Monday, August 22, 2011

V and Co: word of the year come back

our new family tradition in our new area...

sunday afternoon bike rides on the trails

remember eons ago when i was rounding out the last day of the year looking forward to start the new year, and i had no clue our life was going to be rocked just three months later? yeah, remember my WORD for the year? it was "healthy"

about that.

it feels like since that day..."healthy" was thrown out the door and "survival" became the word of the moment.
and well we've done just that. we survived. :)

but because i've been working so hard on "survival" i feel all out of whack and it ain't because of's because:

- i got off the "just water" drinking train and went back to having diet soda here and there. (but not the caffeine!)
-i lost all sense of schedules and routines since that disastrous day. (and it's made me super cranky, the husband will tell you)
-i totally became shotty on my exercising. (oh i've given it a good effort here and there, but not like before)
-dude, and for some reason going from the super dry air of utah to the super moist air of iowa, has made me turn into a in: "in utah i was a raisin, and in iowa i am now a grape."
i feel like i am retaining sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much mater how much i watch what i eat, and how much i exercise...i still feel like a grape trying to put on my jeans.
(and no its not because of the soda because i really am not drinking that much, and i'm drinking water too.)


BUT, and this is a huge BUT...i feel like my family life in spite of it all and in spite of the survival mode, has become that much more healthy.
we've gone through a hard rough few months. and our family has come out like fighting champs. our kids have shown so much resilience, and have learned so much about life and how it can change in a day, they've learned life lessons of needing to be prepared. they've come out better understanding that the family unit as a whole is the most important thing in life, and everything else is well, just extra.

not only has our family gotten out of this stronger...
jake and my relationship has too.

jake and i have been attached at the hip for three months now.
and listen to this...

i KNOW right?

but screw survival! we're off of that train and we're now on "healthy" again.
and our healthy family needs routines, traditions, and stability.

so i'm getting back on the ball.

and sometimes i bounce off that ball and eat chocolate chips while making chocolate chip cookies.(hmmm i wonder why i'm a grape?)

but over all...i feel it in the air...our life is coming back to us.

and hot diggity dog i'm so excited about it.
what are some of your traditions and routines? you still working on your "word" of the year?
and ack! holidays are right around the corner! we're going to have to adjust our holiday traditions being this far from our families. we'll see how we tweak em.
we'll talk soon.


Emily said...

My husband and I have soooo been in your shoes. We also were joined at the hip during that time and now we have a surprise child, Elle, ....but we made it. I survived knowing that in five years I could look back and laugh. Still waiting for the laugh, but I can SMILE. :) thanks for reminding me that life isn't perfect and doesn't have to be.

Emily said...

My husband and I have soooo been in your shoes. We also were joined at the hip during that time and now we have a surprise child, Elle, ....but we made it. I survived knowing that in five years I could look back and laugh. Still waiting for the laugh, but I can SMILE. :) thanks for reminding me that life isn't perfect and doesn't have to be.

Amber said...

My husband and I have also been in your shoes. Our unemployment lasted 9 months and started when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant! When that little one was 6 months old...we took a job in Alaska...our family and our old home are in OREGON! While doing the unemployed thing we milked a cow...all four of us (we have a 4 year old too!) got up every morning and went out every night to milk that dang cow. She paid our rent, helped to feed us and paid our car payment, car ins., electricity and our phones! Boy, now that my hubby is working again and I no longer have family just a couple miles down the road...I sure miss that two hours of family time everyday! Not to mention he was there to discipline while I changed a diaper or there to help with the babe while I spent time with the kidlet! I always had another adult to talk to, too! Now he works ALL the TIME and we are seriously lacking in the family time department...HOWEVER, when we do have that time...I cherish it more...I enjoy it more and I crave it more! So glad your family is settling down again too!

Judi said...

It sounds like you have healed your lifestyle and built on your family relationships and those are so very it sounds like you are going to work on "you" and what makes you feel good and for good health. So what if you had to resort back to some of the sodas and didn't have time and energy for the looks you are even going back to that! the pics of the bicycling. What a great exercise.
have a wonderfully, healthy and happy day

V and Co. said...

