Friday, July 30, 2010

get the crap out of my house party

well did you do it? did you gain a little more control on the clutter and crap?
this last week the kids and i tackled their closets, drawers, toys, and "treasure" drawers.

this time i want to talk about how to get the kids to help.

one way to get my kids to help with the process is to let them know that no "new things" can enter our home, or toy bins without getting rid of something that has seen better days or things that are no longer used. we've been doing this process for a few years. i want to say 5 to 7 years. they have essentially grown up knowing that this is how our house works.
they also know that mom is on a weekly/daily cleaning schedule and this summer we've been working on getting everyone involved so they can learn to be able to do it as well if need be do it on their own as well. hopefully not but i'm trying to set them up for the future. next in the next few weeks i'll talk about that said schedule. it's been tweaked here and there and it works great for our family. of course it will have to be tweaked again once school starts next month.
but we'll talk about that later on.
so now, are you ready to link up your success posts?
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Mama G @ said...

Um ok so you have 3 boy? Please tell me the 4th clone trooper helmet is your husbands...and if so, why don't you keep it on his side of the bed? Lol!!!

Brianna! said...

This is great!
I just ransacked my entire room
set everything up,
and this morning I am having a GREAT BIG yard sale.
Hopefully I will make some money.
It was A TON of work, but now I have a nice and neat
clutter free room.
Too bad I couldn't get the rest of my family to tackle theirs
Oh well!


Renea said...

This was the year for us to "Get the Crap Out of my House". We moved!!!(after 20 years in the same house) Took 7 loads of "stuff" to Goodwill. Really feels good to declutter and donate. Now to see if we can keep the clutter away.

Natasha Burns said...

Thank you for hosting the party! I managed to get the dining room more cleared-out than I imagined I could in two short sessions over two days!!! Yay!!!!

the thrifty ba said...

LOVE the clone trooper helmets!

Tiff said...

Firstly I want to say that I'm absolutely thrilled that you're blogging about cleaning our houses. When things aren't in order at home, it's difficult for me to concentrate on other things that I need to do. There is much more peace in my mind when I know that my home is clean. I'll be following you very closely!

Secondly, I noticed you have an airplane hanging from your ceiling. My husband is a pilot and I bought him a few of those airplanes because I thought it'd be cute to hang them in his home office. How did you do that? What did you use? They're sitting on shelves right now because I'm afraid the screws might strip out of the drywall and the airplanes will smack him in the head! Any suggestions?

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I promise to start this weekend, I totally avoided it once again today by telling Frank I needed to go to Target and walk around looking at their organizing things.

I like the idea of kids helping. But I tried my best to get Carrie to help, but she refuses....saying it is totally my job. OF course she is married and has her own house and husband, but it would be nice if I could get her on a schedule here as well.

glen: QuiltSwissy in Louisiana

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

OK I started with a small corner and it feels great!

trish said...

Thanks so much Vanessa. You gave me that little nudge to just go for it and get it done. :o) Boy was the process messy. So glad it is in order now. :o)
Have a great week.
Sincerely ~ Tricia

Jessica Munk said...

Well, we moved! We've been here for 2 weeks now. We moved 40 mins away to a smaller town (I don't know how you do it!) I need my stores! But hey, it will help me control the spending right? And who doesn't need help with that? While packing up we tried to get rid of as much as we could so we didn't have to move it. I went to DI 4 times the week before we moved and BOY did it feel good! We have also moved to a smaller house. So I am in the process of getting rid of more "stuff" that I thought I "needed".. meaning, made the cut to move with us. So that will be a little more difficult to get rid of. But I sure love the no clutter look! With the continued Get the Crap Out procedure, I need to figure out how to make this rental feel more like home-without painting which you're really good at. I like modern clean lines, with neutrals and splashes of color here and there. We also moved away from the outdoor pool...I'm so jealous of your pool time!

Stacy of KSW said...

I'm sorry I missed your link party. I started a similar party on my site called Operation Minimize: A journey in decluttering.

I'm following the You Are What You Keep Challenge and trying to rid my home of 2,010 items in 2010.

I started late so who knows if I'll finish, it may become a 2011 challenge but I am already impressed with the progress I'm making 250+ items gone & counting :)

If you do this again, I'll be sure to link up

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