Friday, December 31, 2010

it's been a good year 2010

just a few projects i did this last year.
you can find all of them here

this last year i made my word "consistency" i wanted to make sure that i worked on being a better person all around. not just in the things that i liked but in the things that i struggled with. the word consistency also gave me the opportunity to be more balanced. i focused on relaxing and being silly, while trying to teach my children structure in daily work and organizing. i also was able to consistently try to push myself to create new things, enjoy quiet time, and focus on spirituality. i also started to look at my diet and exercise as a more long term lifestyle than a weekly deal. i've realized that "consistency" was a wonderful word for 2010. it helped me to at times stop, re-think, and re-direct or continue on my tracks. i kind want this next years word to do the same for me as last year's word did.

so with much consideration (and thanks for your word suggestions and the words you have already chosen) i've decided to choose the word HEALTHY.

i want to work on myself, my relationships, my spirituality, and my creativity... in a healthy way.
healthy means picking the important things in life and sticking to them, it means stepping back and counting to 10 when all you want to do is give them a good whack and a "what the___?", (kidding on the whack please don't call cps on me), healthy means working on reading scriptures, healthy means not eating a whole package of something just because it said "low fat", healthy means saying sorry, healthy means getting outside and enjoying the air and grass beneath your toes, healthy means...well, a lot of things...but what it means mainly to me is moving forward in becoming something closer to the potential of what i have of becoming, probably not in this life...but what the heck, might as well keep trying.

and with all that trying to become healthier in 2011...maybe i can be a smidgen of a good example to my kids...or if not a good example...a fair warning...
happy new year.
here's to another good learning year.
we'll talk soon.
ps thanks for the love on the bangs and hair. :)
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Anonymous said...

I have silently followed your blog for awhile. I just had to comment on your Healthy for 2011. I also have determined to do all that you are doing now at a much younger age than I (59 but holding at 24 ) :0) So I am on board starting with giving up soda on January 1. Thinking I will need a 12 step program. Keep blogging I luv all your adorable things.

Kayleen@The Johnson Home said...

I like the idea of a word to focus on in the new year. I also like the word that you have chosen. I should follow suit. I will have to ponder this. Thanks for the inspiration!

Nadine said...

Good idea!

Selina said...

I love this idea. This is one word that I really have to focus on as well. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Good morning! Sending you New Year Wishes for 2011 from Roanoke. Thanks for letting me visit your blog all year.


ColleenandKendra said...

I love this. I am a teacher (fourth grade) and I had already planned to have my kids choose a word for the year for themselves. They will write a small blurb about what that word means and how it will be their focus for the year. You stole mine! :-) My daughter and I each write a "gift for Jesus" on Christmas Eve and this year my gift is to be healthier. However, I was focused on the body only and I love how you took it further into the spirit and emotional aspects. Thanks for the inspiration!

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

Great word! This is my 3rd year choosing a word to grow on and I will never go back to the list of resolutions that get broken within a week:)
I hope that 2011 is a very Healthy year for you!

Jodi Nelson said...

Happy New Year my bloggin friend! Hope it's a Happy and Healthy one! ooxx`jod

Anonymous said...

I love the word you have chosen and the explanation you have given your word. I think that some times we focus for about 30 days on weight lose and we forget that Healthy is not always about being skinny, but more about being well rounded;) Happy New Year to you and your darling family!

B. said...

I love the idea of the word for the year and not just a resolution- but a theme!

Mary's Cottage Quilts said...

Love your word for the New Year (I'm going to borrow it and use it too)!!

Kendra said...

One word. That is awesome. I'll have to come up with mine. I like consistency a lot, I may steal it. Perhaps moderation.

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