Friday, September 23, 2011

V and Co: sewing with ruffle fabric: the carry all tote

 well first off, THANK YOU so much for the warm acceptance and love of my upcoming book. :) i'm excited. and i'm excited to see some of you in houston in october. make sure to say hello. i'll be the one with big DOE eyes trying to hide the fact that i'm about to puke.
so you all saw my first "sewing with ruffle fabric" when i made my skirt (which i think i'm going to be sporting at the Sewing Summit Conference when i'll be trying not to puke in front of people while i talk about "setting up the shot" )
well this time around i made a cute little tote...

 bags are accessories, and are an extension of your outfit, sometimes the bag is what completes the outfit. i like bags like.a.lot.
i wanted to see how this fabric would look as a hand bag and it did not disappoint. i was able to use it ONE day, because katie decided it HAD to be her new "back pack" for school. it caused a little contention between the two of us when i had to take it away from her so we could take pictures with our cute model.
 she does in fact use it for school on occasion, but mainly it is used to tote around dolls and important drawings and books. i'm happy she likes it, but i was kind of wanting to use it too.

okay to make this bag this is what i did:

material needed:
-ruffle fabric (1/2 yard, you will have left over because it comes in 52" wide bolts)
-liner fabric (1/2 yard)
-fusible interfacing (1/2 yard)
-strap fabric (1/2 yard)

**all seam allowances are 1/2" unless otherwise instructed.

 -cut ruffle fabric to 16"x 24" (cut base fabric at least 1/4" from the ruffle, cut on the larger 1/4" measurement) ***you can guess-timate on this measurement but do it a little larger side (as in 1/4" to 1/2" larger to avoid cutting ruffles).  you don't want to cut on the ruffle or too close to the ruffle so when you sew the bag together it doesn't "grab" the ruffle. it will hang slightly different from the lining but it doesn't matter because the fabric is flouncy and lays beautifully after wards.)
-cut liner fabric and interfacing to 16"x 24"

-on the wrong side of the liner fabric, iron on the interfacing as per instructions that come with the interfacing.

-cut out two straps by cutting them from your strap fabric at 6" x 24" (i used the width and length of my cutting ruler, it makes for a really great strap size)

-step1 and 2.- fold in half length wise iron to create a crease
-step 3.- fold in one edge to the middle crease, and iron down.
-step 4.- fold in the other edge to the middle crease, and iron down.
-lastly fold in half again, and press with an iron.
-with matching thread (or close in color) sew a top stitch (close to the edge) of the open side of the strap, and then do the same to the other side.

-now we're going to place your strap on your inside liner fabric (on the right side). on the 16" side of your rectangle place your straps.

-decide where you want your straps to be placed. mine are placed 3"in from the raw edge.

-once the straps are in place where you want them, then pin (right sides together) your lining, straps, and ruffle fabric.
-do the same to the other 16" side of your bag.
-sew both 16" ends
-move your newly sewn ends to match in the middle as the picture shown above, with the lining being on one side and the ruffle fabric on the other side.
-make sure all your ruffles are facing the same way (you want to make sure the ruffles will be hanging "down" when you are done so pay attention to the direction of the ruffles when you start!)

-sew down your two long sides leaving at least a 4" opening in the lining side for easy turning inside out.
-turn inside out.
-push the liner inside the outer ruffle side.
-top stitch around the top of bag. (close to the edge) to give it a finished look.
want to dress it up? add a flower, or make a ribbon to hang from one of the straps.
grab your cute fall jacket, jeans, and HOT looking shoes...

and enjoy the change in the weather and being out with friends and having a cute accessory bag to go with you.

or in my case, lose to an almost 5 year old who will use it instead for a school back pack and library tote. :)

have a sweet weekend.
we will be having a sponsored giveaway come monday morning. you wont want to miss it!
we'll talk soon.


chris said...

Lovely, V. Congrats on all the fun success!

Michelle {Daydream Believers} said...

What a cute bag! :) I just "pinned" this - I think I'll make one for my sis for Christmas! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This is fabulous! I will definitely be making one. Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

Love this!

Simply Jessabells said...

Oh I love it!! Thanks for sharing.

Anna said...

yum yum vanessa, this is totally adorable

Tamdsgns said...

How cute! I have this fabric in black. I'm gonna have to dig it out and give it a try. thanks! I pinned it too!

