Friday, May 28, 2010

new pattern: the favorite bag

well here it is. finally. that bag i made for myself and the one everyone keeps asking for a pattern. i meant to get this done earlier this week, but believe me when i say i've been busy with unexpected circumstances. more on that later. i have to give it a little bit of time before i find the humor in things...but when i do, boy do i have a story to tell you.
but for now please check out my pattern. you can buy the down loadable version here. it includes the lovely flower as well.

what i love about this bag:
-it's big enough to carry everything you need
-it's not huge so you don't end up carrying your kitchen sink in it.
- you can wear it with jeans.
-you can wear it with dressy clothes.
-it's just plain cute.
-i get compliments whenever i use it.

so you want to make one too? buy your instructions here.

or if you don't want to make the bag but just want to learn to make the flower buy the instructions here.

thank you much. i'm going to take a little bloggy break till tuesday. have a fantabulous memorial weekend!
we'll talk soon.


sharon said...

love it! i will have to buy the pattern and make it as soon as i get a chance:)

peaknits said...

Gorgeous and in my "in" box right now - woo hoo!

Anna said...

so so cute Vanessa! It really is such a fun bag. :)

Dogwood said...

Super, super cute. I love that purse. And, great fabric.

Have a fun long weekend with your sweet family.


Jaimie said...

love it!

dana said...

hooray! Very cute!

The Wandering Woman said...

Oh wow! I was just wondering what to make for a friend who has helped out with my kids. This is perfect!

Anonymous said...

I love this purse and it would make a great birthday gift for my girlfriend. Does it have a zipper closure or just a snap?

Melissa said...

Very Cute!!

trish said...

I love it. What a darling purse. :o) And especially with the pretty flower.
I enjoyed reading about your experience at Market. I have not known much about it and then seeing the picture with all those people - holy cow! I want to go!
Have a great weekend.
Sincerely ~ Tricia

Donna said...

LOVE it! I just bought the pattern and can't wait to make it.

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous, amazing bag! I wish buying the pattern could put me a step closer to owning it but the craft concept is lost on me. looks great!

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

LOVE the bag!!! so cute - you did a great job!

Anonymous said...

V!!! i just ordered the pattern :) i was in Ogunquit, Maine this Memorial Day weekend, and i saw a girl with a cute bag- very similar to this style- in amy butler fabric. at that exact moment i thought to myself, i hope Vanessa put a pattern up so that maybe by the time i get home from vacation i will have one to order and i can whip one up this week, and, just like magic, i'm back, and the pattern has arrived! you're awesome!

Pamela Yoriko said...

I could see why it would be a top seller, it's really cute!!

Desiree said...

I love it. so perfect for this season.

britt said...

This is a gorgeous bag! Pleats are always a good call. I am so excited to get my hands on the new Momo... you work fast!

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