Tuesday, February 8, 2011


its just nice to take some time off, spend it in sweats, and let things slide.
if you'll excuse me that's what i'm planning for the rest of the week.
well with some sewing here and there.
but nothing big.
we'll talk soon.


Amanda Joy Petersen said...

Cute pics! Enjoy relaxing. You deserve because you are a good mom:)

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Good for you V - you deserve it! Enjoy! Jenn

Biz said...

Sounds a lot like what I posted last night!
Enjoy your sweats!

Jen said...

This is why you are teaching photo at the Sewing Summit! :)

That's what I did this weekend. Total couch potato. I'm cleaning the house this week and don't regret one moment!

trish said...

Oh ya. I love days like that!
Maybe I need one too! :o)
love, Trish

ellen said...

On TV one week, a rest the next. :)

Anonymous said...

shout it froma mountian top!
we need time off...lol

phew....going to get jammies on!

Nancy said...


Brooke said...

Sounds like a perfect plan. Enjoy!!

vivi said...

have a great time!!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...


emma said...

me too!! we have tons of snow here. perfect crafting lounging weather. I've made 5 totes, a couple tutus, and a little man appliqu├ęd shirt. trying to get started. having fun. glad you had the same thought ;) ENJOY!

Caroline @ Artfully Caroline said...

Just got my spring copy of Quilts and more... Congrats again !!

Jessica Munk said...

i thought you did great on the show too-very sweet. I was hoping to see some of your sass in person! :) But I personally, would have to be pretty comfortable before that part of myself came out in that setting! You did great and it makes me feel like I can actually make that pillow too!

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