Sunday, January 31, 2010

save the date

shop update:

tomorrow feb 1st at 11 am mst
see you there.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

shop update: be there or be square

*new patterns.
*quilt kits
*ready made goods.
AND free shipping for a limited time.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the big ONE-OH

today that's how old my oldest noisemaker is.

a few fun things about you right now:
*your passion is history...more precisely world war I and world war II

*you have so much in common with your dad and grandfather it's not even funny. (no really it's not)
case in point:
there are many times when you do something that makes me look at you and go "i mean seriously?...what WERE you thinking?!" to which your dad will whisper to me something along the lines of "i'm having a flash back right now of when i was nate's age and my mom would look at me and say the same exact thing for something pretty close to what he just did." i've had this same whispered conversation with your grandfather as well.

not only that, but you and your grandfather both share the love of CRAZY cats that only love you and hiss and scratch and and hide from everyone else.

* amongst your peers you can see someone having a hard time and you will try your darnedest to make it okay.

*you have a weird bond with animals.

*you also have this special bond with your brother

*you still like to draw except now it's all about tanks and soldiers and yeah more war stuff.

*you make life interesting to say the least.

*it's been wonderful watching you turn into a young man.

*i'm proud to be your mom.

we love ya kid and hope you have a great fantabulous 10th birthday.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

tutorial: composition book cover

to make this cover you will need:
*strips of varying widths with at least 16 inches in length.
*2 rectangles of muslin cut out to 5 1/4 by 11inches
*one long rectangle with the measurement of 25 by 11 inches
*one button
*one elastic hair band.

first get you a boring looking composition bookmeasure your composition book. mine was 10 in length and when i measured from one end of the cover to the other end, it turned out to be 15 inches in width.
cut strips with at least 16 inches in length and i varied my widths because i wanted it to look a little will want to make your strips come out to at least the width of 11 inches total when sewed together.
sew your strips and press them flat with an iron.
trim sown your middle section to 15 1/2 by 11 inches
next i used one of my daughters hair ties.
and placed it in the middle just like the picture above (on the left side, because this will be your back side)
now cut two rectangles with the measurements of 5 1/4 by 11 inches. these are going to be the inside "pocket" part of your cover.
pin it down.
sew to the left and right of your strips the muslin blocks.

cut the backing to match the finished front size. (should be 25 inches by 11 inches)
sew together right sides, leaving an opening so you can turn it inside out. cut off your ends so your corners will lay flat
turn inside out...
press with an iron,
and top stitch around your whole cover.

now make sure you fold the cover so that the loop is right on the edge.
and place the button where you want it on the opposite side. so that you will be able to loop the button with your elastic.

now sew your folded cover right on top of your already top stitched area. this will create your pocket to slip in your cover.
do this to both sides.

now you have a cute cover for all your ideas, schedules, or journal-ing!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

winter work

we've had a bit of snow come our way.
i've had to wear my closed toe shoes

and mr v and co has been trying to make sure our house stays nice and warm.

but while the boys are at school and work...the girls jump on beds, play with fabric,

and play dress up with the dog.
can you just hear his masculinity wither away?
yeah, i thought so.
he's such an awesome dog.

monday i'll have a tutorial on my composition book cover. have a good weekend!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

look at you guys go

i've been busy with the hand sewing. keep a look out for new patterns and kits and ready made things coming soon to my etsy shop! i'll let you know when

ooooh but people! PE.O.PLE!!!!
you have been busy yourself with the v and co tutorials!!!! you make me proud. and a little teary eye but that's nothing that a bag of chocolate wont help!

so here we go, shall we see what you all have been up to? a lot is all i have to say.

first off you guys are LOVE.ING the scarf! look at little miss thang from make it my own and how she rocks it in black! i guess when you have gorgeous blond hair like that you'd want to show it off with darker colors!
michelle of the daily nusz rocked the scarf as well! you may need to take off the scarf with how hot you look in it striking a pose!!
and for the life of me i can not find the name of the wonderful gal (hey thanks ba and the boys for stepping up and claiming your back yard lawn!) ;) that sent me these pics...but look at her twiny balls (and yes you all snicker and giggle when you write that to me in emails... dirty minds)

uh... in the process she did make her lawn look a little decorated as well.
that soooo would not fly with mr. v and co.
he's uh, what can i say... a little starts with an "A" and ends with a "NAL" about his lawn.
i need to do a whole post on that...but i'll wait till he does something to piss me off.
creative k made her own braided pillow. and it was the first thing she made on her new sewing machine! what an honor!
erin made these cute tote bags using my spray painted pillow's pattern and she even put her own little spin on it too!way to go erin!
tiny stitches does it right with the pine cones!! did you burn your fingers? need to do a little repenting due to the swear words that were flying out of your mouth? no? then you are better woman than i.
oh you guys liked the fabric wreaths too...check out this one by karly of coastal plains living
and this one by joscelyn of lilac barries. hope the mother in law liked it!! nicely done ladies!

cara arrowsmith made my fabric bracelets for christmas this year and made the cutest little bags to put them in!

she said and i quote "Everyone was so excited when they opened them, it was out of control!" make people out of control...that's freakin' awesome if i do dare say so myself.

well, well, well, look at little miss bethany tee! that tea towel apron looks pretty darn good on you! hope you got to keep that one for yourself!

sarah swenson of peachtree press made these awesome ruffly pillows based on my snowy ruffle pillow. you have to check out what she made for her father for christmas. genius!!

and the turkey even if it's not in my shop for the season (uh but if you want it real bad you can request it through my etsy shop anytime) i still get pictures sent to me of you guys making them! check out grow home's! love the spread!!! super yummy!!!

little miss tammy of she wears flowers made these adorable towel cakes and she topped them off with my fabric strawberries i did over at the moda bake shop.

and last but not least miss kaye prince of miss print made this adorable pinwheel quilt for her friend's baby! soo cute!

now for the rest of you that have made stuff but haven't sent me links or put it in the flicker group. DO.IT. and we can show off what you've done! till next time.

we'll talk soon!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

improved before and after

nothing like taking a picture and posting it and then thinking..."i don't like it."

so i did a little moving around and this is what i ended up with. granted i simplified and used what i had so when i get a chance i will get a slightly bigger frame and with a picture of all the kids in it.
NOW, this is my after.

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