Monday, June 14, 2010

link me up baby

well two weeks into summer and i'm here to let you know i'm surviving.
actually it's been a lot easier to get up and get out of the house this summer more so than other summers.
i think it's because my kids are getting older.
but with it being easier to get up and go places, it means it's harder to blog.
story time, going to the pool, seeing how many times during the week i can make fudge, playing baseball in the back yard, adding landscape to the back yard... and oh yeah going to the doctor for split eyebrows, heads, and sinus infections (that last one was me!)... yeah and the doctor thing was ALL this last weekend alone. ah!
so with all things going on, i've done minimal sewing, and it seems even more minimal blogging.
um sorry? but not really? i'm really enjoying hanging with the kids and with no real agenda.

i did before all things fell apart this weekend make a few more stars. but smaller. cute huh? i have a plan i swear. and i'll take you along for the ride. i'll give you the measurements later on for the smaller star but for now lets have you link up your projects you've been working on.
go ahead and start linking! i'll be over here maybe sewing my stars...


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

That is what summer is, family and fun!! Enjoy!

Sherri said...

Those stars are just so cute!

KaHolly said...

Love, love, love your star blocks and can't wait to see just what you do with them! Kids grow up too fast. Enjoy them as much as you can!!! Thanks for the linky idea - what fun! ~karen

Laurel said...

Those blocks look so fresh and cute! Love them. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the sprinkler pic! Enjoy those darlings of your's! Nice blocks too;)

Morgan//Nuts and Bows said...

Thanks so much for hosting such a fun party!!


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!!
Meet Virginia!!!

Clothed in Scarlet said...

Not that you need the affirmation but I just wanted to say you have chose the better thing:0) you go girl! Thanks for sharing. Love those stars. Sarah

vivi said...

hi v
I can't wait to turn off the clock
will have to wait a long month for the winter holidays
can I link the bags I have sewn last week? the tutorial is not mine, there's a link to it also (and the translation is not good :S)

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Hey friend, it has been ages! My summer started with girls camp and now I am just trying to figure out what to put on the schedule for the rest of my summer.

Have a fabulous week playing in the great outdoors and spending time with your cute kids. Try to avoid the drs office this week!

Jess said...

Can't wait to see what the stars become.

It was so much fun looking at everyone's posts last time you hosted a link up. I am looking forward to it again.

Thanks for doing it again!

Vanilla said...

Hi Vanessa,

I just love your blog. I come here every day to get inspired. Txs for linking me up. That is a great and very generous idea.

Melissa {polkadot chair} said...

Your summer sounds like my summer!... lots of hanging with kids and managing landscaping projects... not so much sewing or blogging :)
HOpe everyone feels better soon...

Julia said...

Thats quite the weekend. I think you qualify for a break... split eyebrows huh?

Becky said...

Oh how I do NOT miss those days in the Emergency Room with the kids! But we can laugh about all of those now!

Good for you taking life easy with the kids!

Unknown said...

Hey you cute girl! I miss seeing your smiling face now that Market is all over and you aren't swinging by my booth to say hey! The 3 days in a 10x10 seriously can drive you wild without friendly visitors.

I am going shop hopping this week with my girls-- not too much sewing going on-- does shop hopping count? :)
Hope you are doing better now! I shall try and email you so we can keep in touch--now that Market is over--has it been a month already???

Renee said...

What a great idea! I have no projects right now to link to, but am so looking forward to browsing through other people's!!!

prashant said...

Those stars are just so cute!
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