Yes, it is most defitnitly MY time to bring healthy back into my life, and part of that is doing a routine in our home. I miss it, and have been loving having it back now for about a week! :)

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

we were doing healty for a long time then when my dog Dutch was diagnosed with bone cancer, it hit me like a baseball bat to the stomach. Now I am in survival, and until he leaves me I will be there.

That time is coming fast.

glen: love your post, brought some perspective to my mind.

bethanndodd said...

Sounds like a great new chapter in your family story :0)


slfranks4 said...

This was a lovely post! My hubby has been unemployed on and off for a year and a half now. It seems like every time he finds a new job and we start to get excited about moving forward, they too have a lay-off. We've even moved into my pasrents house- which at 30 something was NOT something I wanted to do. However, over this time, I have learned to be thankful for every little blessing. Thankful for my parents generosity. Thankful that my kids have a stable environment in which to thrive, as they are 7 and 3 and living with grandparents is uber cool. Thankful that we've managed to pay off all of our debt while we've been here so we will be unhindered when it's time to go. And when I start to feel overwhelmed or discouraged, I just take a deep breath, kiss my kids and wonderful hubby, and remind myself that this is temporary and we will look back on this time and have precious memories.
So I guess my word for the year is Thankful, well that and Hopeful. :)

Liz said...

Hello There Vanessa! I am so glad that your family is settled in Iowa and you are all doing well! I have been watching your blog and am glad that things have worked out for you guys. You will truly be missed here but I know your hubby will be as amazing in his new job as he was at his old one. Take Care of you now, you are always taking care of others.
Love, Liz P.

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Hey Friend! Glad you are settled. Guess is before us. We are STILL living in a hotel. Kill me.

I am glad that Iowa is treating you well. Excited for all of your new experiences.

Hopefully we will join your settled status soon.


InaMae said...

I've stumbled across your blog recently, and am so glad I did! Thank you for posting all that you do - I've loved going over the old posts and learning a little bit about you and seeing the amazing work that you do! Thanks for being a source of inspiration :)

Jessica said...

Just wait. You'll love the moisture for your hair in the winter. :) I promise...I grew up in St. Louis!

Go-Go Kim said...

I know that place and going from raisin to grape too *giggle* We have moved cross country twice and each time I graped (not really a word is it) up at least 15lbs. It takes time to acclimate to a new area...a new life but I know you will get there, you have already started :o) And my favorite word is actually two words..."me time"!

Most importantly, a couple of chocolate chip cookies are good for you ;o)

Anonymous said...

Loved your post, full of feelings about your past year! I hope that you enjoy making new traditions in your new home and keeping some from your past homes! Family is what it's all about and you have a darling one;)

Brenda Pruitt said...

I'm in the process of a divorce. And am getting ready to relocate in the next months to be near my grown daughters and two young grandchildren. So I can relate!

Rebecca said...

hey, I have been visiting your blog for quite a while now, and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your clean, simple, yet beautiful sense of style! I am sharing you on my blog as one of my favorite online inspirations. I LOVE to death your dandy quilt, and plan to use it as my inspiration for my baby daughters room as soon as our remodle is finished and I can decorate her room!! thanks so much!! Rebecca

V and Co. said...

thanks guys!
i am happy we're growing from these experiences.
larissa i am so sorry you are still in a hotel! that sucks mucho.

pinksuedeshoe said...

I am in survival mode right now... hoping it turns into super organized happy mode soon. Husband has a new job which is a million miles away (ok, fine, 2.5 hour commute each day) and I feel thrown to the wind because he is now gone for 14 hours. So I'm eating chocolate chips and making ice cream. And making new skirts because my pants dont fit. But when survival mode is over then you go back to healthy. These days we just survive. Love this pics of the sunday rides, so so pretty. Good luck on the grape thing...

Cindy said...

Hello from your fellow Iowan and blog follower! Just wanted to let you know I sent you an email the other day (subject line: Welcome to Iowa). I didn't want you to think it was SPAM, so I thought I'd better leave a message. I included some great shops for you to check out in your 'spare' time. :o) I hope things are going well. Take care!

Karen said...

I am happy for you all-excellent pictures!

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