Monday, March 1, 2010

a big 'ol fat thank you

really? already?
okay fine then.
march is a good month for me.
it's my anniversary of marriage month.
it's my spring cleaning month.
it's my lets bring in color to my house month.

itching for change in the weather month.

i want to move furniture around, i want to change my walls. i want to make new quilts,
and i'm excited that maybe spring is so close and just around the corner.

are you ready for a new season?
so am i.

but first i have to say thanks.
not just to you guys that come and read my horrible grammatical mess of a blog and like it, but to the sponsors that make it possible to continue and progress in the blogging world,
AND to my guest bloggers that will, for the month of march, come and debut some fun tutorials for you all.
and last but not family for seriously giving me so much material. (love you)

so to all of you.
thank you.

please say a big huge hello and thank you to my sponsors:
1.the quilt shoppe 2.*shey*[B] 3.fat quarter shop 4.terrace hill 5.the rusted chain 6. sanctuary arts 7.madison reece designs fairy quilts 9.maddy sunshine 10.made 11.burgandy buttons 12.what's your virtue 13. kid giddy 14.forever you 15. lil boo blue 16.lisa leonard designs
and of course:
and endless shoes and bags

we'll talk soon.


Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

no vanessa... thank you... for giving us all a good laugh when we need it! ;-)

Becky said...

Exactly what jaybird said!

If only we had blogs back when mine were little!!!

dana said...

cute post. thanks for including us!

Unknown said...

yep - I'm with Julie too!

Megan said...

March is my anniversary month too - March 8, to be exact! We're anniversary month buddies haha

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