Friday, July 31, 2009

first things first, visitors, and hell freezing over (again)

yes i'm talking to you.
{over here waving and jumping up and down}
i just wanted to say i enjoy your comments, questions, emails, tweets, and links! thank you!
seriously do you know how tempted (each day) i am to go to each one of your guys' sites and give you as much praise, love and words of encouragement that you all give to me? not only that, but some of you make me laugh real hard with your comments as well.
but, those who read on a regular basis know that i have a plentiful plate of children, home, crafts, and sanity, that makes me have to do a mass "thank you for your wonderful comments and thank you for liking my blog." right here, on a post, to all of you...
so from the bottom of my heart "THANK YOU" ;)

these two are my in-laws.
yup, i'm pretty lucky.
they are here.
in my house.
to visit and to help mr. v and co with some handy stuff
my father in law is one super handy guy.
he took care of me while mr. v and co was over seas

and because i want to be a nice d-i-l, i make them food, and pay attention to them.

i cooked a pretty good home cooked meal, and i made enough rice to feed a football team (by accident).
well that's if football teams ate rice.
anyways...i had rice coming out of my ears...and didn't know what to do with it so my s-i-l found a recipe for rice pudding using COOKED rice.

turned out pretty darn good.

so here's the recipe for rice pudding made with COOKED rice...just in case you get stuck making too much rice like i did.

{yes, insert gasp here}
yes, that would be THREE times this week i do a post with food in it.
yes, hell is freezing over
here you go:

what you will need:

2 cups of COOKED rice
3 cups of milk
1/2 cup of sugar
pinch of salt
1/2 cup of raisins
1 tsp of vanilla
1/2 tsp of cinnamon
pinch of nutmeg

combine rice, milk, sugar, and salt in a sauce pan
bring to a boil
lower to a simmer, add raisins.

cook until all the milk is absorbed
add: cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg
(please don't ask me how many it serves cause i don't know, i just know that i doubled it and now i have rice pudding coming out of my ears)

have a nice weekend. ;)

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Julia Deleeuw said...

I dont mind when you post recipe's, they always look tasty. This rice pudding looks easy. Im going to have to try it tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

Sachiko said...

Rice pudding with cooked rice? Wow, I am going to give it a try!

Zarina said...

Rice is our staple food here. And generally there is always about a spoonful of leftover which we feed it to the birds. But the pudding looks great - may give it a try. Someday which has to come after that pancake I am hoping to make (yes, I don't cook since I have mum or instant food).

Andi said...

I LOVE rice pudding. I'll be trying this recipe over the weekend.

Audrie said...

Rice pudding's one of my hub's fave things ever! And I'm blessed with great in-laws who help us out with everything, and who I genuinely like and love :)

laura.elizabeth said...

V I love your blog and am sorry I don't comment more. I love you header and all of your pictures- you really are a fantastic photographer. Thanks for keeping it real- it is always fun to read.

Angela Nash said...

Too funny! You must have made an insane amount of rice, in a pot as big as a bathtub!

Your inlaws look so sweet and wonderful. I'm sure you are all anjoying the visit.

jlk said...

Rice pudding is so good! To change it up when you start getting bored with your vat of it, add a little bit of caramel. It's heavenly.

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

you always make me giggle... and i love you and know you love me.. even if you don't come to my blog every day! ;-)

Shannon said...

I made too much rice last night (on purpose) and was just thinking I needed a good recipe for rice pudding. Thanks for being so cool and reading my mind! So do you think of this as breakfast or more of a dessert?

Betsy said...

That is the cutest picture of your in laws....seriously adorable.

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Your recipe sounds yummy! And your in laws are adorable! Jenn

Needled Mom said...

I love rice pudding...with whipped cream of course.

Sounds like you are enjoying being busy. Yeah!

Anonymous said...

I use the same recipe but without the raisins since we have never learned to appreciate them in our rice pudding... and I leave out the cinnamon and nutmeg and let each person add their own as they spoon up a bowlful of rice... some like a little, some a lot and then there are those that like none.. SO, see.. I use the exact same recipe as you. Well, sort of...*giggles*

The Blue Ridge Gal

Unknown said...

That is an adorable picture of your in laws.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipe! We love rice pudding. We often eat it for is pretty good for you right???? :0)

Tracy said...

