Monday, November 23, 2009

sytyc:week four

new moon:
i don't know if it was the whole being with a couple of friends i haven't really been able to hang out with in a while, or weather it was the big city lights and excitement, but the whole day was GREAT. we laughed a lot. the company was nice, the movie was good, the abs were AWESOME. no longer a team edward household...totally a team jacob gal now...we'll until the 4th book and then no longer a team anything...too weird. oooh wait, anyone want to start a team emmet club? he's cute. AND funny! bonus! okay moving on.
okay so we're in week 4. seriously, this whole crafting on demand and weekly thing is starting to get kind of rapid bowel movement stressful! ;)
yes, you guessed right:
it was all i could do that week. as i mentioned before i had a few other things going on that had to be done, (yes, to be shown later on... sorry about that, and i promise not to bring it up anymore till they "happen").
but i have to admit, even though it didn't even come close to the votes the top three got (whoot! way to go girls!!!!!) it was nice to have an easy project for "green" done. and i do love my necklace! a.lot.
i'll show you how i got an even finish on the beads with the spray paint later on sometime.

and now well, you get to vote for the new theme "TURKEY" oh this was hard seeing that my turkey creative juices were used up already!
but can you spot me anyways?

this week will include some much needed CLEANING. ugh, i feel like the monthly crankies are right around the corner and much needed de-cluttering and actual cleaning of the house must be i can enjoy my bag of chocolate chips and dvr'd smut tv in peace (yes, i get made fun of relentlessly for this by the husband). oh yeah and not to mention that big holiday THIS week! here's to hoping my turkey looks half as good as katie's when i'm done with it!
any words of advise?
i mean besides eating out.


Deb Robertson Writes said...

Sometimes I'm glad I live in a country where we don't have thanksgiving - there seems to be way too much cleaning involved for my liking. Mind you, it does get it all done for Christmas!! Love the green necklace - very cool indeed.

Emily said...

I have to laugh about your moving from team edward to team jacob...after both appeared shirtless in the movie how can Bella even be on team edward?! Hello Jacob's Abs!! :)

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

you twilight people crack me up... i'm staying away.. far away. as for cleaning.. got mine done yesterday... now on to my mom's house...since that's where people will actually be coming.

Kara said...

I'm with you, not much of a team Edward....uugh....I'll join the team Emmet...hehehe, better than Edward anyway. The audience was laughing when Edward took off his shirt.


I, too, loved New Moon. So much better than Twilight. Bella can have Edward, my favorites are Jasper and Emmett! Did you notice that Edward has a funny nipple (his left, I think)? My sis-in-law pointed that out to me!

Unknown said...

Proud to say I was Team Jacob before Hottie McHottmeister got cast! I'm going to see it tonight with a bunch of friends. Fun!

I like to brine my turkeys - it takes A LOT of salt, but most recipes call for Kosher and it actually has less sodium. Anyway, always juicy. Just like Jacob. hahahahahah`

Marie said...

Glad you had an awesome time!!

Tasha said...

I was guessing this was your necklace! And I voted for you. Because well, I want you to win the whole thing!! Because seriously, I cannot wait to see what you bring on this week. (and the week after that!) And well, I do love a necklace too. And this one was cute. Glad New Moon was good. I cannot wait to see it myself. It will probably not be in the theatre. But, I Do want to see it!

Wes and Dani said...

For the first time, I don't know which SYTYC project is yours!?!?!? We'll see if I voted right....

As for Jacob...can I just say HOT?!?! How is he only 17!?!?!?!? Wow!

And Edward...could he have at least waxed his chest? The white skin combined with not exactly a turn-on. Yikes!

Oh well...I still suppose I like Edward better than Jacob...(personality-wise, of course). Too bad he's the less-hot one.

Liz Harrell said...

Um yeah, you're not alone. My sister and I made the switch to team Jacob after that movie too. I loved the wolves way more in the movie than in the book. Then again, visuals always help. :)

Megan said...

hahahaha I fell in love with Jacob when I was reading book 2 for the second time (because the first time I just read it so fast that I kinda skipped past the Jacob part, mentally) whilst seeing all the publicity shots of him. I still haven't seen the movie, but I already know I'm Team Jacob in book 2. He's just so caring & really knows bella. But by the end, I'm team Edward again. And I'm happy with how it all turns out. hahaha

but yeah - Emmet cracks me up too!

Alayne said...

Ok, You have to post a tutorial for your neckalece soon. I REALLY want one. I bought the supplies, I just can't figure out how on earth to spray paint them with out making a mess of them. PLEASE!

happy zombie said...

I've not seen It yet... but plan to soon. I'm staying on Team Edward. Have you heard him talk on interviews? His accent paired with his looks paired with his everything he's got goin' on... made me want to start smoking.

Tricia said...

Loved the projects. Loved the little banter about team jacob, team edward, and OH YES team emmett as well. Aahhhh.... a grown woman who totally gets me. ;)


Dogwood said...

love you green necklace.

love hearing about you fun day.

i am now off edward and onto jacob.

will anyone notice if you have done your cleaning or not.

have a fun evening...

girlsmama said...

Mom & Me Aprons (very cute), New Moon (not yet), Cali (Warm). :)

Lewaina@cliffsideranch said...

I have always been a team Jacob kind of girl! Anyone but Bella and Edward, and yeah the 4th book is too wierd! We tease my DH who says he's team Charlie, cuz it really "bites" to be left out! So there ya go. We are going to see the movie on Thnaksgiving night.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Enjoy your day.

Cindi said...

Just want you to know. I voted for your necklace, yes I knew it was your's, and yes, I really liked it the best. You are doing a great job. I have my inkling of which "turkey" is your's but I'm keeping quiet for now. My 3 kiddos (ha! they're 20, 18, & 16) will be seeing New Moon on Thanksgiving. Keep up the traditions! Have a wonderful day with your family.

Leonie said...

He he this is so funny. I have too switched to team Jacob, despite the fact he is a 17 year old!
My friends and I meet to create christmas stockings once a week and last night the conversation was very much centred around Jacob's abs and Edwards unusual nipple .. glad its happening all over the world LOL!!!
Anyway, Love your blog! New to this blogging thing :)

V and Co. said...

you guys are KILL-ING me with the weird left nipple thing!!! yes i seem to remember that...and then covering my face and sort of "not directing all my attention to it" because it was kind of like a train wreck.
uh please work out.
uh pu-lease wax for the next movie.
and please less bare chest for edward and more yummy super sexy outfits for him.

the wardrobe for him was excellent this time...ahem, when he was wearing it.

Anonymous said...

I am totally on team jacob now too...hello...who wouldn't be. And I agree about the 4th you hear there is talk she is going to be writing a fifth???

Emmary said...

I LOVE The Hills. Tonight is the finale! What will we do without it? I guess wait till next season. So glad to find another mom willing to admit her "smut tv" viewing.

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