Tuesday, May 31, 2011

V and Co: sponsored giveaway

today's sponsored giveaway is by the super talented julie herman of jaybird quilts. not only did i have the privilege of seeing her quilts up close and personal at quilt market...she asked me to help her out here and there with her booth so i got to meet julie and learn a little more about her...
click here to read more and to enter a chance to win some of julie's great patterns and a fabulous ruler!

Monday, May 30, 2011

V and Co: book signing

hi there just a quick jump in here in between climbing over boxes, and finally finding our toothbrushes so we don't have hairy teeth anymore...
if you happen to live in the salt lake or utah county area...we meaning natalia bonner, kim walus and i (the utah girls featured in the moda bake shop book) will be signing copies of the moda bake shop books. now i know i feel silly signing books (i'm so not that important) but uh kim and natalia are pretty awesome gals and i'm some good comic relief...so if you want to get yourself a book...and you want free stand up comedy (as i get nervous i get louder...and in some instances funny) come and check us out at these quilt stores on saturday june 4th: material girls, pine needles, and american quilting.
contact stores for times.

i'll be displaying my quilt and banner...sadly not the baby...as she is no longer a baby but a toddler (you can see her in this picture more grown up!) and she's still in my cute little town i left behind. :(

okay tomorrow morning we are having a giveaway. yay! and now i will continue to clean, and climb boxes and try to find some sanity. wish me luck.

Friday, May 27, 2011

V and Co: good bye middle of nowhere

4 years ago as we drove through the middle of nowhere to arrive to our little middle of nowhere town...i turned to jake and said "really? can we really do this?" i was born in L.A. and moved to San Diego in 7th grade...to which then i moved to a "small town" of (back in the day) 30 thousand called San Luis Obispo. i fell in love with a local that had lived there all his life. we made a few moves in between california and utah for grad school, and for the national guard.
then we took a job in a little town that not many know.

our little town in the middle of nowhere has a whopping total of 500 people (give or take a few births and passing aways) with a 45 minute drive "over the mountain" to the "big town" that has 12 thousand humans or so. so when i turned to jake and said "...can we really do this?" i definitely was thinking about shopping, about recreational things (we have one movie theater that carries two movies a week on thursday through saturday), no fast food, and did i mention shopping? (not to sound redundant but the nearest target is 3 hours away.)

yeah i was scared, and missing the life we were leaving behind...but, had i known at that moment the people i would meet and the great/life enhancing memories that we would create here through the trials and peaceful times we were about to encounter...i would of done it with the knowledge that things would be okay, and that we would come out the other end a much stronger, and (i think) better family because we moved to this little middle of nowhere town, and because of the trials we would endure as a family while here.

we moved here after jake was released from a 6 month military training. (that he had to be in a different state and away from us) ...that was the end of april, three months later (in july) we found out jake was going to be deployed for a year over seas in afghanistan, my eldest son started his long road of ups and downs, including emotionally stressed induced complex tics. they got so bad that he had to concentrate to lift a glass of water to his mouth, he would have to put down the glass a handful of times before he could reach his mouth without spilling. he was drained physically from his tics... and we started our series of tests that would last almost 2 years to try to figure out what we could do for him...8 months after moving here jake left us on a year long deployment, my son and my children and i had a very long year, he came back, and then two years later (6 months after selling our first house here to upgrade to our second house here) the corporation that owned my husband's company decided to close it's doors along with the two other company's owned by them... all in my little town.
we have been (i think) through some of our hardest trials as a family here.

so middle of nowhere people, this is for you.

thank you for lending us animals to put in our pastures after someone saw us mowing them. thank you for teaching these two city kids how to plant, grow, and can from their garden. thank you for teaching me how to make bread. thank you for showing us the importance of rocking on rocking chairs on your front porch on friday AND saturday night and well why the heck not on sunday night too. thank you for teaching me that you don't need the city except maybe for christmas to get a few little something specials under the tree. thank you for really teaching us the "make it do or do without" way of living. thank you for after only a day or two of moving here: knowing all of our names, and our children's names, where we came from, and if we were related to anyone here (nope!), thank you for understanding that even to this day it boggles my mind who's related to whom and giving me the constant reply of: "oh i'm from here and even i get confused!"
thank you for raising some wonderful children, thank you for giving my children best friends, thank you for not letting us not be related to you matter one bit, thank you for taking turns adopting my boys while jake was gone for father son's campouts, and for making derby racing cars.
thank you for nominating me into community council and thank you for making the grants finally happen to get a playground for those wonderful elementary kids, thank you for making sure we were okay and taking care of my family while jake was deployed, thank you for shoveling my driveway with a big yellow tractor thingy while jake was deployed, thank you for understanding my frantic calls of "have you seen nathan?" when he would run away while jake was deployed, thank you for crying with me when nate started to show hints of healing. thank you for taking me in your arms when i didn't think i could take it any more watching my child suffer, thank you for laughing at my stupid jokes,
and the tears that were shared as we talk about all the improvement and healing that said oldest child has made since the first day we found out jake was getting deployed, thank you for all the best friends i've made here, thank you thank you thank you for understanding my tears and joining with me in tears as we talk about moving away, but mainly...thank you for somehow becoming as close as family.

as we find ourselves getting in the car and driving on main street leaving behind our little town we've called home through all of this, i find myself strangely in the same place i was 4 years ago...turning to jake and saying "really? can we really do this?"
and, again i find myself scared, and missing the life i'm leaving behind.

i love you.
and thank you.

