Monday, October 26, 2009

this, that. and a mini tutorial

as you can see, no big tutorial today.
we were hit hard last week with the flu.
we're out the other end of the tunnel with kids finally feeling better.
thank you for the well wishes!
currently you will find me still lysol-ing and opening up windows to air out our house "just in case".
this has also sparked the need to de-clutter and make more open space...this helps with my "mental flu"... the physical purging our house makes me feel healthier as well.
yes i'm crazy. i never claimed not to be.
welcome to my world.
so i've decided to use this post to blog about... well, just this and that with pictures of my house as we prepare for the upcoming day of the dead with pumpkins every where (i l-o-v-e pumpkins), and a little bit of planning for the upcoming weekend.
i've never really prepared a whole meal in celebration of this coming holiday. (remember i'm just getting into the love of cooking over here)
but this year i think i may give it a go.
though this holiday has crept up on me super fast and i can't believe halloween is THIS weekend, i've decided to celebrate with home made food to go with the theme.
on the menu for this halloween weekend:
PUMPKIN SOUP (because its so yummy)
SPAGHETTI (for intestines and guts, and because i'm pretty sure my kids will turn up their noses to the pumpkin soup)
FINGER BREADS (to look like fingers with nails)
so i didn't get the original tutorial up and going... between sick kids, and projects for other places and being a part of this:
i've been busy but not able to show you anything as of yet. i was approached a while ago and thought "nope, don't think i can." it was dana who convinced me to meet up to the challenge... me up against 9 other women who were hand picked for their craftiness...que in the stress diarrhea. just kidding, i'm going in with the idea that when if i lose, it will be to some fabulous crafter.
so yes, i've been busy, but nothing to show as of yet...
i did manage to make these images and have added them here so you can add a little last minute halloween decor to your house just as i have:

how to:
right click on image.
hit "save as"
save it to your pictures (or where ever you want)
print what ever size you want.
frame and enjoy the spookiness

see you soon.
i'm compiling flicker, emailed, and linked to pictures of what you guys have been doing with my tutorials. good stuff ladies...gooooood stuff.


Audrie said...

Ooh I like these! Thanks :) I'm surprised anyone can get anything done with sick kids, so you really shouldn't worry about a tutorial!

Elisabeth said...

Hope everyone's better soon. I just made a pinecone wreath and it turned out really cute! Although I have to tell you it turned out being a major pain in the bum b/c apparently eastern pinecones are long and thin rather than short and squatty like western pinecones so I had to cut them all in half to use them. So instead of a simple 1 hr craft, it took me like a week to get it done, and I was COVERED in sap everytime I worked on it! The story of my life- nothing can ever be simple! Anyway, it was worth it because the wreath looks pretty and the nice thing about it is that it will look good at Christmas time and all through the winter too, so it will be worth the toil!
So, I was going to tell you that one Halloween a couple of years ago I saw a cute idea in a magazine for a spaghetti dinner. I cut the top off of an orangeish bell pepper, hollowed it out a bit and then carved a face in it like a jackolantern, then put it on top of a plate of spaghetti and made some of the noodles coming out of it's eyes and stuff so it looked like "worms" My kids loved that and still talk about it. I'll see if I can find the picture of it. Anyhoo, just something fun!

Elisabeth said...

Here is my blog link that has a picture of the Halloween food I was talking about.
And thanks for the pictures too, they are cool I love the newspaper print!

Needled Mom said...

Very cute. Thanks.

I'm glad that the family is on the road to recovery. It has been a nasty flu season.

Design A-Peele said...

I just love your, I am giving you the Kreativ Blogger Award!

jenifers said...

Thanks for this idea!!!!! I have already printed the pictures and put them in my living room.

Carla said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing. I will most definitely by copying your idea. Maybe I'll adapt it to suit T'giving more. Seems I almost always overlook that little holiday that falls in between Halloween and C'mas!

Tara said...

Thanks! I've already saved the pics and will be printing them off this afternoon to put up!

Katie Lewis said...

Did you make your bat garland? Do you have a template for it? I would love to make one. :)

Christina said...

Thanks for sharing the cute little images with us. Love all of your pictures too.

Hope you all feel better very soon!

dana said...

I'm sooooo sooooo glad you're part of SYTYC. And hopefully no more sickness will intervene. I hope that's true for everyone!
Cool images you created.

Tasha said...

Good luck getting the flu totally out of your house. no fun. Thanks for sharing these darling pictures!! I am excited to print some and add them to my decor. They are fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow such creative ideas & what a great menu! Thank you for sharing!

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Liz Harrell said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE. If we lived close to each other... we would be friends. I just know it. :)

Melissa {polkadot chair} said...

I hope you guys are all feeling better and that no one else catches the flu! We had it 2 weeks ago and it was no fun!
Love the pumpkins..

Tricia said...

Hi V.
So glad to hear that you are all feeling well. My middle daughter had it last week too. 7 days of 102-103 fever and thank goodness it's over! Congrats on the competition, and thanks for the printables. Super cute!


Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Look at you with the graphic stuff now. Glad you are feeling better. Good luck on the contest... you are pretty awesome so go get 'em tiger.

Terri said...

Glad everyone's feeling better! Thanks for the prints - they're wonderful! :)

trish said...

So glad to hear you are all feeling so much better. The flu can really take it's tole!
:o) Tricia

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

OOOoooo I'd like a pattern for the batt garland!!

V and Co. said...

the bat garland was bought at "tai pan" along with "spooky"

i was thinking of making a bat garland and got all annoyed that i couldn't find one and then i went there and was estatic because it cost me 45% off $4 noooot bad!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Looks great. Love your stuff. I am glad you are all starting to feel better. I will send you a pic of my lame (compared to yours) "acorn" wreath. :)

Steph said...

Thank you for the printables!

melissa said...

I love your "interpretation" of the boo and tree. You did all the work and we get to enjoy them! Thanks for that! I wasn't that ambitious, but your printables will make nice additions to the ones I printed directly onto newspaper! Same inspiration. Love Tai Pan. Sad we don't have one closer to take advantage of 45% off $4 deals :(

Dogwood said...

I hope you know how very, very much I love your blog. Sorry you have had the "flu bug." Our! The photos are so beautiful. I love your home and your decor.

Have a nice evening~

Janean said...

You've just too much talent! said...

Wow, these are FANTASTIC! So, so pretty. Thanks tons, I'll be linking.

Unknown said...

I hope you guys are recovering fast! The box looks great! Jen

Shelly said...

Okay, maybe I'm retarded but I cannot get these newspaper images to print to a decent size. THey are tiny. I've tried resizing them in the print box...but it isn't working. What do I do to get them to print bigger??

Brenda Pruitt said...

You sure are talented. And have a beautiful blog! Hope you all feel better soon.

Salt Lick Shop said...

Thanks for these great printables! :-)

Kim @ Too Much Time said...

Thanks for sharing! I really love that lil crate display on your fridge....would you mind it I totally steal the idea for the top of my fridge?

Kim @ Too Much Time

Anonymous said...

Totally love the newspaper images. I really like the "Spooky" one. how can I print it??

Thanks, Kim

Unknown said...

Love the Spooky newspaper print.
How can I print that one?

Thanks, Kim

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