Tuesday, March 8, 2011


as we round into the third month of this year, i'd like to let you all know how my "word" of the year is going.
i'd like to report that "OPERATION HEALTHY" is in full swing.

oh yes, have i mentioned that i've not had any caffeine since january 6th, at approx. 2:43 pm...kidding i quit the night before.
okay wait that's a lie...i had one caffeinated drink (don't know the actual date) and can i just tell you it kept me up till who knows what time? (2am).
yes, this diet dr pepper loving gal now has replaced her drink of choice with:

good ol' H2O.
well not in entirety though.
i mean i still drink a caffeine free every so often (okay somedays more than others)
but it's true.
that little habit. GONE!
the trick?
a STRAW. it makes drinking water so much easier. and add a little lemon...oooooh yeah. not as good as diet dr pepper...but whatever.

best part about it...the kids have picked up my new good habit.
they are drinking a ton of water just like me...yeah you can accurately assume we are using our toilet a.lot.

oh and the husband has just turned to the dark side as well and has gone caffeine free too. i'm not holding my breath but it's good to see him try. :)

also did you know how insanely healthy (and freakin expensive) blueberries are?
they are.
and they are now a part of my life.
i try not gasp or cringe every time my children grab handfuls of the yummy little EXPENSIVE blue things either. but it's painful to watch them be healthy sometimes.

no blueberries were hurt or injured in this post. but girl scout cookies were indeed inhaled and devoured. i mean DESTROYED people. prior to this post.

stupid girl scout cookies and their deliciousness.
okay so i'll work on that.

how's your "word" going?


Deanna said...

I made my dh take the gs cookies to work with him. I ate an entire box of thin mints in one day.

Those blueberries look DIVINE!!! Yummo!

Unknown said...

I'm nursing so I have to stay extra-hydrated, so I have this giant mason jar beside my sink and a couple times a day I fill that sucker with tap water and chug it down like it's going out of style.

I totally feel you on the blueberries. More cringey than if your kids scarf them? If you lovingly shove a whole plastic-thinger of them into pancakes and muffins and your kid is all like, 'I don't like it.'
Nope, apparently she does not appreciate cooked fruit. At all. Even in pie. Sacrilege, I tell you.

Anna said...

haha, gotta love expensive fruit! and way to go with the no caffeine, that takes some skill! :) maybe your hubby will get this one, but when we would taper for swim meets, we'd all join the 'we pee clear club', sorry that was probably too much info.

Property Management said...

I am agree with you these are such a very healthy and best foods for the keep fit and healthy through out the day.

trish said...

Hi V.
You are doing a great job with keeping to your word. :o) I wish we were neighbors, we have 4 blueberry bushes on our property, that you could pick from anytime (when they are ripe). :o)
You are a lucky girl to have GS cookies. We have to hunt for them around here. :o)
Have a great week!
Sincerely, Trish

elise said...

2011 is the year for health in this house too- i was having health/pain problems with my 3rd pregnancy and research spurred a BIG change in our habits! check out Nourishing Traditions if you want some great information/motivation to keep it up :O) good job kicking diet soda! that's the WORST!
i feel you on the golden blueberries- they go too fast for the $ you pay!

Kathy@mishmashmom said...

For me, it's easier to eat healthy things when they are pretty or special...like your lemons in your water...or a salad in a fancy bowl...but then my kids want some too, which is good and bad. :)

Whole Food For The Whole Family said...

My word for the year is CHANGE. It's amazing how your life can improve if you're not afraid of a little change: change in eating habits, change in daily routine, change in priorities, change in household organization, change in attitude. Oh! And a new haircut!

Kimberly said...

yeah the lemon makes all the difference in the water for sure. I was at a spa and their water had lemon and cucumber slices in it...its delish too!

Sherrie said...

I buy a flat or two of blueberries in season (and cheap), flash freeze them, then throw them in quart size ziplocs. I take out what I want, when I want it and they are yummy!

Sandi said...

I recently gave up soft drinks and feel better. I drank one the other day and had stomach pains shortly there after. I think my body just did not know what to do with the soft drink. No more for me. Lesson learned. Now if I could give up sweets, I would be a new woman.
Keep up the good work.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

We have blueberries at $9 a flat at the farmers marker so we buy tons of them and freeze them on cookie sheets. That way they can dress our steel cut oats and whle grain cereals!!

Mary Jo said...

I don't know about Dr. Pepper but I just read yesturday "5 health reasons to not quit coffee" by Derri-Ann Jennings. Google it you will be surprized. Love that Java. MJ

Rita@martenssmily said...

Hey, I try healthier living for a short time too, but I'm not this consequent and could't give up coke or coffee... but drink it less ;)
I'm proud you could!!!


Anonymous said...

My word for 2011 is Challenge and I am currenlty training for a half marathon as well as planning to do some backpacking this summer. I'm feeling great and am truly enjoying the challenge.



Tara said...

Congratulations! That is great! My word is "simplify". I've been cleaning out the house to make our days easier. So far so good.

Hideaway Girl said...

Good for you! My husband quit drinking all soda in July and I followed him in August (trying to be supportive). I miss the days when he would pick us both a drink on his way home from work, and I still can’t drive past a McDonalds without craving a giant coke...and I thought he was the one who was addicted! Maybe I need to try lemon with a straw! :)

V and Co. said...

nice hideaway girl, now you got me re-thinking everything with one comment. :)

Wendy said...