Friday, May 20, 2011

V and Co: quilt blog festival

Amy's Creative Side

well it's just like me to yet again show up to the blog quilt festival coming in at a 100 mph and sliding into a parallel parking spot with hair singed and smoke coming off the tips of my hair.
every year i manage to make it at the end with that image running through my mind.

this quilt is called "little sprouts" i made it for the magazine Quilts and More and it was featured with instructions in the spring edition of this year.
you are also able to find kits for it (not too many left!) at the fat quarter shop (thanks kim!)
i love this quilt, it's an applique quilt, using my old dryer sheets method. i like how it's simplicity, and how it keeps with the simplicity of the room.
my mom :)
i snapped this picture as my mom was holding the quilt waiting for me to take pictures of another quilt. she looked all pretty there with my quilt so i snapped it and had to add it.
she's here helping me pack and get ready for our temporary move...so we can permanently move later this summer...yeah we're getting closer to making decisions...stay tuned.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

V and Co @ quilt market and blogger's meet up

well well well. all i can say is that i've still not recovered from spring market (i didn't even have a booth!), and like so many others have said...i still have a quilt market hangover. i can't believe it's thursday, and, can i just throw this out there... i can't believe i'm moving in a week.

there is so much that happens and so much to process at market, that really you walk away with two things: a blurry memory of all the conversations you've had, and some really, i mean REALLY sore feet. (i have to have cute shoes on...i don't care, i'll shave the corns off later on in life when they show up)
here's just a few encounters in pictures and some shady comments due to the fact that i didn't take notes the whole time i was there so my memory is all kinds of messed up.

i was so grateful to be asked to work the robert kaufman table at sample spree. i've only gone one other time to sample spree and it was a sight to see...but to be on the other side of the table? OH MY GOSH. this picture of me, Amy of diary of a quilter and Julie of jaybird quilts was taken right before the doors opened...we weren't frazzled and crazy yet.
every time i talk to these two lovely girls, i'm pretty sure that if lived closer, we would totally be best friends.
sweetwater is one of my favortie fabric lines always, and this time they were once again...one of my absolute favorite.

the basic grey girls holding up their abby tote bag they made with MY pattern. i think we were both so equally excited to meet each other (okay maybe me more than them) but i was super excited to see my abby tote in their fabric line and hanging out in their booth! :)

sandi henderson's booth is always gorgeous. (uh both time's i've seen it) ;P

but i was so SO excited to see cute sarah jane's new line. and she's sooo nice and cute herself too.

i def had to come by and bug al of cluck cluck sew. we exchange emails on occasion and she makes me laugh real hard. i was SO happy to meet her and hang out with her...like a ton.
also in the picture amy of diary of a quilter, and paige of Where Women Create and the The Creative Connection
then at some point in all the chaos we went to the bloggers meet up, that amy of diary of quilter and cami of make it do put on, i was asked to be the mic, and well after that i got a little over the top, and now i'm embarrassed of my actions and how loud i got. (also this is where i just so happened to jump miss paula prass, who is my "poop" partner. basically she and i bring up poop anytime we can.) ahem, i promise not to be that loud at the sewing summit get togethers. i'll try to be a little more proper. oh who am i kidding, i'll probably embarrass myself again and bring up poop in conversations. picture above is of amy, al of cluck cluck sew, and the DIY girls.
char of crap i made (is freaking hilarious) sabra of sew a straight line (she's equally as funny)
me and kari of Ucreate and sachiko of tea rose home. hi girls!

brassy apple was so... uh tall. and well she made me feel like i midget, yes i had heels, and lets just say she's beautiful, and can make a pole feel fat. 'nough said.
amber of a little bit biased, amy of amy's creative side, allison of cluck cluck sew (see we hung out a lot), me, and erin of two more seconds (who i think is my sister but we just didn't know it)
next picture: natalia bonner of piece n quilt and kim walus of bits and pieces (who were both in the moda bake shop book with me...and we'll be signing copies of the books at a few locations in utah on june 4th! ask your local quilt store if we'll be there!)
next picture: camille of simplify, who i got to hang out a whole weekend with like over 2 years ago and who i feel we always end in the middle of conversations, and then a year later...pick up right where we left off...in the middle of a sentence. :) and then last but not least miss pat sloan who i divulged some pretty important information to...
but one of the exciting things this market for me (thank you julie for the picture!), is to see my houndstooth quilt up at the robert kaufman booth.
and yes, as per popular demand...larger version instructions are on it's way. (fall) so you will be able to make this quilt in lap, twin, queen, and even king size.
and then the second big exciting thing:

