Thursday, October 20, 2011

V and Co: kid spider craft and other fall projects

 this last weekend we had a four day fall weekend. we ended up spending some time up in des moines; seems like a nice enough place. :) we still had the rest of the weekend plus monday off. saturday was spent doing outside chores and some inside fun. (it got a little chilly!) and then we of course had sunday church and family laid back day. and then monday. oh monday monday. at one point my 9 year old came to me (while i was tidying up the kitchen) and asked (i'm not even kidding) "mom, what kind of insurance do we have?" :/
"whhhhy?" was all that came out of my mouth.
he then said he had seen a certain envelope with insurance stuff and... phew. okay not because "well me and my brothers are up to no good and we just wanted to cover our bases."
but for a 9 year old to be pondering such things in the middle of the day means...we have too much time on our hands so lets get some stuff out to keep you busy.
 i had bought some pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, and puff balls in black at hancocks fabrics just the other day for such an occasion as this.
and i got the hot glue gun warmed up.
 and i did a model for them to follow.
*place small amount of hot glue on back of eyes. okay lets let mom do that part cause you burned yourself.

*next grab 4 pipe cleaners and place them as a star
*take one of the pipe cleaners and wrap it around the middle once.
*place hot glue in the middle cluster.

*take each leg and bend the ends
*take each leg and bend slightly higher so your spider will stand tall.
*dab a glob of hot glue under the the little fellers body and attach the legs to the body. (that one doesn't have eyes, because i was just doing an example)

my kids had a lot of fun making up their own versions. adding more puff balls making crazy eyes...
and then the boys even made flies for the spiders to suck on for a snack.
katie on the other hand made a heart for her spider to hold. :)
they all litter my house and quite a few of them hang from my chandelier.

other fun fall crafts of V and Co's past:

crayon fall leaves

fall pine cone wreath
tomato turned pumpkin
and then one last little spook craft:
right click on picture below save image and then print out and put in a small frame

i am working on a new wreath for my door hopefully i'll get that done soon so i can show you, and i'm still painting...need a third coat so maybe monday i'll show you what i've been painting!!! :)
we'll talk soon.


trish said...

I have a basket of pine cones I picked just for the wreath tutorial you posted!
Hope you are having a nice week.
Sincerely, Trish
ps. I stocked my little etsy shop today and used your tips for my photography. :o) Thanks so much!!

Kimberly said...

Not sure whether to Awwww or Ewwww since we have spiders that look a lot like that around here.

sonia said...

Lovely ideas for bad weather. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Battle of the Spiders! Love it!

Kar said...

What a cute little project for the kids. Thanks for sharing. :)

rachel griffith said...

i'm still in love with that pinecone wreath.
maybe one of these years i'll actually make one. <--i said maybe.

Marie said...

I wish I could put a wreath on my door. Jon takes them down though..

V and Co. said...

tell jon i'm coming out there to put him in his place.
as for my pine cone wreath it didn't make it in the move. really REALLY sad about that. i may have to go and try to make a new one...but where to find all those pine cones again?!

Liz- Image3D said...

I love the spider with the two different size eyes. Kind of wonky!

Charlie, Courtney, Kate, Lucy and Sam said...

i made your spiders with my 3-year-old's class last week... it so easy that they enjoyed the doing AND the final product! we fudged and just wrapped some "legs" around the body instead of messing with glue, too! thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I am heading up the kids craft table at my church's Halloween party and thanks to you I finally have a cute craft to do! So excited!!!

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