i have some fun company later this week.  so i should be blogging a little more than just a post here and a post there. :)
we'll talk soon!
thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

V and Co: Teaching Sewing Texture With Craftsy

 so a few weeks ago i told you i was going here. well that "here" was Denver Colorado. kudos for some of you that guessed right!
and then i posted this picture.
some of you emailed me and said  "I KNOW!!!!" and you were right. :)
some of you still had no clue till maybe now? some of you still dont know? okay so lets talk about what the heck i did a few weeks ago. a few weeks ago i got on a plane left my family for a few days, they practically kicked me out and said "you need to do this, you CAN do this." i told them they were wrong. and then i got there:
and i met all the behind the scene people at craftsy.com and i instantly felt like i was family. it was a wonderful experience. and while the work up to it was stressful for me, the wonderful people that bring you craftsy are amazing people and they even kept laughing at my stupid jokes most of the time. three days of filming...
three days of working with amazing craftsy people and i even got to say "hey" to (and take a picture with) the bernina people cause check it...i got to sew with this:
 A-Freaking-wait for it-
MAZING machine. 
yup, i love it, and if i didn't have any morals i would have taken it... and if anyone would've tried to stop me i would swung it and hit them with it and keep running.
 but i didn't because i have stupid morals that don't let me do that kind of crap.
so bernina thank you so much for letting me work with your machine for three days. it was wonderful. and my husband hates you for making me want my SECOND bernina machine.
true story.
 okay so yeah thats me with a behind the scenes picture...but lets focus on that kind of gorgeous textured piece of fabric. in my class: sewing texture, i teach you how to create texture and then we use it in a featured project. yeah, you learn how to do it (we will talk about ruffles, gathers, twisting, and pleating and we'll also touch as a bonus: shirring) , then we apply it to a project attached to each technique, BUT the goal is to see what else you can create with the techniques i teach you. it's quite fun. really. since doing the class i've thought of a few more projects for the techniques we go over in the class. yup...you may even see them in future patterns and tutes. :)

the real question is.
what say you, you wanna join me?
class enrolment starts tonight. :)

and if you want a special incentive: use this link for 50% off the class
oooooh yeeeeeah baaaabeeeee.

you know you wanna right?
i hope to see you there.

Monday, March 19, 2012

V and Co: winners

from my iphone archives

first and foremost: winners:
winner of book and magazine:
heather D who said:
I've finished a number of medium sized projects in the last few weeks and things are pretty quiet right now for me! I'm working on small baby quilts for our local hospital foundation, and not much else at the moment.

Thanks for the giveaway.

winner of magazine:
ginny jenny who said:
My hubby and I have been LOVING this wonderful weather! Our way to celebrate is to go hiking during the weekends. And it's inspiring us to keep the house nice and tidy and clean.

I think my next project I'm planning on doing is sewing some curtains for the front room. It'll make the room feel a lot more completed and less empty. I'm excited!

winner of magazine:
ELNM  who said... I've actually been sewing some quilt blocks - I'm new to quilting so this is exciting. Got my space organized so it's easier to work. Thanks for the chance to win.

thanks for all who entered, i've got some more books to giveaway (some not mine!) so watch as the month progresses for that!
 our spring break took a little sour note at the end there, right after i wrote how awesome our spring break was going, our oldest son, was admitted to the hospital.
 literally i wrote the post and that son started throwing up and the pain in his stomach was a little too much to bear. so we took him in and sure enough the kiddo had a kidney infection. yikes. he didn't complain about anything the day prior, and as a matter of fact he was playing and goofing around running with some boys at the park.
but when i took him to the doctor and they ran some tests, we didn't even get to come home, we went straight to the hospital, and stayed there for two days and a night.
come to find out he has a duplicated collecting system in his left kidney, which makes it easier to have kidney infections. we were able to leave the hospital and go home once his fever got down to a normal range for at least 12 hours.
i have some great neighbors and friends that made it that i could stay with the kiddo. and i got to use my bus load of chocolate chips to make a few dozen cookies as thank yous. we took them around last night.