I seriously love Rice Pudding with every being in my body. So much so, that while in college I ate it at least once a week, if not more. For FOUR straight years.. (because well I was a poor college student and it was cheap to make) and come to think of it I never packed on any weight because of it. Well heck!! I consider it diet food then!

Kudos for the Rice Pudding recipe! You're the best

HMaas said...

Such a great pic of the in-laws - you are lucky, they seem to be wonderful people. Thanks for sharing us the rice pudding recipe - my mom used to make it when I was at home, but sadly haven't made it since I've been married.

marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Your in laws look like sweeties, you are blessed to have them. Rice pudding, yumm we used to eat it a lot when I was a kid. Good stuff.

Nedra said...

Is your father in law doing a "Wilson", just with the other half of his face? (tease, tease)
How wonderful to have the support of family.

Lorie said...

Yum! I love the pudding (and your blog!) and am so excited to be your 500th follower!

dotti white said...

V...enjoy your time with your family and what a great way to make a BrOAD thank you. It was very sweet. I am one of those who love and look forward to your blog. You always make me smile! Have a wonderful weekend!

Cheryl said...

You are sweet to Thank everyone. A lot of us who come to your blog know you are a busy women like you said. LOL, we are busy too. So, it was sweet of you to take the time to say "THANK YOU" to everyone.

OOOh, I love when you give recipes because I know there is a great story attached to it...and today wasn't any different. You in-laws look so sweet. It's nice to have family nearby to be able to spoil every now and then.
Enjoy your time with family.

Tara said...

The thing to remember about rice is that it GROWS when you cook it! LOL--I have this unfortunate tendency as well!

Bonnie said...

Ahhh, the price of fame. Your blog following is amazing. stays the same. I haven't posted on Blissfully Domestic for ages. Have you? Flashing through there for ten seconds doesn't appeal to me anymore. Too much work.

Elizabeth S. said...

Too funny!! I do the same thing when I cook rice. My husband just takes the extra and makes a bowl of rice cereal with it or I make the rice pudding.
Have a great weekend!!

Beverly said...

First time I've commented - sorry! I love your site, love what you do, love the colors - need I go on? That being said, I have a question. On the Moda Bake Shop there is a pinwheel shown with the Whoopie Pie this month. Do you know how to make those pinwheel napkins? Where could I find out how to make them? If you have time to answer I'd appreciate it. If you don't, do not worry. Thanks for all the good ideas, I really do love your site.


rachel griffith said...

yall gonna have all that rice pudding gone before your momma gets there???

rachel griffith said...

p.s. and the diet dr. pepper???

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

fyi... mr v&co called and said you are supposed to come play with julie & rachel

Elise said...

Oh my gosh...I love you more now than ever before!! I have been searching high and low for a rice pudding recipe with COOKED pudding. Oh praise Jesus, V and Co. came thru!!
Thank you!! You have my undying love!!

Elise said...

Well, some proofreading might help...I meant cooked RICE, not pudding!!
Oh, your peeps are so cute!!

Somer said...

OO, I found a recipe on Food Network dot com that is a quiche with a leftover rice crust. I keep saying I'm going to try it, but I would be the only one to eat it I'm afraid. I will have to try the rice pudding, maybe my pickies would eat that.

Amanda Jean said...

enjoy your time with your inlaws! hurray for handy men in your life!!! :)

Adrienne said...

oh V, that looks yummy!

Elisabeth said...

Thanks so much for your nice blog comments. Getting comments from you is exciting for me since you're one of my main decorating/crafting gurus! (I know you will laugh at that one, but it's true!It's like if the Beatles dropped by some hs band's garage and was like, hey guys, we really dig your music!)

I love all of your stuff and find so much inspiration from it, thank YOU!

vivi said...

hi, vanessa
i happened to came here looking for a diapper pouch for my pretty new nephew, Bautista
lovely blog,really!
big kiss from argentina

Jessica said...

Friendly Advice: Go to my blog and enter the Monday giveaway!

Sally said...

Tom loves rice pudding and I don't...maybe I will try this recipe.

Unknown said...

I love rice pudding! I am going to have to make this!
Stop over for my giveaway if you get a chance!

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