Melanie said...

OK I give--- where's evryone finding the darling fabric? Great bag.

Rosa said...

Cool,thanks for sharing!!

V and Co. said...

Cheyenne said...

you said that you were going to puke, is that from being nervous or pregnant? awesome bag!! i think that i found my new school "backpack"! THANKS!

Marci said...

oh, i love that ruffle fabric! i've made leggings out of it for the girls and it is sooo fun!! love the bag idea though...never thought of that one. that's why you are the queen.;D

trish said...

Too cute! :o)

rachelmp said...

such a cute bag!

Allie said...

Super cute. Love the casual femininity to it. Thanks for sharing!

VickiT said...

Ooh super cute bag. Love it.

hydeeannsews said...

stunning! and so doable. that stuff is truly fantastic, no?

as for the book - AAAHHHH!!! just when i swore off (again) buying any more because i need another one like a hole in the head. but i'm gonna have to have it. sign me up!

hydeeannsews said...

ps - i NEED to know where that flower came from. that exact one. pretty please.

Mi Pequeño Atelier said...

What a beautiful bag you had done.
I love it!
I had really enjoyed visiting your blog and I`m your new follower, so I want invite you to do a visit my blog because I do some handcrafts and interest in all things about it. And if you want you can be my follower too.
Have a great weekend!

jabeybaby said...

This is sew cute!! I am definately going to have to get some of that ruffled fabric.

Faythful Roots said...

I really like this bag! I just had a baby girl and am going to use this as my diaper bag. I was wondering if you could tell me where you found your liner and strap fabric. Thanks for the tutorial.

Me? A Mom? said...

oh my goodness. I want your long skinny legs. (and those shoes!!)

cheryl @ nefotlak. said...

this is so so cute. must try.
all the best with the book. it will be great - i just know!
cheryl xox.

Wag Doll said...

Love this bag, it's casual but glam at the same time, fab! x

pinksuedeshoe said...

I love this bag. Love the houndstooth inside, the flower, the ruffles the everything. Now, to only find some cute skinny legs to wear with those skinny jeans I don't have.

V and Co. said...

bahaha! wish my legs were that long! they are of a cute little 19 yr old.
as for the flower find it here:

hart44 said...

Thank you for this wonderful tutorial :)
I just love your bag :)
I managed to find a UK seller so got some fabric and made one for myself. I think I will have to make one for my daughter too lol.

V and Co. said...

yay for the uk!! :)

Belinda said...

Just used your tute to make darling Halloween treat bags. I used the orange & Black ruffled fabric - too cute! Thanks for the idea.
Note that for striped ruffled fabric, you need to cut separate fronts & backs so the stripes line up & the ruffles hang right :)

Belinda said...

Just in case you wanted to see my orange & black ruffled fabric totes made from your tutorial here's a link

Kim said...

Thank you SO much for this great tutorial!! I made one and absolutely adore it!!!! Love your blog to pieces! If you would like to see my ruffled tote - check it out here:

Thanks again for your inspiration!

Jamie said...

I love this purse but don't sew. Could I pay you to make one for me? I thought it was worth asking! Thanks!

Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

Okay I am loving this! Please come and link this up too!

Judith said...

Instructions look easy to follow. I will have to sew a ruffle bag for my personal collections. Thanks......Judith, Texas

Heather said...

This is d.arling! I'm going to make this bag for my teenage daughter for school. Thanks for e great tutorial

Cloudygirl said...

I had some ruffle fabric that a friend gave me and came across your tutorial. I'm so happy with the way my ruffle bag came out! Was going to give away but now thinking I might keep it for myself. :) Thank you for a clear, easy to follow tutorial. Christi, Tucson AZ

Junedott said...

Now... For the shoes.. WHERE DO I GET THOSE SHOES?

Unknown said...

Hi Sue. Please tell me where you found this ruffle fabric in the UK - I'm very keen to give this a shot but can't find any sellers based here.
Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

the ruffles on my ruffled fabric run crosswise, so to cut the required 16" x 24" rectangle (with the ruffles running crosswise) I needed 3/4 yard of fabric, and I could get 2 bags out of this amount. OR -- i could cut 2, 16" x ~12.5" rectangles from 1/2 yard of fabric and seam them together along 1, 16" side to get the required 16" x 24" rectangle. did anyone else run into this issue??

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