Tuesday, February 21, 2012

V and Co: how to: make a leather cuff from a belt

so about 2 and half years ago, i bought a leather cuff. i LOVE it. and i wear it to dress up with my jeans, or (when spring and summer rolls around) shorts.
not frilly like most bracelets, wearing these cuffs will make you feel like a rock star.
and you'll be recycling any old leather belts you can get your hands on!

what you'll need:
-some recycled worn belts. i went through my closet, asked my neighbors to go through their closets and then i went to goodwill.
all in all there are some pretty cool belts out there that can potentially become cool cuffs.
look for cool designs or painted belts
-leather snaps brass plates
-maxi punch set
 (these are the ones i used, and they seem to be priced the best. i physically bought my snaps at micheals, and my maxi punch set at hobby lobby. but these from amazon are the same that i got at the stores.)
-piece of wood big enough to protect your surface from any damage (mine is an old piece of scrap wood)
-leather scissors
(i didn't use them, i just used an older pair of scissors i didn't mind dulling with the use of cutting through leather)
 lets get started:
-measure around your wrist with a belt while paying attention to the design of what will show on top of your cuff.
-cut your belt making sure there is some overlap (at least 11/2") in the back of your cuff.
-mark with a pen or just eyeball where you want the outer snap to be placed. i placed mine 1/2" from the outer edge and in the middle of my cuff.
- separate your 4 pieces of the snaps. there are two for the outer snap and two pieces for the inside snap. look at the diagram that comes with your snaps if you get confused.
-next i chose the smallest hole punch for this project. punch a hole using a hammer while your belt is on the piece of scrap wood.

-if you need to re measure where to place the inside snap, re-measure it by placing it around your wrist one more time and place a marking as to where to create the second hole.

-now that both holes have been made, grab your snaps and place the outer snap facing out. and place the second part of the snap on the inside.
-using a hammer and the little tool that comes with the snaps, hammer your snap in place.

-next to do your inside snap, place the flat side on the wrong side of your cuff (the inside of your cuff)
-and the snap part will be facing up towards you on the outer part of the cuff like the picture above.
-using the tool included with your snaps, hammer your snap into place.
you are done.

repeat on as many belts you can get your hands on.
oh and ahem...notice the new jeans?
yeah they make me feel like a million bucks. cost me a pretty penny, but when they make your butt look like it can bounce a quarter off of it (when in reality it SO wouldn't) i'm willing to pay the almost $90 on sale for them.
i found them at buckle. and yes i felt old walking in there but who cares.

now go hogwild and get as many belts you can. there are some really cool ones out there. you just have to find them. ;)
we'll talk soon.


Nana said...

Looks hot!!!!


Kim said...

Really neat idea, and you wear them (and your jeans) well! I have a couple Goodwill stores close by that I can visit. One of them being close to Michael's. That must mean I have to do this.

Whitney said...

I totally noticed the jeans! Love them!

Jenn said...

Haha! I have to laugh about the Buckle comment. I walked in there a few weeks to try on jeans; I felt old too. I didn't walk out of there with a pair because I wasn't going to pay the money for them, and then my husband got me a gift card for Valentine's day because he said I looked hot in them.

Rindi said...

Great, now I have Nickleback's Rockstar stuck in my head - but I love those! There is a local designer who I see at art festivals all the time and I love her leather cuffs, but the price is way out of my budget, never thought how simple and cheaply I could make my own! Thanks for the inspiration!

Colette said...

This rocks! I have been wanting one of these for the longest time!

Sarah said...

i'm gonna guess those are miss me jeans?? Absolutely worth the money!

mascanlon said...

Very cute Vanessa ! And easy to do wonder if I could be the Nana with the mostest and do these for my teenage Granddaughters Easter basket....in truth they'd love the jeans too!

Lindsey said...

Love this, now to find some great leather belts...

RobynT said...

These are awesome! I can't wait to try this tutorial! You are pretty darn clever!

able mabel said...

Very cool!

Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

Darling! and your new header is too!

Eric and Carrie said...

I bought some jeans at the Buckle recently. Hadn't been in there for YEARS. I told the sweet little girl, bring me every pair of jeans you have that don't have studs or jewels on them. She could only find 4 pairs that met my criteria. Ha! But I did find a pair that I love a lot, even though they've got more holes than I'm comfortable with.

I'm always looking for something to dress up my jeans and t-shirt combo. Thanks for the tute!

begoodbabe said...

You are Brilliant! My 3 daughters (20, 18 & 17) are going to think that I am brilliant too when I make these cuffs for them! Thanks for the very clear and inspiring tutorial; I am really excited to try this!
begoodbabe, Edmonton, AB

Christine said...

OH what a great idea!! Can't WAIT to get started and refashion some of those old belts. :) THANKS!

Very Shannon said...


Anonymous said...

Funny, I bought a pair of jeans there too and your right!

Lisa said...

These look awesome! Great idea to recycle old belts

Lindsay said...

Thank you so much for sharing this I have wated to get on of these forever and now i can make my own. Thanks they look awesome!

Amy said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I never would have thought of that.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Sue said...

I see that you used the line 20 snaps. What is the difference in line 20 and line 24 - do you know? Thanks!

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