Wednesday, December 22, 2010

last minute help: the doily

most of you are doing the mad dash last minute this and that...well here's a little extra boost of help for the last minutes...from the unexpected...a doily.
i got a package of paper doilies earlier this month in hopes to do something with them...

i made gift tags already...but i had a lot more left over.
i got my clear thread (or fish wire would work as well), and i got the rest of those doilies out, and went to town.

like how about hanging them from your windows? place the thread in one hole on one side, and drape it across the front of your snowflake and thread it in a hole on the other side. this will keep your snowflake facing forward.

hang a cluster of them in a window and enjoy a the pretty view.
or you can dress up a side table, mantel, or shelf by threading a few in a row like a swag.
don't want to wrap all the presents? got plain boxes...add some doilies with some glue.
you'll have a few days with the kiddos home before you head off to grandma and grandpa's, make cards with doilies.
if you are entertaining at your house. dress up your silverware in a cozy made out of a doily.
and don't even get me started with fabric doilies! i could just think up stuff left and right, but for now here's a really simple one for a baby.
get your doily (i found mine at walmart in the craft section) get a plain little onesie, and stitch around the edges of your doily in cream thread onto the onesie.
simple and adorable.
okay i'm off till after the holiday weekend. hope you guys enjoy lots of hot chocolate, a lot of good christmas movies (my favs are national lampoon's christmas vacation, and elf) and if you are safely!
we'll talk soon!

winner of the best buy GC will be contacted later on this week (so make sure you leave an email in your comment).
you still have one last fighting chance to enter here and here.
ends later today.

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Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

My word that took some deep thought!! DARLING!

The P*dunc's said...

doily love! such fun ideas. i made a skirt last year for my daughter that i slapped a doily on. i am in love with it and wish it was in my size. she wishes it was PINK or PURPLE. three year olds! ;)

here's a peak:

Sam said...

I didn't think I liked doilies until I saw that onesie - so cute! I think I'm gonna need a few now!

trish said...

Hi V! Thanks for taking the time to show us a few pointers for Christmas! :o) Gosh, I wish I had known how much you liked fabric doilies! I would have packaged mine up and mailed them to you. :o) Instead I brought them to a local thrift shop.
Love love love the movie Elf!! :o) I laugh every time! :o) And our whole family quotes it as we watch! :o)
Merry Christmas to you too!!
Sincerely - Trish

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

When my evil mother in law died 4 years ago, she left 3 closets full of doilies she made over about 100 years time. All colors, sizes, patterns, shapes, you name it, I had doilies like it.

I sold boxes of them on ebay that first year. I still have a few boxes of them around here somewhere.

I should ship them to you........


Melissa said...

I think also you can lay them on a nice fresh chocolate cake, then sprinkle powdered sugar over, remove the doilly. It just makes a nice print on the cake top. And no frosting required.

Bec Clarke said...

Looooove it so much.
Merry Christmas.

Bonnie said...

Great ideas and simple enough for people like it Vanessa. Merry Christmas to you, Jake and the kids from all of us over here at the Stewarts.

Love, Bonnie

Lesley said...

I have loved doilies since I was a little girl. Nice ideas.

Lisa said...

lovely but but... I would really love to encourage you on fabric doilies - see I have a stack of them...

michele said...

i LOVE the "snowflakes" hanging in the window! well, and the swag.....heck i just love all the ideas! hope you and your crew have a merry christmas V!!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Look at this!! Cute!

Carolyn J. said...

great doilie ideas :)

I also LOVE the china in the post, is it vintage? do you know that pattern name/maker?

thanks for the constant inspiration!!!


ozjane said...

Have you ever placed one on top of something like a chocolate cake and dusted it with icing sugar and lifted it carefully have an attractive cake.

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