Wednesday, June 24, 2009

spray painting 101

since so many of you expressed interest in my spray painting process...i decided to take the camera with me this time and take pictures.
it's super complicated so watch out.

get you some spray paint. (personally i like the satin the best but the red only came in gloss, and since i roll with the punches...i bought it.)
i buy krylon because it's middle ground in price and it says "indoor/outdoor" and i figure anything that says it can be "outside paint" will probably weather pretty well with the storm that my kids create inside the house.
these metal nesting tins here the right color like 10 years ago.
now i want a more vibrant red and white.

here's the trick.
1. lightly spray over your whole surface. not thick enough to cover it, just enough to make sure you get a base coat
2. let that dry
3. repeat with a light coat again not going heavy on the paint. (this is where you get drips)
4. let it dry
5. repeat these steps till you can not see anything through your paint.

and there you have it the final product.
they are rather plain as they are...i have some ideas as to how i want to dress them up...i'll show you when i finally get the supplies and get working on it.
i'll even post it if it turns out horrific and scares young children.
i also spray painted kate's little high chair for her doll. when you are working with plain wood that has never been lacquered or painted you can just go ahead and spray it. but if it has lacquer then you will need to *lightly* sand to roughen up the surface.
the blue that i chose came out somewhat bright but i'm keeping it like this for a while until it bugs me too much and then i'll spray paint it another color if i have to.

well i totally made my bed yesterday but guess what...the bed gods i guess were angry. my internet was down all the live long day and i *thought* i didn't have anything posting for that day. i figured it's okay i don't need to be in people's face every single day... and when the internet finally started working, i got to my emails and started reading comments on my post and many of you mentioned how incredibly looong this girls camp was...uhhhh...oops. nope, that was last weekend. and i decided not to post the snorting post and use the one that my 9 year old noise maker wanted to do instead...well apparently i put a "post date" on it and well there you go.
my post for yesterday.
i would of posted it but i would of left out the girls camp info on it.
oh well life goes on.


Busy Little Quilter said...

This is funny!! lol I was wondering about that "girls camp", too!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the great info on spray painting!!! I can never just paint one thing when I start painting, I think it is an addiction for me;)

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

gotta love blogger sometimes... go with the flow! spray paint scares me... we have a long history that goes back to a stairwell at 2am for a design project in college...

Kortnie said...

Perfect timing. My sister and I were talking yesterday about how to spray paint a cradle she just bought and thought we could just ask you. Thanks for the info.

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Hey V-I feel like it's been forever since I have visited. Too much studying going on here. Spray painting is what strikes me when I am bored. Watch out for me with a can of paint. No tell what color you might turn out! Can't wait to see what you do with the cans, they look super cool.


rachel griffith said...

told a flight and everything.

jace...we HAVE to talk jace.
email me girl.

Teryn said...

Now, am I the only one who gets a wrist cramp from spray painting? Any tips on avoiding that or am I just a wimp. ; )

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

SO informative smarty pants. Good to know about the light first coat...I just go in guns a-blazing...which is probably why there is an occasional drip-age going on. Hey so are you in YW's or were just lucky to go to girls camp?

Ann-Marie said...

Thanks for the tutorial. A question I have is this: Is it necessary to spray around the edges of the tops of the cans, or do they get covered pretty well just by going across the surface? Maybe this is a silly question, but I'm detail-oriented and crazy-anal like that. Just want to be sure I don't over- (or under-) do it. Thanks!

On a side note, I have a friend who makes dolls very similar to Katie's high-chair friend:

Anonymous said...

Thankful for the timely tutorial here, too! We are shifting bedrooms, and my daughter's does not have a closet. We DO have a metal wardrobe though, so it's gonna get spray painted some shade(s) of PINK! and now I know how not to let it drip! ~smile~ (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Jessica said...

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Kara said...

I love spray painting! I've even done my fireplace! I just wish I could spray paint my kitchen chairs. I still haven't gotten around to that chore. Uuugghhh!!!

lisaghowie said...

Thanks for the spray painting info. It was affirming! I just did a piece for my five year olds new bedroom. I painted the metal legs of an old school desk and now I'm going to be brave and try to cover a set of bookshelves to match.
Can I just say that your view of the mountains just makes me gasp every time I see your pics - what a blessing to see such beauty each day.

Unknown said...

I've been painting everything blue lately! I'm not as good with a can as I am with a sponge roller...

I'm thinking about doing a painting week on my blog - can I link to this tutorial?

Donna said...

A fun tutorial, as usual!
Have you tried chalkboard paint?
It's amazing. We painted our daughter's closet doors several years back. Things change, come and go in the room as she gets older, but at just turned 16, the chalkboard stays! Her friends autograph it with little messages when they come by. It's neat!

Team Clark said...

Thanks for the reminder on taking the process nice and slow. I am impatient and I do it too fast and it would probably look better if I just SLOWED down...

Trixi said...

I, too, love spray paint. I can't wait to see what else you do with those cannisters.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

The only thing I've spray painted so far is mirrors. I buy them at thrift stores, cover the glass, and spray paint them white.
I have a collection of them hanging in my hallway.

I need to get more adventurous.
Loving the red and white!

Danielle said...

I love the bins, going to be cool, however you decide to finish them!

BTW... I was laughing, and I mean crying I was laughing so hard, from your link to the Akward Family photos....You don't know how much it turned my day around! Thanks :-)

V and Co. said...

i spray paint around the edges as well. cause if not it will not cover it correctly.

Unknown said...

here is something I learned the hard way years ago, don't spray paint outside if there is a wind in front of you.....oh yeah it wasn't a pretty picture. the wind shifted as I started spraying lawn chairs....

dotti white said...

Thanks for the details on the spray's always helpful to see how different people do it. That's crazy about the posts...funny...that's why I am not sure about preparing posts ahead of time!

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