Saturday, May 22, 2010

guest blogger: lindsey of pleated poppy

hello! i'm lindsey from the pleated poppy.

by day i'm a mom to 3 littles and a part time home schooler.

by night i'm a blogger and shop keeper, working away into the wee hours in my little sweat shop.

i have a deep love for all things fabric: drooling over it online, buying, sewing, organizing, pairing up favorites. i am really thankful that my business allows me the excuse to buy all the fabric i want!

one of the long time staples in my shop has been crayon rolls.

these are perfect for gifts!
each of my girls have one and silas (2 1/2) has been begging for one, so i made up this adorable one for him. these are great for throwing in your purse, for keeping the littles busy in the car, waiting rooms, restaurants... and when they're done, they love that each crayon has its own little home

and they can roll it up themselves and secure it with the elastic.
so, are you ready for the tutorial? here you go!


2 pieces of same fabric for outside and inside - 5" x 16 1/2"

1 piece of coordinating fabric for pocket - 6" x 16 1/2"

1 piece of flannel for lining - 5" x 16 1/2"

1 coordinating hair elastic

1 button

needle and thread

1 box of 16 crayons (i get mine at walmart)

disappearing ink fabric marker

1. cut out all 4 pieces of fabric

2. fold pocket piece of fabric in half length-wise and iron flat.

i have found that it helps to actually PLUG IN the iron, and not the nearby vacuum cord.

crazy how that works!

3. lay out flannel piece.

its just a lining to give the roll a little more stability.

then lay one of the 5" wide pieces on top of the flannel (wrong side down),

then pocket piece on top of that, lining up all bottom edges.

pin at the ends.

4. find the midpoint of the pocket at 8 1/4".

with your fabric marker and a straight edge, mark the middle line.

5. then make a line every inch, until all 15 lines have been drawn.

see how the space after the last lines on each side is a little wider than 1 inch?

that's to allow for the seam allowance.

6. now stitch down the pocket.

i start at the center line, 1/4" below the top of the pocket, and back stitch (very important!),

then run your stitch all the way down.

work your way down the lines to the right, then to the left, until all lines are stitched down.

trim threads.

7. if you have a tag to add, do it now.

also stitch down the elastic on the far right side.

i take the seam part of the elastic (where its melted together) and pinch it.

i stitch it down just inside the edge, about a 147 times.

ok, not really but i really want to make sure the elastic holds when little hands are tugging on it.

8. now lay the outside piece on top of all that you have just attached together,

right sides together, and pin at each corner.

9. next stitch all pieces together with a 1/4" inseam.

start at the short end without the elastic, leaving about a 2" opening to turn right side out.

i marked my opening so you could see my placement.

clip the corners.

10. turn right side out and gently poke out corners. i like to use a chopstick for this.

11. spray your stitched down pocket lines with water before ironing crayon roll flat.

sometimes if you don't spray the marker lines,

when you iron it it makes the ink permanent rather than disappearing.

12. press all the edges flat and tuck in the edges of the opening.

13. starting just below the elastic, stitch very close to the outer edge to hold all the pieces together.

14. organize your crayons (my *favorite* part!) and tuck into pockets.

15. roll up tight.

gently stretch the elastic to find where the button should be sewn down.

sew on the button securely.

16. you're done!

find a cute little one to give this to and make their day!

i so hope you enjoy this little project!

as a thank you for reading through this very long tutorial,

use the code VANDCO for 15% off your order in my shop!

thanks vanessa, for inviting me over!


wow thanks lindsey! that's fantastic! okay well one more day and i should be on my way home from the wonderful world of fabric and patterns and designers. i hope i'm not in some corner rocking back and forth repeating in muttering words: "i'm not worthy i'm not worthy."
but knowing myself...yup someone check the corners.
we'll talk soon, have a nice rest of the weekend and i hope to see you on monday.


Unknown said...

just bookmarked this! I've been wanting to make one of these forever. thanks for such a great tute.

And V., hope you are having a blast!!

Staci said...

Putting the elastic and button on this is a stroke of genius! I've seen other patterns out there that have strings to tie, which will be just another chore for mom, both tying it, and undoing the knots the kits will invariably put in the strings. Nice tutorial. Thank you!

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

This is a great tutorial! I just added it to my bookmarks...I'm thinking Christmas gifts for all the littles I know. :) Thanks for sharing, Lindsey!

Lisa Henderson said...

I love this idea for church!

Julia said...

Great tutorial! These are wonderful for gifts!!

Dogwood said...

Adorable! Super cute idea for helping kids keep their color crayons organized.

Anne said...

Great project!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


Wendy said...

