Monday, December 14, 2009

winners and stuff

nothing like skidding in at the last minute with hair singed and smoke billowing up off of it....
anyone else feel like they've been running a marathon?
i promised today...and well today it is:
okay so i got to meet and learn a little about 156ish (plus emails) of you. yes, i read each one of them!
NICE TO MEET YOU! so lovely to meet you!!!
for those of you who didn't want to step up, it's okay someday right? or never that's okay too.

so i went to and here are the three #'s picked
131-danielle wins the gypsy rose charm pack
34-mindy wins one yard of lovely polka dot on green fabric by moda
91-mary on lake pulaski wins the roman holiday charm pack
thank you to all of you that shared a little about yourself!

if the winners could please contact me through email so you could give me your addresses and then i can mail out your winnings that would be swell!

when i started this blog 2 years ago (tomorrow!) jake was getting ready to deploy and never did i ever in my wildest dreams think that i would be able to look back at this 2 year long journey and have so many times that you have been there for me through deployment, through my hard parenting moments when we were trying to figure out what was going on with my eldest son, laughing at my stupid big city person living in the country issues, crafting my way into happiness, and to having my husband return from a year long deployment and have to get used to being a family again.
what a trip.
i can honestly say that i have some pretty great blog friends, some that i've met face to face(just because of blogging), and some that i plan to meet soon, some that have opened doors for me, and some that i will probably never meet but still consider people that i "talk to" on a weekly basis. so wether you've been here since the early days, just got here, or have been here somewhere in between, can i just tell you what a wonderful blessing you all have been at one point or another! and i thank you, my husband thanks you, and my family thanks you for your support and kindness, and love. hope i can keep up whatever it is that i'm doing to keep you here for a while longer.

now on to the happenings:
this last weekend we celebrated with some clones a birthday. it was a smashing success if you consider boys running back and forth from one side of the house playing whatever it was that they played, and interlaced with some cake, video game playing (clones wars of course), and some gift giving.
we woke up to sunday morning to this site.
"oh swear word!" is RIGHT!
but as fast as it came in...quickly it left. we still have a ton of snow everywhere but the boys are in heaven. i refrain from saying too many bad grumbling words as to not to take away from their joy in the nasty white stuff.
and lastly... noise maker number 1 got glasses. as his aunt put it: "well, if he ever had doubt that he was a christenson, here's his proof that he is."

true dat, true dat...

we'll talk soon! ;)


girlsmama said...

He looks so grown up and handsome!

Mindy said...

Me??? I can't believe I won! What adorable polka dotted fabric! I'll have to pull a Vanessa and make something amazing. (At least try to. ;)

Elizabeth S. said...

Such a handsome son! Great post and a happy 2 years of your blog.

Nicole @ the style hatch said...

I just enjoy so much reading your blog, i'm somewhat new to the blogging world and don't have many followers yet, so reading your blog gives me hope that I can make connections in blogland like you have!


Amanda said...

You have been a blessing to me, as well. Congratulations on your two year anniversary!

I didn't enter the giveaway because I feel like we already know each other. Your spray painting abilities have surpassed mine! I so want to make those wooden beads, but in red; like the ones you have that I can't find in the stores. I bought the turquoise sweater just so I could wear red beads and I can't find them! lol

I wanted you to know that I am excited (so excited) about your idea of sending box labels to your children's school. It would be my way of helping a school. I love that idea! Even though I have grand children in school they have a wonderful play ground, computers, and everything they possibly need. So, I talked to my daughter and she said that she would love to send the labels she has collected your way. I will send them after the first of the year.

Cyber hugs back at you!

Kersten said...

Happy Two Years!

Zarina said...

thank you for sharing your thoughts on your blog-day. little people are darlings and I prefer them running all about instead of sitting in front of the tv.

Unknown said...

congrats to the winners, and I look forward each day to read your blog. Your son is a cutie!

Tarrah said...

happy bloggerversary!

trish said...

Congratulations to the three winners!
What a handsome young man you have there! :o)
Your blog has been a blessing to me! I have laughed, created, and quilted from all of your inspirations. :o)
Happy Blog Anniversary! As for doing what you do that is keeping us coming?! Just be V! :o)
Sincerely ~ Trish

Terri said...

Oh, hooray for the winners! And Happy Blogiversary!

Kelly O. said...

I've had glasses since grade 2. I was never bothered by it but was one of the very few who had them. it seems more common these days for kids to have them...

maybe because all of use 4 eyes are getting together and procreating!

Janessa said...

Happy 2 year Blogoversary! My husband and I both have bad eyesight so I know one of my boys will end up with glasses as well! I have 2 boys so I totally get you on the party. Half the time I have no idea what they are playing except that it is loud, crazy, and they are enjoying every minute of it. I guess that is what really counts, right? Your blog is one that I check daily and love to read your posts. Keep up the great work and just be you!

Rachel Carlson said...

congrats to the winners. and cheers to your little guy. and YOU for two years of blogging. i enjoy coming to see what you're up to. loves!

Anonymous said...

wow! 2 years! congrats! you are definitely one of my fave blogs to read. keep it up! and happy belated b-day to ryan.

Tricia said...

The clone troopers are awesome! Love that picture. Totally unexpected and totally perfect! Eldest looks so much like dad. So handsome. So grown up.
Happy Bloggy birthday, lady. Glad to have been along for the ride.


Marci said...

oh he looks so grown up! he's changed a lot! love the glasses....they make us look smarter, right?!

Becky said...

Yay for the winners!!

"Oh swear word!" Send that white stuff to meeeeeeeee!

Your #1 is adorable/handsome. And why didn't you send those clone warriors outside to run amouk? Silly Mommy.

Congrats on your blogiversity!! Vanessa, you always inspire, entertain and teach. I too look forward to every entry.

Now go box up that white stuff for meeeeeeee!

Unknown said...

I think he looks like a young Kennedy!

Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

Your son looks so handsome and grown up in his glasses-same age that my son started to wear them. A whole new world!
Happy blogaversary to you! I remember one of the first posts that I read of yours-it was when you gave the house tour and told us not to scream at the blue hall! Gasp! I have been laughing ever since-
You have taught me so much and introduced me to bloggers I would not know of. You in Utah-Me in NY.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Oh wow! Thanks, that is absolutely wonderful to win a charm pack! Email coming your way.
And happy blogiversary! Yes, it goes both way - thanks for the things you do and what you write. I'm there with you. Many more to come please - happy holidays!

Mimi Sue said...

Happy Birthday Ryan on your very special birthday. Mimi

dana said...

Oh he's SOOOO cute!

Danielle said...

Thanks so much, and happy blogversary to you! I look forward to seeing many more posts over the next 2 years... Your son is so handsome, happy birthday to him.

pojeda said...

Happy Blog Birthday to you...and Happy Birthday to your son! He is so handsome! Even though I didn't win, I am glad for the three that did!
Keep on blogging, I love reading your blog everyday!

Hugs from Central Texas!!

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