and well even though he's doing so much better today, and went to school, we still have doctor appointments, and decisions to make on what to do. i'm just grateful of how awesome the doctors were and that we went in when we did.

so for now we rest.
 it sure makes you grateful for those very uneventful days where the complaining your kids do is just about folding laundry, and how bored they are. sometimes we take those days for granted, and it takes a pretty sick little boy to make you realize just how blessed you are with all the non complaining of scary things on a daily basis you don't have to deal with.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

V and Co: operation springbreak n'a giveaway

 so operation spring break is in full swing over here. i have forgotten how much i love a scheduled break. the kids and i have been cleaning and organzing in the mornings, run errands in the mid morning then...we go and play. and with this weeks crazy awesome weather, we've been outside everyday...all day it seems with a few indoor activities thrown in there.
it makes for not getting any actual sewing work done, but sometimes thats okay and we've enjoyed indoor pools, and parks, friends, and even... gasp... a germ infested chuck e cheese. thank you hand sanitizer.
i do all of this in the name of "operation no video games or tv till 5 pm" it's hard to do when that is a reward during the school year for homework completion and good grades...but if i keep them busy and outside, (thank you weather!) they tend to let the hours go by with out a "how much more time till we get to play games?" and surprise surprise, sometimes...5pm passes by and kids have been known to not play or watch tv for a whole day. only happened two times this break, but still we're doing pretty good.

most summers run like that for us.
 last summer not so much with 3 moves between the june 1-july 29... we watched a lot of netflix and played games in between moves and swimming. but i wanted to see if i still had it in me. you know that whole schedule thing while they aren't in school bit. and it seems to of been a smooth transition back.

 it makes me happy. :D
it's been a long time since we've had a really good schedule.
i'm so ready for it and i hope to implement it again during our summer months.

so to  keep with the happy mood and spring love, lets have a happy little giveaway. nothing huge. just a little bit of happiness to make your day a little brighter as mine have been.
 this magazine (along with three more) came in the mail for me. its called all small and it's a special publication of wall hangings, table runners and baby quilts of some of the favorite projects from the editors of american patchwork and quilting
whoot i  have a a project in this magazine. :)
i'm giving away three of these magazines.
and i'm throwing in one of my books into the mix.
so three winners will recieve a magazine and one of the winners will ALSO win a signed copy of my book with the magazine.

all you have to do is:

tell me what you've been up to. any special projects or plans?

you know i've been enjoying the sun and dreaming of sewing...have you been sewing and dreaming of sun? or have you been doing both?!
only one entry please but please include your email address at the bottom of the comment.
i'll pick a winner later on this week.
:) happy spring!

Friday, March 9, 2012

V and Co: easter egg craft

so this last week in-between climbing mount laundry and wading through the sludge of things not done ie scheduling doc appointments and car appointments, grocery shopping and all that other normal every day stuff that seemed to pile up just a little bit larger than usual because i was gone for a week (and had 3 prior weeks of chaotic-ness)... katie ended up having a pretty bad reaction to the routine vaccinations where her legs got super swollen and super sore. so sore that she, as the day progressed, became less willing to walk anywhere, and to where she basically just stayed put and didn't move till someone could pick her up and take her where she needed to go. (read between lines, she didn't ask to be moved till she absolutely had to go to the bathroom).
well, the next day one leg had gone down to normal size and didn't hurt as much, but the other still super sore and swollen. she wouldn't walk on her own...and well we basically stayed put, her and i. and while she drew pictures on my bed i brought in something i could do next to her. we just hung out most of the day on my bed.
i didn't get too much done...but i did get a few of these little eggs done so we could start decorating our home a little for the upcoming season.
i still have a few more to make. i think in twine...
katie is feeling better  both legs down to normal and just normal soreness. :D
 i have a few things i need to take care of and today is going to be spent cleaning and having all the kiddos clean out closets and under beds. oh i know it's friday, but we're on spring break. which should be AWESOME next week because we have a couple of days in the forecast that say 70 degrees! i am soooooo ready to have time outside bike riding and going on the trails again. can.not.wait. my kids are already chomping at the bit to play outside games with friends. sigh. yes our first winter in the midwest and we hardly felt it. well i know the weather's been weird and i've had my few run  ins with the snow...but all in all nice introduction to the midwest winter weather. thank you! :)

