Thursday, November 17, 2011

V and Co: how to: sewing with ruffle fabric: make a scarf

 hey guys!
today we're sewing with ruffle fabric again.
see my past projects:
ruffle skirt &
ruffle tote

but today we're sewing:

super duper fast/easy holy crap it's too cute to be this easy scarf. or the shorter name version: a ruffle scarf.
i love scarfs. it's like an accessory that makes you look just that much more put together. try it. any simple outfit, add a scarf and *POOF* you are three steps up on the stylish chart. true story.

okay now i will tell you what i did to make this scarf and then i will tell you what you should do instead. basically i could of made it waaaaaay faster (and a little bit more flowy-er) so pay attention:

what you'll need:
1 yard  2" ruffle fabric 
what i did but you shouldn't do: i cut 4 pieces of 7" each of the fabric with the ruffles laying horizontal.
WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: cut 2 pieces at 14" each with the ruffles laying horizontal
okay so pretend that this is cut to 14" and from here on out. just disregard the width but the instructions are the same. i know lame-o but i'm trying to make it better for you.
so are we all on the same page?
-cut two strips of your ruffle fabric at 14" x 36" (because you have a yard that will be the length, if you want it longer you will need to add more yardage, it's just the way that ruffles are on the bolt)
now you are going to take your two strips of 14" x 36" and place them right sides together.
sew the short ends together on one side (the 14" side)

when you turn it around this is that your seam will look like

*note the picture has the wrong width
-now you will have one long strip
okay so here's where you have to pay attention to the ruffles and how they lay down.
-with your seam in your hand let the ruffles cascade down on either side.
-fold over in half (the width of scarf) making sure the seams match and your ruffles are laying down the same way as the fabric laying on your hand. (picture 2)
-picture 3 shows the scarf folded in half with seams meeting up
-lay down carefully on your sewing machine so the ruffles dont get messed up, and place the needle at the seam of your scarf (the one featured in the pictures above) this will be your starting point for the ruffles facing towards you.
-make sure that the raw edge of the ruffle gets sewn into the seam.
-sew using a 1/4" seam allowance down one side of your scarf (with the ruffles laying down towards you).
-turn your scarf around (check that the ruffles fall towards you and aren't messed up) and from the middle seam again sew the edge down with the ruffle laying down towards you.

- turn inside out.

**place seam (the one along the long side of your scarf) at the back of the scarf where you wont see it, so it lays towards you when you wear it.

*now what i did for the scarf featured was tuck in the ends and hand stitch it, but i don't love the bulk. i mean it works but i don't LOVE it.
-so i suggest you just sew a top stitch (under the bottom ruffle). the edges will be raw, but as we have already seen in past projects there isn't any fraying that happens so your raw edge wont matter one bit.

i learned a lot on this scarf. and the second one turned out better than the one featured here.
this one doesn't look i think the instructions i gave you will make it turn out even better . 
-let me know how you like it better than the one featured.
now go and be awesome in your scarf.
we'll talk soon


homemade by jill said...

That is lovely! I think need one (desperately).

Just a tip, if you have a serger ...whenever I sew with ruffle fabric, I serge around all the edges first. It keeps the ruffles laying in the proper direction, and you don't have to pin much.

Melissa Corry said...

So beautiful!! I am loving this ruffle fabric, I think I am going to have to pop on out and get some :) Thanks for the great tutorial!!

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Awesome V! Where did you get your fabric? Jenn

Marci said...

adorable...think i might make one of those for mady for christmas.:D

Aida said...

Love it!!!!!

Lindsay said...

That is one CUTE scarf I too LOVE scarfs I wear one just about everyday. Yours is so darling I checked out your ruffle skirt too i would love one in black and cream and oh the list goes on and on. You got made skills. Thanks for sharing.
Lindsay @ country girl home

Tas said...

I have some of this fabric waiting for just the right project to come along. This looks perfect!

Nancy said...

I just Love this Scarf!! The ruffles drape so nicely, where did you find the Fabric?

Thanks, Nancy

Shanon said...

I am officially unsubscribing to your blog. Just when I promised my husband I was done buying fabric you come out with this tutorial and I just saw ruffles in fuchsia at hobby lobby. I love a loud scarf makes my black wool coat less blah!