Wonderful for you!! I was caffiene free for quite some time ... the spa I was treated to for a day used orange slices, nice change up from lemon. I've also used an occassional strawberry slice. Really, when you down that much water, different flavors are nice. I sure wish I could grow my own blueberries for the price they are ... we buy them every now and again bulk but they never last long enough to make it to the freezer with the crumb grabbers' reaching for them...healthy though ;) Good for you!! Keep up the great work :)

Amanda said...

When my hubby and I went to 10,000 Waves in Santa Fe a couple of years ago they had water with cucumbers in it. It was so good! You wouldn't think that a big chunk of cucumber would make a big difference in the taste of water but it was very refreshing! Something different than lemon!

Jen said...

So funny. I laughed out loud reading about how you wanted to hide them. I'm so with you. My little three year old loves them and sometimes I wish I could hide them and eat them all to myself! As always love reading your blog!

Chelsea said...

I have a question- I know Mormons are not supposed to drink tea or coffee so I thought that translated to all beverages with caffeine? But lately I have heard a few different Mormons say they drink caffeinated beverages. Is it okay as long as it isn't hot? Just curious :). I think it's awesome you gave it up. I really wish I could. I drink a diet pop every day and I know it is SO bad for me. I'll use you as inspiration. That lemon water looks yummy :).

Angela said...

Check out Bountiful Baskets. http://www2.bountifulbaskets.org/

It has been great for getting my family eating healthier without breaking the budget. Last week, my site was offering boxes of blueberries.

us flash map said...

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Jessica B said...

I am blessed to live in the South, Blueberry country!!! Have gallons of them in the freezer, and just planted two more blueberry bushes! My 4 year old DS gets so excited waiting for the berries to turn blue every year!!!! LOVE the BERRIES!

Evelene S said...

I too have given up the soda fix, but GS cookies oh no couldn't go that far. bimbi9@verizon.net

Aubrey said...

I love how you guys drink out of mason jars. I makes every drink look cute. I think we'll start doing that--once we break all the glasses we currently have. ;)

I love blueberries too and no one else in my family does so I get the whole Costco-sized container to myself. It's so nice.

Don't eat me, but I thought the "eat" letters over your table were already done--I kind of like the color, but they'd look cute painted anything. I always lean towards red. :)

V and Co. said...

Chelsea good question.
as an lds i believe in the "word of wisdom" in it is says to refrain from tea, coffee, tobacco, and liquor, it doesn't mention soft drinks, so i think a lot of lds do find it okay to drink because it's not mentioned. just ask any mormon...it's kind of a touchy subject... i personally have made the choice because as i'm pushing my later 30's i want to try to stop time, and preserve anything i got going for me (which as everyday passes i realize i should of started this a long time ago)...and drinking water instead of soda is one of my first changes... really it's all a vain thing...now because i'm trying to stop time in aging that doesn't mean my next step is botox every weekend...but give me a few years and we'll talk. kidding but not really. anywho, i stopped because i wanted my body to be healthier not because i'm not suppose to because i'm mormon.
okay i hope that helps?
any more questions i'd be happy to try to answer.

V and Co. said...

oh and angela...i've toyed with bountiful baskets...i think i will give it a go, everyone seems to be very happy with that program!

becky @ becky ann designs said...

I buy about 2 gallons of blueberries every summer. I found a nice little hidden treasure of a u-pick place near me that sells them for ....... $6 a gallon! I love that place; it's the best and my kids love picking their own too.

Jeni said...

Last night my little one and I we to E-Mart (we live in Korea) and strawberries were all over...huge containers of them. I splurged and bought them...how can you say no to your kids when they are begging for something healthey. They were expensive but I am proud we got them and they are already almost gone.

Cheers to our health!

Beth Gracie said...

haha this makes me laugh! i stopped drinking soda on my 30th bday 3 years ago. i was a dr. pepper ADDICT! isn't the stuff amazing. i mean seriously. but i'm convinced that soda (esp dark) is poison! and water is awesome! i squeeze a whole lemon in my glasss - makes it kinda lemon-aid-y! and i near you on the blueberries. we are a berry-eating family. amazing how much they cost. i'm actually planting raspberry bushed in my yard this spring :o) congrats on dropping the soda...great choice.

Unknown said...

Yummmmm! Just wanted to tell you I'm a huge fan of yours and I love all your projects... I've done a few that I'll post about at some point in my life, but I seriously look forward to new tutorials from you because they're amazing! So... I gave you a blog award on my blog... feel free to stop by and read what I wrote and play along!

Elizabeth W said...

My daughter just lovesssss blueberries, so my husband had planted blueberry trees or bushes whatever they are and once you try fresh homegrown ones the store bought just taste horrible, homegrown are smaller but so much flavor, and free (after you buy the plants) Highly suggest if you have the yard plant them, well worth it.

Tasha Roe said...

costco has frozen blueberries in a huge bag for only $8. we use them all the time in yogurt, cottage cheese, smoothies, etc. they may even be organic....can't remenber.

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Katie said...

i totally agree!! straws always help and also drinking out of a canning jar ( i do the same thing!)
also, we eat SO many blueberries during the summer..extremely expensive, but oh.so.good!

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