i FINALLY get to show you my quilt.
MY PROJECT in the Moda Bake Shop book which btw i should be getting soon and able to send out the pre-ordered books to all of you! :)
sweetwater got a picture of me speaking about it at school house...but being the total dork that i REALLY am...i basically unfolded my quilt right there in front of everyone for the first time since got it back from the publishers...and well...it was one big huge waded up mess of a quilt. sigh. such a dork. oh well, i wouldn't expect anything less from me.
okay i'm tired. i have some really super duper exciting news to re-share (some of you caught it already but for the rest of you i'll leave it at that)...but that is for another day. soon though i promise.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quilt Market=Great fun and sore feet

Lots of people, lots of old and new friends, many pictures taken...will post more when I get home and after I hug my family, oh and soak my poor aching feet in some hot water! :) ps I didn't accost Amy Butler this year, no, I jumped Paula Prass instead. :/ poor woman.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

V and Co: at quilt market school house

if you are going to market...and you wanna like meet me...you can see yours truly at the school house for the moda bake shop book: Fresh Fabric Treats

Moda and C & T publishing is going to be showing off stuff from the book, and i've been asked to give a little info on my project (CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW YOU! i really do love it.)

so if you are there and you wanna check out the book, and ahem...give it a go at a free book, and ahem some free moda fabric...come on by and say hello!
Thursday CLASS ROOM:255B at 11:30-12:00

oh and yes, i've sold out of the book on my site, but i'm hoping to get more. when i do i'll let you know.

hope to see you there! but please don't judge if i look like a deer in headlights.

Friday, May 6, 2011


thanks for the comments, emails, talks, and phone calls.
the stories shared by some of you are truly inspiring. the support you guys express very much appreciated.

we're doing well. as a whole we're doing good. i have my moments of in the corner rocking back and forth in the fetal position, yes i do, but overall, we have direction, we have ideas of where we might end up, but till we make a final decision i will keep them to myself. here's a hint: somewhere in the united states. as for east coast, middle america, or the west coast...that is still up in the air. if i had my way the west coast or somewhere over on this side of america because that's where all of our family is...but we have to look at the big picture. and yeah, well that's it. everything depends on the job, and how we feel about our children growing up in said job location.

it's been sunny and nice weather here. i've been enjoying the back yard finally and shirking all responsibility. it's amazing what a little warm sunshine on your skin can do for your spirits!

have a nice weekend, i'll be over here enjoying the sunshine while it lasts (another cold front in the works next week. yay.) and i hope to get a little more packing, working, and family time in there.

oh and happy mother's day!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

because i'm a planner

i'm having a really hard time not being able to plan after this month.

do you ever just say out loud "why can't we just get what we want?!"

yeah i said that.
and the minute i said it i felt guilty. so dang guilty.
i was so focused on one thing...not knowing where we're going to be after may 31st. not knowing is harder for me than doing and going through something hard. is it like that for anyone else?

for example when jake was getting ready to deploy, the not knowing how it was going to be without him was harder than actually doing a year long span of time without him. well, not really, but i feel like i was more anxious over not knowing what it was going to be like and i worked myself up into a tissy before he left. while he was gone we struggled (with my oldest son mainly) but we did it.

yeah, the unknown is harder for me.

and the minute i said it, the next thought was "but you've been given so much."

then i listed all the things that i get on a daily basis that i take for granted. like(just a few but not all!):

-we're healthy and we've never been hungry.
-we have enough to suffice our needs.
-we've planned for unexpected emergencies and are reaping in those blessings.
-my oldest child is doing so well compared to what we were going through a few months ago and leaps and bounds to what he was going through 3 years ago.
-my three other children are happy and doing well
-we are happy.
-we have each other.
-my spouse walks with me
-my spouse makes me laugh
-my spouse loves me and comforts me and makes fun of me so i can make fun of myself and then i can laugh about it.
-we have a second home we can stay in (and half the mortgage payment!) than this house which is in the works of being sold. (yet another blessing)
-thankfully we just moved into this house 6 months ago and i dejunk on a regular basis so packing is going really fast and easy.
-we have options...we just are waiting to see what, where, and with who is the best option.

so yeah. i need to just let go. i need to let go of my personality flaw of needing to know, needing to schedule, needing to plan.

so if you don't mind i'm going to rock myself into a little corner and keep telling myself over and over and over again "i don't need to plan." till i actually start believing it.
ps i am working on another project. so hopefully i'll get that out and posted before market...(ah! next week!)
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