Monday, September 6, 2010

i'm happiest when

our weekend was spent together as a family.
i can honestly say that i'm happiest when we, as a family are working together.
i guess if you are talking love languages mine would be acts of service.

yes, yes, i am married to a marriage and family therapist...can you tell? we talk about this crap all the time.
and no he doesn't analyze me and everyone all the time.
but yes he can scare the crap out of our children with his army interrogating skills.
pretty sure no boy will ever get close enough to date katie, as he will probably be polishing his hand gun as he asks the boy what his intentions are with his daughter.
and pretty sure he'll have some pretty good follow up questions to "We're just going out dad." when our boys are of age and want to go out for the night.

yup, being married to a marriage and family therapist has it's upsides...being the kid of an interrogator for the army has it's downsides.
anyways i digress...our weekend.
it was good.
there were some downtime at times, so the boys of course took the situation at hand and turned it into a clone wars battle field and made, in this case, big huge branches into weapons to save the day.
seriously give the kids anything and this is what they do. katie on the other hand can hang with her brothers, no problem, but in the middle of a "war scene" she'll break out in song about princesses and pink kitties and snakes.
drives her brothers into hysterics at times with some of her songs.
it's her proudest moments when she makes them laugh.while the kids were saving the day in the clone wars, and while the husband was being all manly and using a chain saw...
i went exploring and saw some sage-y looking bushes.
i thought i should pick some up and see if there was anything i could do with it is currently drying in my kitchen.
i still have no clue what i will do with it.
it may just sit there for all i know...
we shall see.
all in all it was a great labor day weekend.
close to home.
working hard.
sometimes my heart is full and i feel really blessed.
we'll talk soon.


Emily S. said...

You sound like me. I'm married to an MFT, too. Glad I'm not alone!

Cheri said...

Ditto to the best times working together. This post could have been written about my family. Seriously - your weekend was our weekend, and I have two boys and the youngest a girl, and all the stuff about clone wars, and Katie holding her own...and then breaking into song, and the boys dying with's almost eerie! A page straight from our daily lives. Yes - family is such a blessing!

kodie said...

i'm married to a therapist who works with kids (mainly boys!) in juvenile detention, so i'm sure that both of our girls are going to have a VERY hard time finding boys to date that pass the "dad" test! looks like you guys are having a good start to the weekend. :o)

Lorie said...

That is why I love having a garden. Such a great way for a family to work together.

Lindsay said...

Sounds like you are having a great weekend Vanessa! You deserve it! How cool that you are married to a mft! Love it!

Jodi Nelson said...

I totally get what you're saying. ;o) Some of my best memories and greatest pics are of the hubby, me and the boys working together. ;o)

girlsmama said...

I think the So Cal has been sucked out of me by the hot dry Utah summer. Because when I see y'all gathering wood I can't wait to be able to use our fire place on a snowy winter's night. I think I like the cold better than the hot now. I just got our wood permit! Time to get busy.

Clothed in Scarlet said...

I feel ya! Sarah

Court said...

Are you using a filter on this pictures? I love the way they look

Jillian said...

I have the same question as Court...tell us about your filter! Is it a Photoshop macro or lens filter? It makes your photos super dreamy!

Erica said...

I'm happiest then other people are happy :)

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