Okay kidding about the unsubscribing part. Love the scarf and I will make one mine, very soon. I am totally blaming you though!

Karen said...

This is super cool, but a little hard to follow. Would you be willing to do a youtube demo??

Tatkis said...

Beautiful ruffle scarf! Thank you very much for the tutorial!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tutorial, the scarf looks lovely, now I'm going ruffle fabric hunting! :)

Erika said...

very beautiful.

Laree said...

I'm not a huge ruffle person. But this scarf is singing my name!

bethanndodd said...

This is one RoCkiN scarf! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us! Smiles~Beth

Nike@ChooseToThrive said...

This is why I love your site Vanessa. LOVE!

Anonymous said...

very pretty! random- but what kind of jeans are you wearing? super cute!

Laurel said...

Love it, I've been looking for something to sew for my sisters for christmas and this is it.

Crystal said...

This is wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!

Leslie said...

Love these - making them for Christmas gifts!

V and Co. said...

jill would love to use my serger but it scares the pants off me. maybe i'll give it whirl though.
thanks for the love on the scarf.

the model is not me...i'm flattered that you think i look that amazing in jeans and boots but the model is a friend. i can ask her what jeans she was wearing.

EphemeralMe said...


I have seen ruffle fabric but never thought of making a scarf.

Unknown said...

The scarf is soooo cute! I have kinda an odd question :) I LOVE your jeans & boots from the pic, where are they from?

Gonna try and make this scarf I'll let you know if it's a disaster or works out great hehe

Pamela @

2tberrys said...

I love this and it woudl make great Christmas gifts! Where did you find the fabric though? I looked at Joanns today and couldn't find any!

Anonymous said...

I am with the other commenters-I LOVE the scarf and I would love to know where you got those jeans! The whole outfit is something I would wear. Well done and thanks for posting.

Beth@seasonsofhome said...

Love the scarf. I have worn a scarf almost everyday for the past month. Love 'em.

Anonymous said...

Definitely making one of these, LOVE it! Also, when you ask your model about her jeans, will you ask about her boots too? :)

able mabel said...

I have some ruffle fabric waiting to be washed, then i'm going to try this. Thanks for the tips!

Shanea said...

Adorable...adding to the massive to do list. Thanks for the tut!

Monica said...

Hi Vanessa-

This is a darling scarf! I want to order some fabric but before I do I want to clarify first that the finished size of the scarf will be approximately 14" x 36"? In your pictures, your scarf looks much, much longer than 36". I know you said if we wanted a longer scarf to add more yardage but the way the tutorial is written makes it seem as if you only used the one yard and it is 36" long. I measured an existing scarf and it is almost 60" long which looks more like the length of the one in your pics! If you get a chance, any additional information would be very much appreciated! Thanks again for the cute ideas!

V and Co. said...

No, it will be aprox 6 1/2 x 71. Because you have two of the 36" length. Hope that explains it better.

Becky Elliott said...

I love your beautiful ruffled scarf! I just found the ruffled fabric today at Hancock Fabrics for $6/yd (with my coupon). The ruffled fabric came in many beautiful colors. These will make great Christmas gifts! Thanks for sharing your tutorial with us!

Send Birthday Cake in Pakistan said...

It is very nice gift to give someone on his birthday.

Vanessa said...

I have been wanting to get my hands on some ruffle fabric since I saw your skirt tutorial. Sadly, 15.99 a yard is more than I'd like to pay for it. I was at my favorite fabric store today (they sell everything for $2.99 a yard!), and guess what they had? Score! The down side is that they only had it in bright pink. They did have 5 bolts of it though, so I bought quite a bit of yardage :) I'll be sewing all weekend. Thanks for the amazing tutes.

Monica said...

I found this fabric at Hancock Fabric for $9.99 a yard! I figured I could make 3 scarves out of 1 yard. Guess everyone will be getting scarves for Christmas! Plus if you go online to Hancock's website I think they have a 40% off coupon!

The one question I have is, could you just cut two pieces that are 14" wide and just make one seam down the length of it instead of one on each side?!?! Would it lay funny if you did that? It would a whole lot easier to make just the one long seam.

Jessica Jones said...

How many do you think you can get out of the one yard of fabric? I love this!! Thank you for sharing! I want to make some for myself, my daughters and their teachers.

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