Wednesday, November 3, 2010

how to: just in time for fall flower

it feels like it's been ages since i did a "sewing" tutorial project. i swear i've been sewing as a matter of fact if feels like i've been running a marathon at times. but nothing that i've shared i guess. so here's one that i seriously just made yesterday just because i felt like it.

what you will need:
*a strip of polyester fabric cut to the width of 2 inches and the length of the bolt (somewhere between 40 to 42 inches)
*hot glue
*felt cut into a circle with circumference of about 2 inches
*a clasp pin

lets get started:
*first you are going to take your strip of fabric and make a running stitch along the bottom of your strip leaving 1/4 inch on the bottom.
(or you can just with a needle and thread make a running stitch)
make sure you leave enough string at your ends so it's easy to keep a hold of them.
take one of your end strings and gently pull till your strip of fabric is all ruffled up.
take a lighter and quickly put the flame on the edge of the ruffle that does not have the running stitch on it (or the outer part of your flower)
your edges will curl and melt, the longer you let the flame sit on it the more it will melt and curl.
now you are going to roll your ruffle. place hot glue every few inches and press are you roll your flower.
*get your circle of felt and hot glue it to you back and then hot glue your clasp.

i think it makes my spur of the moment "mad men" inspired skirt made out of two pillow cases look pretty good. yeah i just found that's a little hmmm at times but i love the outfits.
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chris said...

Sometimes you just have to drop everything else and do something for yourself. It looks very cool.

Selina said...

Oh man, I love your skirt! And the flower. I may have to steal this idea. :)

Kim's Treasures said...

Love, love, love the skirt and flower!

the old white house said...

Love them both and I would watch that show JUST for the clothes! Theresa xoxo

laylablue said...

i have had a grey skirt on my mind for over a month, now. pillowcases? i think i could figure that out! can you give us any pointers?
d-e-e-e-lightful :)

bethanndodd said...

love the flower and your outfit is adorable!

Anonymous said...

LOVE! Can't wait to give it a try!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! I think this would be fun little Christmas gift for my DD.

Do you have a "how to" for the skirt?


Unknown said... about super easy, and just the thing I can't wait to try out myself! :o)

lorimu said...

I am in love with your outfit! Hopefully there will be a tut or some hints for the skirt soon :-)

Unknown said...

I'm making my ball gown and want to embellish it. maybe I need to make these flowers? I was thinking ruffles...

and I love your outfit. you are adorable.

Ana @ Don't Fear the Ripper said...

Love it! A tutorial for the skirt, please? Maybe? :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful! total trying this!!!


ps.. very "madmen" love it!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Why are you so cute? I will try not to hate you.

Never seen that show, but I have seen the outfits, and I am pretty sure I was born wrong decade.

Anonymous said...

Love the flowers. I have been making them for awhile now, and they are very addicting. Mad Men is on my list of shows to watch when I find the time.

K said...

Ooooh! Love the flower and the skirt! Maybe a tutorial for the skirt soon?

Sarah said...

yay! I have these things. I really need to make something today or I might go crazy. Thank you! Oh, I'd love to learn how to make a skirt out of pillowcases. Love it!

Jesslyn said...

You're right about the show, sometimes sketchy. But the clothes are fabulous!

Jesslyn said...

The skirt and flower are great!

Rachel said...

Love it!

DJ Rose said...

Love the flower. But even more, I L-O-V-E that skirt. I may just have to make me one . .

Unknown said...

beautiful flower tutorial :)

i just started a "flaunt it friday" edition to my blog and i may have to try this out in a look for next week!

peace. love. create.

patsy said...

Hi VAnessa!
I love love these flowers. My teen daughters & I are making them as Christmas gifts for their friends! thank you for the inspiration & tutorial!!!
I have a question- where did you get your poster (from post below) framed? I too wanted the canvas & ya- too much$$ so I BOUGHT THE LAST ONE ON AMAZON!!! (WOO HOO I have been looking at that canvas for a year now)
Please tell me how you got it framed?

Erin said...

Can you post the pattern for the skirt?!!?

Rachael said...

I hope you'll post the skirt pattern, too, but I'm excited to try this. I have some embroidered fabric I think would look incredible for this project. said...

So pretty and so giftable! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

Zafran ali said...

The skirt and flower are great!you are so clever and so talented.
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