Friday, February 3, 2012


edited: i started this post yesterday...but life got over scheduled. sooo we'll just continue it today
-i wore my scarf from my book and i loved it as much today as i did when i was making it and put it on for the first time.
-i got a *little* (ha! more like a lot) overwhelmed with some of my decisions, took a breather, then got newly excited with all my new future projects.
***** this is to where i i'll continue from here*****
-i went to bed at a reasonable hour last night
-realized i never did a birthday post for my now 12 year old. :(
-love that its raining and friday.
-didn't sew one stitch today, but got a lot of other things done.
-forgot to eat lunch
-realized i ate a whole bag of chocolate chips because i didn't make any cookies this week yet the bag is empty.
-need to go grocery shopping for chocolate chips groceries
-need to call my mom.
-keep trying to come up with good selling points for the husband on why i need this coat, too bad it wont make the price go down
- im listening to katie laugh hysterically because of something her dog and her are doing. (she needs more people friends i think)
-i'm getting ready to welcome home the husband and just got word he doesn't have to work at all this weekend.
-just got ridiculously happy about that last statement
-am going to get off the computer, grab my camera, and take the last few pictures of the couple how to's i can't wait to show you next week.
happy weekend friends. :)
we'll talk soon.
ps happy super bowl too. i'm not into it this year but i'm sure a lot of you are!


Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

I want a body that looks as good as yours after four kids! YOU ROCK!! :)

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Hahaha...I do the same thing with chocolate chips. :)

Dollwood Farms said...

I agree with Natalie! :) You do rock! I can't wait to see what you have coming up. Thanks for sharing your world!

MegJill said...

Our chocolate chips are always missing too, and no one else eats them. :/
By the way, I just saw the twin to that coat at Penney's the other day. Just looked it up. It is a St. John's Bay trench. $40, but $30 right now. I'd swear it is the same coat.

Here's the link! (Sorry, if there is a way to make the link smaller, I don't know how!)

MegJill said...

They also have a Liz Clairborne one for $60. It kinda looks a little nicer. :)

Annalia said...

Happy Friday to ya!

We got about a million chocolate and mint chips from the Target clearance. Highly recommend. :)

trish said...

real life.
whataya do huh?!


have a great weekend.
hugs, trish

ps. cute scarf!

Chloe O'Neill said...

That is a great coat and a Wonderful scarf!

Forgetful Mom said...

Love the scarf and agree with the previous comments, you look amazzzing after having 4 babies.
Can't wait to see what you having coming in the next week.

Brooke said...

You rocked the scarf. :-) Super cute.

mascanlon said...

Came across a recipe today for a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough dip Graham crackers or fruit or plain wafers...see you don't have to bake or heat up the oven for a chip fix!

Tyia, with roots and wings said...

hmmm....I think it sounds like you earned the coat just by looking that good after 4 kids!....try that one on the hubby hehehe

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

nah! Not into sports. But I have to go sit at the party and not eat any of the food because i am on the big diet and i cheated know how that goes....

glen: maybe I'll sew instead

Tiphaine said...

have a lovely week end too !!!

Catherine said...

How is it possible that you look so good and yet you eat chocolate chips by the bag? That just doesn't seem fair! :)

able mabel said...

I was cleaning out my craft room the other day and came across some ruffle fabric. I still NEED to try your ruffle scarf pattern!

Wes and Dani said...

For the record...the price went down on that coat. :)

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