Monday, November 15, 2010

holy crap next week is thanksgiving sale

okay real quick i wanted to jump in here and tell you that for a limited time only i'm celebrating my favorite holiday of the year with giving you guys the option to buy this turkey dinner pattern for half the price. (dude that's only $3.50 for the pattern!)
and giving you guys a 10% off
all the other patterns. (just follow the links)
just add in the disount code "turkey" at the check out and recieve your discount!!!
(please only on the patterns!) this pattern includes color step by step pictures to make the turkey and the garnishes to go with it.
it's katie's favorite thing in her kitchen!

so go on make a turkey dinner for your little one so she/he can be right there getting ready to create a memorable thanksgiving experience just like their momma!
sale ends at the end of the week.
okay back to the daily grind i'll be back sooner than later and
we'll talk soon!
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Ellen said...

Holy crap is right. November always sails right by. Love the turkey pattern & its no surprise its a favorite thing. This turkey doesn't require defrosting, getting up at the crack o'dawn to stuff it and no one will comment on how moist it is, or is not! Love it!

Cole's Corner said...

MAN!!!! I totally forgot that I have that pattern.... time to get it out and make my kiddos a turkey.
Thanks for reminding me!

madrekarin said...

Looks like I'll be stuffing a turkey with batting this year! I just ordered your adorable pattern. :)

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