What a wonderful project! Cute material for the little ones :) Thank you so much for your great tutorial!!

Margo said...

Thanks for sharing! Thought I would let you know that I gave you (both) an award... Come on over and check it out... :O)

Andrea said...

great tutorial. I have been looking for a great birthday gift for boys. I think I just found it. I make aprons for girls.

Dawn W said...

What a wonderful tutorial for a cute little present!

By the way - where did you get those darling tags that you stitched on? I would love to order some of my own!

Thearica said...

Great crayon keep...The ladies on the HGTV forum have been making these for quiet a while! We actually have been doing Friday night PJ parties and this was one of those classes earlier this year! Love the fabric you used!

Simple Daisy said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing:)

Joy Burkhart said...

Great idea and super well-done tutorial! Love this, so all the grandkids will be getting one at Christmas! Thanks so much for sharing! :0))

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I need to make one f these! They are so handy.

Jewelry Making Tools said...

So cute! I love the fabric you chose, I'm itching to go to the fabric store now!

Christin said...

THANK YOU for posting this tutorial!!! I went out and bought everything I need to make 2 of these for my nieces. My SIL is flying with them to the East Coast from Washington state... and when I saw these I knew I had to make some for their flight!!!

Lorena said...

I love this idea!! it turns out so cute!! thanks for sharing!

Lucrecer said...

i love this!

Kathy O. said...

This is awesome. Does it also keep them from melting in the car? ;)

MacGyver's Lovechild said...

Great tutorial and lovely pictures. I would add that it's helpful to turn over the top of the pocket1/4 inch and press before you sew it down so you don't get fraying. Also on step 3 you say in brackets wrong side down, that i think is incorrect. in the photos you have the fabric right side up. I used the instructions instead of trusting the photos because the whole turn inside out thing is sometimes magical, but I followed the pictures the second try and it worked

fibercontent said...

Just a perfect tutorial! I have made a number for teacher friends and I think I might make them for my students in the fall. I think the instructions are right in step 3--you want to be looking at the right sides of everything at this point, so wrong sides should be down. (which means right sides are up)There is no reason to press down the pocket because it is folded in half with the fold on top--no chance of fraying. I guess you could topstitch across the fold, but I think that would be unnecessary.

Again, thanks. It is a wonderful tutorial and now I can figure out how to make these for pencils and knitting needles.

My Handmadehappiness said...

i just made 2 of these in no time thanx for the tutorial hope you have time for a nose!!!

Sildenafil Citrate said...

Oh this is a wonderful to know about this tutorial, you make me wonder because this is very interesting to learn how to do this.

Sildenafil Citrate said...

this is wonderful to know how to construct this amazing crayon rolls. this is so perfect to give as a gift, I really recommend this.

Jen said...

My husband, and two kiddos are traveling to Washington St next week. It will be a 5 1/2 hour flight, and I have been looking for ways to keep things secure, organized, and stylish along the way! This will be great for my 2 1/2 year old daughter! Thank you for sharing!!!

Norma said...

OMG!! I love this idea:) Great tutorial

Tania Tangri said...

Thanks for the great instructions. I have been wanting to make one for a while and these instructions came in very handy. I made lots of these crayon rolls from felt, as return gift for my son's birthday party.
The picture of these crayon rolls can be seen in the below link.. last section of Goodie Bags

The Johnsons said...

I loved this project. It was one of the first really nice completed projects that I have made. One problem though - I'm stuck trying to figure out how to attach the button without sewing through all of the fabrics?
Can anyone help? I'm a pretty novice sewer.

Heather said...

This was a great tutorial! Thank you so much!

addypotter said...

This is so adorable and looks so easy. I have a couple projects in the works that I got the sewing pattern downloads for. After that I am so making these for my kids. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

Unknown said...

Made this for my 5 year old grandson's for his birthday of the gifts (my daughter) said NO Toys! LOL ..okay this is not a toy it's a organizer for him and a mommy's blessing for her ...and he can still keep it and refill it as he grows with it ...what a wonderful gift thanks for the tutorial.

Trish said...

This.Is.Amazing. ... my son had a birthday party that was a shark theme, so i did gray on outside and main inside fabric, red/white Chevron for inside pocket (like teeth), red rickrack to tie on outside (didn't want to sew on 16 buttons and the red spiced it up a bit), and hot glued large googley (sp?) eyes by opening. I'd post pics, if I could. Turned out cute and your tutorial was PERFECT! I would do this, again, but probably not for 16 kiddos ;o). Thanks for making party favors a hit and at a good price!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial! Easy to follow and I loved it! I wish I could figure out how to post a picture of my finished product!

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