Sunday, February 26, 2012


this little noisemaker turned 8 today.
heres a few things about you right now:
-you may be small, but you still hold the trophy for the LOUDEST of our noisemakers.
-it still holds true that cereal is still your favorite thing to eat.
-when you are not eating cereal you want to eat burritos or quesadillas.
-you are pretty smart when it comes to math.
-green is your favorite color.
-you want to be just like your older brothers.
-you play with your sister even if she annoys you. :)
-you love to cuddle and will "burrow" into our arms and laps whenever you can.
-you are awesome at doing flips on the trampoline...and sometimes even off the trampoline.
-you have made a couple of great new friends since we moved to iowa.
-you love to be constantly moving: biking, running, jumping, whatever it is you will be doing it unless you are sleeping. or playing Little Big Planet
-you are a super loving kid.
-you can't deliver a "knock knock" joke to save your life. but we love you for trying anyways.
-you live in your own creative little world inside your head most of the time, sometimes you come back to the real world. you have a lot of ideas.
-when asked what do you want to be when you grow up you first answer is  " have fun." your other answer is "be a teacher."
- generally you are pretty happy. well except for when you are about to get the flu. then you are not. :)

we love you and are so proud to be your parents. you are a great kid. happy birthday little dude.


Jake (aka Dad) said...

Happy b-day kiddo!

trish said...

Happy Birthday! What a special time in this little guys life! :o) What a sweet young man he is. :o)

Michelle B. said...

Happy Birthday!! He has the sweetest little smile!!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Kyle! Hope it was a great day! Sully saw his picture and said "Awww I miss Kyle!"

cakegirl said...

What a cutie!

Michele said...

Happy birthday! Continue your fun and pass it on!

Chris said...

Happy Birthday! Eight is Great!

mascanlon said...

Happy eight! What a super smile!

patsy said...

what a handsome kid!


tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Feliz ANIVERSÁRIO!!!Aproveite bem essa idade,estude bastante e continue sendo esse rapaz esperto que sua mãe descreve tão bem.DEUS TE ABENÇOE.

sonia said...

Happy birthday! and please, encourage him: we, teachers do have fun and we are happy, happy people!
He sounds awesome! said...

And your mother is so proud, and your mother loves you more than you can imagine!

able mabel said...

happy birthday to a darling boy!

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