the twine egg was made just like i made my potterybarn inspired decor balls
just different twine, and no spray paint...oooh maybe i'll do a couple with spray paint too. hmmm (mental note go buy pastel looking spray paint)

the fabric eggs were created just like i made these balls.
the eggs were found at micheals and were a little (in my eyes) pricey. they were $2.42 for 6 or wait were they $4.24? sheesh...don't know. BUT you could do the twine and fabric thing we did here with those plastic eggs i used in that fabric covered egg how to. those are super cheap and you can get them just about anywhere. for way cheaper. :) just make sure you put your hot glue gun to lower temp if you have the option...as the eggs (either one the Styrofoam and the plastic one) can melt if the glue is too hot.
so whether you place it tall grass.

or do the classy pottery barn look...

or heck throw caution into the wind (walk a little on the wild side if you will) and throw them together. i know.
oooh you notice my newest "find"?
well it's not new NEW. i mean i found it in december...well no it was more like i saw it in september.
yes, a story in order.

i'm talking about that mirror you sort of see in that last picture.
here's a better picture:
yup, that mirror is huge. and it was perfect for my GINORMOUS wall, or so i've been known to call this wall.
and well said mirror was first seen and coveted last september, at hobby lobby. and the price tag was ridiculous to my pocket...for a mirror. it was $289.99 (which i know is still considered a good price in some circles but not in my own little personal circle).
well, i stared and stared at it, i may have even petted it. and it was put aside in my brain of things to buy when i see a 50% off coupon for hobby lobby. and well that day came people. 3 months and i don't know how many people i annoyed talking about it to later....the coupon came. and i was ready.
got my friend with a gps so i wouldn't get lost again...and we headed on down there with her big huge suv that is worthy of carrying said huge mirror. and when i got there. there she was in all her glory.

when i got up and close to it i saw a chip on the side of the mirror on the frame. crap. well maybe they will have another one.
so the manager of the store came with me and we looked at the mirror.
i said "i want to use my 50% off coupon for this mirror but can you get me one without a chip?"
she looked at me and said "what if i give you 60% off on it?"
i sat and stared at her then i stared at the mirror. then i stared at her...then at the mirror.
in my head all i could think was "dang it i don't want to look like a total moron, because i can't figure out how much off that would be just off the top of my head and if that is even worth it..."

she took my silence as trying to drive a hard bargain because she then said:
"okay i can only go up to 80% off i can't do any better for you."
that's when i stared at her and i didn't care if i looked like an idiot and said "so like how much would that come out to be?"
she took out her calculator and said "around $60 with tax."
i calmly looked at her and said "okay i'll take it. but can i lick it to make sure no one else takes it?"
she didn't like my humor.

so my super great deal of a mirror is sitting in the same room as my super great deal of a hexagon table i got for $3 dollars at a garage sale. both won by my internal conversation while others thought i was steping up the game and trying to drive a hard bargain. booooyaaaaa for talking and having an argument with yourself in your head or do some call that having voices in your head?
till we talk again.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

V and Co: sneak peek into my week.

hi guys just a quick note to say hey and i did it. it went well and i only had a few here and theres that could have gone a little smoother but for the most part. I FREAKING DID IT. thank you for your vote of confidence. i'm starting to get a little better at it. :) pretty sure the lead ups to things are still going to be nerve wracking for me, but i think i'm starting to get the hang of this sewing somewhere other than my kitchen table. ;) so here is a sneak peek. more info on it later, but just wanted to say it went great and i did it and now i'm on my way home back to mi familia. who i am missing dearly, and i just got a text from the husband saying that our daughter just sassed back dora and told her "no YOU say it DORA." nice. can't wait to see how the house is holding up. :) looks like its doing just fine. ;)
we'll talk soon.
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